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  I want to introduce to you Athena, the Crowgrrl!

One brilliant case in point is Chilean Black/Death Metal band Disembowel’s debut album “Plagues and Ancient Rites” (Iron Bonehead Productions).  It is an unholy celebration of all things Lovecraft! It would make for a great soundtrack as you’re revisiting Lovecraft’s own writings or some of the more modern short story collections. 

Check out a sample at:  


These unholy High Priests of all things dark and foul are known as Azathoth, Goat, and Leviathan (although I've yet to discern who has which instrumental chores).  

The nautical, watery “Innsmouth Invocation” invites us into Lovecraft’s world.  “Lord of Shadows” invokes nightmares! “Ia! Ia! Nyarlahotep!” summons an ancient evil! 

“The Pact With The Sect From The Sea” invokes Dagon itself. Chilling! “Los Antigues Eran….Los Antigues” is a powerful evocation! “Plagues of the Ancient Rites” unleashes unspeakable horrific entities.  

"The Ancient Cult of Chthulu" attempts to awaken the horrific sea monster fom its slumber. "En El Abismo" is dark and hopeless. "Antra Gnomorum" is furiously intense. 

I absolutely LOVE the cover art as well! 

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could get Disembowel at the Maryland Deathfest at the Baltimore Soundstage?!

Chthulu calls. You cannot escape. You must listen!

The world became a darker place on January 24, when shining light Dallas Mayr – better known to the world as horror author Jack Ketchum – lost his long battle with cancer at age 71.

A “Regular” at Horror conventions, I remember how he made my family feel right at home at our very first – the Horrorfind Convention in Hunt Valley, MD, in 2006. His warmth, friendliness, and generosity were the first things everyone who met him experienced from this gentle soul. This spirit is what everyone who knew him will remember.

That said, his literary works were some of the most disturbing to grace the annals of the horror genre. His stories had a foothold in the real world – one exploring the sicknesses of the minds of what could be the people next door. He put a true chill in the air that no amount of blankets or space heaters could hold at bay.

Horror icon Stephen King told Entertainment Weekly in 2007 – “Who’s the scariest guy in America? Probably Jack Ketchum.”

In his teen years, Dallas came under the wing of the mentorship of “Psycho” author Robert Bloch (who in turn was mentored by H.P. Lovecraft!) It’s little wonder that this recipient of 4 Bram Stoker awards was awarded the World Horror Convention’s Grand Master Award in 2011 for his contributions to the genre.

A handful of his classic works have made it to the silver screen as well: “The Girl Next Door”, “Red”, “The Lost”, “Offspring”, and “The Woman”.

His official website is offering a collection of his short stories, “Gorilla In My Room”, as well as the 35th anniversary edition of his first novel, 1980’s cult classic “Off Season”.

Dallas will be greatly missed! I can’t conceive of attending a horror convention where he is not holding court. I’m sure his spirit will always be there, but it’s not the same.

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