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Written & Directed By; Mark Jones
Starring; Jennifer Aniston ('The Good Girl', 'Horrible Bosses', Wanderlust', We're The Millers, Edge' (Comedy Sketch Show),
'Friends', etc., Ken Olandt (Mickey/House Painter), Mark Holton ,Robert Gormon, etc.
'TRIMARK Pictures' & 'Lions Gate' DVD's
1993 DVD Run Time;92 Minutes

Greetings My 'Green-Colored Spider-Bites!', 'Top O' The Morning Or Uh, I mean Evening To Ya'!!! DITA DIRT NAP here. Wishing you a 'Happy Hor-rific St. Patty's Day To You!'

In Honor Of this 'Lucky' Day, I bring you the 'Fighting-Irish' Horror Flick that so far has 'spawned' 5 Sequels,7 Tales in All, called 'LEPRECHAUN'!!! If you remember years ago in the 'DITA'S DEN', I reviewed 'LEPRECHAUN IN THE HOOD'! DITA enjoyed that fun holiday-horror fright flick so much I decided to start back at the beginning with the Original, 'LEPRECHAUN' Part 1 which
Starred an up and coming Television & Movie Star/Media Princess; JENNIFER ANISTON! Click here to see the Trailer of; 'LEPRECHAUN' http://youtu.be/qRdUKkxYzXk  

 DITA best remembers Miss Aniston from the old 'FOX' Sketch-Comedy Series 'THE EDGE'! Which was hysterical as well wuz she! She is Now Currently w0rking on the Feature Film, Now Called;' HORRIBLE-BOSSES 2!'

In fact, Mizz DIRT NAP highly suggests taking a gander of Jennifer in her culty, little short-lived Series; 'THE EDGE', in a Couple of funny Sketches by simply clicking here for; Jennifer Aniston as Model 'M'
https://youtu.be/9VVxKwPEGZQ &
'The Edge'-Sketch Comedy Seg 2 (See Jennifer Aniston & Julie Brown as Ditzy Rock Groupies that starve to death waiting in the Rock-Groups Wardrobe Trunk, and turn into Skeletons With Boob Jobs. LOL); https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvSF4azM1UA

Very funny stuff, kids!!! Any-who, 'PLEASE-WATCH'!!!

Now back to my Review of 'LEPRECHAUN'. Jenifer plays TORI, a 'big-city' Gal from L.A. who goes to North Dakota with her father and moves into a run, down old house that hasn't been lived in for 10 years! Why, you may ask? Cuz the evil, killer Leprechaun killed the wife of the Owner and caused her Husband to have a stroke by way of 'fright', silly! You see the Old Irish Man/House Owner came back home from a Trip to Ireland to tell his wife, Irish, too by the way, that he caught a Leprechaun and stole his gold and that they would know be rich. The Leprechaun played devil-ishly by Actor Warwick Davis followed him all the way from Ireland, (isn't that the name of the 'Baldwins' 'rude, little pig'-kid? LOL) and kills his wife. The old man then puts him in a crate, places a 'four-leaf clover' on top and nails it shut, then the little Lep' causes him to have a stroke. Enter TORI/JENNIFER. To make a long story some what shorter, in a 'St. Patrick's Day-Nutshell', if you will. The Leprechaun wants his freakin' gold back
from the people who reside in the same house 'now'.

Now Tori/Jennifer A. eventually takes on Mr. Leprechaun with the help of the ever-so-hunky Handy-man/Painter called Mickey, which by the way is DITA's 'New-Crush', uh, this week, and a young boy and his 'Of Mice And Men'-ish Buddy. They end up fighting the evil 'LEP' tooth & nail through out the film, even shooting him several times. But it never leaves him down for long. Towards the middle of the film Tori/Jennifer finds out that the 'boys' have his gold hidden in the well. She bravely goes outside, fetches it, and gives it to the 'on-ree' little bastard. He even kisses her on the cheek and runs away.

