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Directed By the Infamous; JAMES WHALE
DVD 1935

Welcome back my Little 'Spider-Bites!' This week as promised I, DITA will be reviewing the Crème De La Crème of all Bridal-Themed Horror Films with the Universal Classic; 'BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN' from 1935! Starring DITA-Fave; ELSA LANCHESTER! As well as another DITA-Fave; BORIS KARLOFF! As well as being Directed by the Infamous; JAMES WHALE (who wuz by the way ironically GAY, himself!) His life wuz of course chronicled in the excellent film; 'OF GODS AND MONSTERS' Click here to see that Hexcellant Trailer below > http://youtu.be/Nn2G6YrvibM

First DITA must say this film is a fun Masterpiece that picks up where 'FRANKENSTEIN'' left off. To see what I mean, check out the Ultra-Classic Trailer for 'BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN' here, Hon> http://youtu.be/UOf_klwbAD8

Let DITA say that this Classic Film has everything from 'Scoop to Nuts'', including Comedy, Camp, and Drama! Since everyone knows the full storyline, DITA will only wax over it briefly. After the fire at the mill. The Monster has survived the whole debacle by falling thru the floor of 'House of Frankenstein' into the water-filled basement below, climbs out thru a hole, w/the help of a Villagers wife, thinking she's pulling out her Husband who fell into the hole earlier. The look on her face when she pulls up Frankenstein's Monster is priceless! Being thought dead from the fire by the Villagers, except for the character Actress who plays Dr. Frankenstein's wife's Lady-In-Waiting; Minnie, who btw, provides most of the comic-relief thru out the film, right down to her clothes, he wanders on into the Village-forest scaring every one from a Lay-Sheep-herder, village children and a family of gypsies. Finally he is pulled to a blind man living alone in a cottage by his violin playing. Long story short, the lonely man lovingly befriends him, takes him in, feeds him, shelters him and teaches him about friendship, smoking and drinking and that fire is not so bad in certain circumstances.

Along w/teaching him some words in English, which are ; friend, good, fire, smoke, drink and the always sad, word; Alone. These scenes DITA found most touching in the entire film as all the Monster has learned outside of this man is that people fear him and always try to attack him as he is considered a scary outsider. Hmmm? Sounds like what most Gay-people go thru. Remember my little Spider-Bites, people have always attacked what they fear and don't understand. Sounds familiar again, Hon.

He is of course discovered by accident by wandering lost villagers asking for directions and immediately attacked again and faces fire once more in a negative light as the blind mans cottage is accidentally caught on fire. As the Monster runs outside in fear, he sadly calls out ; FRIEND! Much like a child who loses a parent when they need them the most and have just started to trust. This scene almost made Dear old DITA cry as the Monster runs a way scared once more, looking for another friend. He finds a graveyard and hides in its underground catacombs, where he meets the nutty 'Dr. So-and-So' who's been down there grave-robbing. When the Nutty Dr. meets Frankenstein's Monster he breaks bread w/him and of course wine and leads the poor misunderstood creature to believe he has found another friend. BTW, to see Frankenstein's Monster smoking and drinking is 'rib-tickling' to this ghoul-gal.

This nutty Dr. has come into town to do a joint-experiment w/Dr. Frankenstein, even though he is not willing, uh, after his last monster-mess. He earlier in the film shows Dr. Frankenstein his own grown from tissue live 'mini-experiments' of little people which he keeps under glass which include a mini-queen, her mini-king and a Bishop as well as a mini-Ballerina. Another fun/odd scene in this Classic Bridal Fright-fest flick! Eventually since the good Dr. Frankenstein refuses to 'join-forces' w/the mad Dr. ,said Mad Dr. has the Creature kidnap his wife so he will be forced to cooperate to create a 'Female Mate'/Bride for the poor ,lonely Monster, as his first friend taught him that being alone is bad. DITA will say that how this film shows the vulnerability of the Monster and his 'Man-boy' persona is excellent and not overlooked by this ghoul-girl! Love the Monster's vulnerability and child-like word expressions along w/grunts and groans at everything consider 'g-o-o-d' and 'b-a-d'', that he experiences thru out the picture. BORIS KARLOFF's portrayal of the advancing knowledge of the Monster in this Sequel is brilliant and shows this Man's advanced acting skills that made and kept him a Star-thru-out his Career. He wuz even good at comedy and could keep up w/the best comedienne's like the incomparable CAROL BURNETT, who once played a scared Librarian who meets Boris Karloff in the library she works in. A 'Jack-Of-All-Trades' for sure thinks DITA!

The Casting of ELSA LANCHESTER is brilliant especially the way she moves her head around bird-like and perfect as she first comes to life. A big-screen re-make is now in the works at Universal of this very film, Hon! Elsa wuz a brilliant actress that wuz funny, talented and even sang in her career in Hollywood. She even once played in an Episode of; 'I LOVE LUCY'' playing a 'would-be' axe-murder! A 'JILL-OF-ALL-TRADES' ,if you will. CLICK ON THIS LINK TO GO TO HER Website > WWW.ELSALANCHESTER.FREESERVERS.COM 