You would think that would have the credits rolling wouldn't you? Ah, 'NO'! (Side note; the last part of the film that starts here is just a 'tad' too long for DITA's taste, but still enjoyable, never the less.) You see the 'OF MICE & MEN'/Lenny-type dude has swallowed 'one' piece of the Leprechaun's precious gold. So he continues his angry wrath until his is finally stopped by a 'for leaf' clover, uh what else, thrown down the well and then they pour..............................??? 'WHAT?' You know DITA never likes to whole story!

So you can find out for self my little 'green' Dearies, 'BUT' DITA will give you my always 'interest-peaking' 'THINGS-2-LOOK-4-LIST' which as is follows;
* All Scene's where the Leprechaun uses various modes of transportation, which include; a toy car, roller skates, a skate board, a tricycle, a wheel chair, a cop car and last but not least..............'magic'! (Too funny cuz he never gives up!)
*Scene where Lep' looses his ugly claw hand in the front door and has it unlock the door for him.
* Scene where he plays hide & seek in the woods and later the kitchen cabinets.
*All battle scenes against the 'little, green pain-in-the- ass' against the cast.
*Scene where Leprechaun kills the Coin Shop Owner and then proceeds to clean his shoes. (Cuz he is also a shoe cobbler with 'obsessive compulsive disorder', no foolin!)
* Scene where they side-track Leprechaun from attacking them buying throwing various shoes at and around him, cuz you know, he has 'o.c.d.'(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.) and just has to stop and clean every pair. (Love it!!!)
*Last but not least, the 'well' scene.

DITA loved this film and will Review 'more of the it's 'Fun-tastic' green Sequels in the future, as sure as 'green M & M's' make ya horny!!!

Now for the 'EXTRAS' on this 'guilty-pleasure' disc who's 'Tag-Line' screams; 'HER LUCK JUST RAN OUT!' They are few but here they are;
+Subtitles; in English, Spanish & French.
+Original Theatrical Trailer

DITA agrees that this film is just good, silly fun and gives it 2 and 1/2 SKULLS Out Of 3! Perfect for viewing on March 17th! To get your 'cult-following', 'guilty-pleasure' Copy Tonight, just Click on the 'DVD-Icon' of 'LEPRECHAUN' Next to Dear Old DITA's Review, uh, before 'your' LUCK runs out!

DITA wishes everyone a 'HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!!'




For more 'GREEN'-FUN!!!'
Until Next Week,
'Chainsaw-Kisses' & 4 Leaf Clovers',
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Starring; TAWNY KITAEN (‘Surreal Life’, etc.) & Todd Allen, Stephen Nichols, Kathleen Wilhoite,
The Late; Rose-Marie (The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Doris Day Show, etc.)
Burke NEY Film
Produced By; Gerald Geoffray
Written & Directed By; KEVIN S. TENNEY (‘Brain Damage’, Etc.)
DVD 1987

Yes, it’s me again, your ‘Horror/Cult Spring-Fever’ DIVA of the Undead Set, DITA DIRT NAP! This time I bring you one of my favorite 80’s Horror Flicks about what happens when hot-chicks play around with Ouija-boards entitled; ‘WITCHBOARD’!!! Too see that big 80’s Trailer, simply click here, babe;> https://youtu.be/BBV125UHJ2k

This fun, little guilty-pleasure horror film has over the years garnered a ‘Cult-following’ all by itself and has finally landed on a suitable DVD release with just enough ‘Extra’s’ included , for DITA’s taste! The DVD Box is even shaped like a Ouija-board! L-o-v-e that!!! To see a Music Video Tribute to ‘WITCHBOARD’ just click here please;> https://youtu.be/muy2eIhar4o

The film starts out w/Tawny/Linda being introduced to the ‘witchboard’ at her own Party. Long story short, she meets a lost-soul from the board named DAVID, and all hell slowly breaks loose. Things move on their own, murders are committed……….you know the usual 80’s Horror-fare.

As you all know by now, DITA is a big Fan of 80’s Horror and this littlevb1987 horror-gem doesn’t disappoint. I give 1 Skull for the bad 80’s clothes & big hair alone! Why, the Budget on Miss KITAEN’s Hairspray bill alone must of cost a fortune! DITA watched this film back in the 80’s at a ‘punk-party’ but never saw the ending until now. Worth the wait, my little ‘Spider-Bites’, I must say. Tawny Kitaen plays Linda well and is even fought over by two men that were former ‘best-y’s’.

The Blonde male Actor in the film wuz at the time of filming on a well known ‘Soap Opera’, by-the by. Also watch for the quirky/weird female ‘sigh-kick’ brought in by him. She jingles when she walks, has a short 80’s punk-do, glasses, fringe coat and Makes attempts at what she calls; ’SIGH-KICK-Humor’. DITA thinks she resembles Singer K.D. LANG, in her early days. In other words , you either love her or you really hate her! There is of course after lots of horror-hi-jinks all involving that dang’ witchboard and TAWNY, a demon-spirit stand-off along with a uncovered secret about who the bad-spirit David, really is! Hmmmmmm??? DITA will stop right there, hon, cuz as u know, I almost never like to tell the full Story. So I’ll give as usual ‘DITA’s THINGS-2-LOOK-4 LIST’ as follows;

Scene where TAWNY is attacked in Shower with scalding hot water by the Evil-Spirit, DAVID, causing her to have to break out the Shower glass to escape…….uh, N-A-K-E-D! (Woo-hoo! Make sure to utilize your DVD-remotes for this scene as T. shows some ‘T. & B.’, uh that’s short for Tits & Anheuser-Busch. No foolin’!)
* Scene with ‘Offbeat ‘Sigh-Kick’ performing séance with Tawny & friends.
* Scene where Tawny’s boyfriend’s friend & Co-worker is killed on their Construction Site by mysterious flying 2 x 4’s. Hmmm?
*All scenes were characters use the Ouija-Board to ask Questions, butt seemingly never liking the answers they get.
* Scene where Tawny is bashed up against bedroom wall by the unseen force that seemingly lives in the afore mentioned ‘witchboard’.
* End scene where DITA will just say Tawny’s creepy old house is revealed
to be someone’s former home, where they sometimes committed dismemberment. Also in this scene DITA will only say that it involves these
things; an axe, a change a wardrobe between 2 characters, and the low-budget use of ‘voice-modulater’ by a former ‘Whitesnake’ Video-Vixen’! Hmmmm?
*Other Killing scenes in this fun scare-flick that involve………’Death by Fence Post’, Death by flying axe at a boat dock. (Love it!!!)
* Look for any scenes with the Late-Great Comedic-Actress; ROSE MARIE who plays the Land Lady who at the end finds the ‘bullet-ridden’ Ouija-Board and wonders aloud to a young girl; ‘I WONDER IF IT STILL WORKS!’ (Loved her!)

Now for the ‘EXTRAS’ on this nicely done DVD;

+ Director’s Commentary (DITA highly suggests clicking on this one for Fans of the Film like moi!!!)
+ Behind-The-Scenes Featurette (Wish these where always included, especially on older films. DITA says; ‘A MUST-SEE’!)
+ Original Theatrical Trailer ( In DITA’s mind, ‘mandatory’!!!)
+ Alternate Ending. ( Love it when they include these!!!)
+ A very cool appreciated ‘Ouija-Board’ of your very own to play with. (L-o-v-e-it!!!) DITA says play at your own risk, kids!

DITA enjoyed this Horror-Film thoroughly and gives it 3 SKULLS Out Of 3!!! A Perfectly wicked score! I highly suggest getting your horror-rific Copy 2-Nite by Clicking on the ‘DVD-Icon’ of ‘WITCHBOARD’ Next to Dear Old DITA’s Review!

U won’t regret it!!!




Now I have to go cuz it’s time for Lil’ DITA’s favorite Show; ‘THE GROOVY GHOULIES, what did u think? The new ‘Electric Company’, ’Zoom’ or ‘Sesame Street’??? Hardly, my Dear!

The Tag-Line reads; ‘WITCHBOARD’; ’It’s More Than Just A Game!!!

Until Next Time,
DITA (‘Here I Go Again’) DIRT NAP

(To see that Big 80’s Music Video Starring; TAWNY KITAEN writhing & rolling and even doing the Splits on top of a car Video By ‘WHITE SNAKE’ Just Click here, hon;> https://youtu.be/WyF8RHM1OCg )

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