After the Nutty Dr. and Dr. Frankenstein start the 'bringing to life' part of the film in the lightning-storm scenes, which are the classic drama scene 'focal-points' of the film........... the real fun, camp and drama come to a fevered dramatic-pitch, Dear! As lightning crashes, steel-kites fly and sci-fi lab contraptions a plenty, begin to work their 'macabre-magic' slowly bringing the Monsters mate to life. These scenes are not to be missed as they are shot beautifully, complete w/effective angles ,close-ups of the mad doctors craggy, crazy face and more. It is then the infamous line is spoken of; 'SHE'S ALIVE! Click here for that one, Kids> http://youtu.be/CiFfUnimUH4

Now DITA just loves the Bride's Classic 'Monster-Movie' wardrobe after she's brought to life and stood upright to be visual examined by the two overdramatic DR.'s. BTW, she looks 7 ft. tall. Her gothically-chic wardrobe consists of a long hospital-white bed sheet w/shoulder-pads, and arms wrapped right down to her fingers w/plastic surgery-bands wrapped strategic-ally. Her hair has been done by a 'gay-guy' obviously w/its triangular/pyramid type shape complete w/gray streaked waves all the way up w/various scars on her lovely alabaster-face w/heavily painted lips. After the Monster breaks in and sees her, uh, his new f-r-i-e-n-d, she reacts w/cat-like hisses and a dramatic scream. He becomes angered expressing that she hates him and only sees him as the villagers do. At this pivotal-moment Dr. Frankenstein's wife has escaped and is banging on the laboratory door begging her husband to come out with her, before his Monster decides to blow up the Lab. He is told by the madly depressed Monster to leave w/his wife, but tells the Nutty/mad Dr. to stay and utters the classic line, referring to the Mad Doctor ,himself and his indifferent female-mate; ''WE BELONG DEAD'', and dramatically pulls the leaver blowing up the entire lab and them! End scene! NOW ,that's a good Sequel, thinks DITA!

This Classic horror film wuz once show-cased on TCM'S; 'ESSENTIALS!' DITA thinks this iconically-wonderfully made film teaches/displays as well as show cases 'learning-lessons' about what happens when the all-important lesson of 'empathy' is missing and more importantly 'not' learned in life. DITA can not express how much I love this movie and thinks it will last for eternities of generations far into the future to enjoy. Just don't colorize it as it is one of those distinct classic black and white that actually looks better that way, as it adds to the overall feel of the film itself. Again, DITA loves colorization on certain films but just 'not'' on this on! So I DITA, a once 'real-life' Bride-2-Be gives this movie a perfect score of 3 Skulls OUT OF A 3 Skulls Score for brilliance in Horror-Cinema! To get your Classic-Copy of JAMES WHALE's ;'BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN', just Click on the 'DVD-Icon' of it, next to my Review tonight!

EXTRA'S; Trailer, Spanish, English and French Dubbing, etc.


Next week, DITA brings you another 'Bridal-Themed Horror-Flick'.

SOMETHING BORROWED, SOMETHING BLUE, SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW, DEAD AND ROTTING IN THE RECENT HOT, SUMMER SUN! Uh, that's me, Hon! A one time-Bride w/Gay-Pride! I Now Pronounce you Vamp-Hubby & Screaming Skelton-Bride Wifey! XOXO!

Till then, toss your 'Rice and bat-wings' outside the Haunted-Church, Hon!
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'Universal International'
Produced by; Anthony Hinds
PETER CUSHING; as Dr. Van Helsing,
DAVID PEEL as the Vampire,
MARTITA HUNT as Greta, and Freda Payne, etc.
DVD 1960

Hi Kids; Tis I, your 'Summer-Ghoul'; DITA DIRT NAP, bringing another 'Bridal-Themed Horror Film' Review this week in Honor of the Late Actress who passed away this year; YVONNE MONLAUR, who starred in Hammer's; 'BRIDES OF DRACULA' , as well as another DITA-Fave Film and past-review called; 'CIRCUS OF HORRORS'. She is sorely missed already, Hon. To see a 'YVONNE MONLAUR TRIBUTE-VIDEO', Simply Click here, Dear>  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVaulJ28-3Q&feature=youtu.be

Now its been a long while since dear old DITA had seen this film, even though it was one of my first reviews in my early years, so I took my copy of it my favorite friend and neighbor's place nearby, one street over to be exact, over to 'MAD DOCTOR D.'s' pad, he slipped it in, brought in the pop-corn w/extra 'spider-sprinkles' and sweet-tea and we viewed it again. DIT loves this film , first and foremost cuz it's a 'Hammer-Film', and secondly because of it's 'camp'-value! Again, perfect for all those; 'JUNE-BRIDES'. Take a look at the Campy-cool & Culty Trailer by Clicking here>  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWhrHLz_7K8&feature=youtu.be

Don't cha' just love it?

Now this DITA-Fave starts out with our Heroine, May-Anne, played perfectly by the late, French Sex-Kitten; YVONNE MONLAUR, as she sets out for a Teaching job in Transylvania, uh , at an 'all-girls' School. She is bumped along the muddy trail , thru the bleak, dank , dark woods by a gothically-cool old-fashioned carriage. Then after a pre-planned temporary road-block she arrives at an Inn to grab a bite to eat before heading to the afore mentioned girls-school. Long story short, her Driver takes off without her. Then quickly a scary-looking old Baroness comes to the Inn and offers a ride to Mary-Anne and an overnight stay at her close-by creepy-castle. Hmmm?

So much for 'not talking to strangers. Any-who, she arrives at the creepy castle w/the 'hit-with-the-ugly-stick' old Baroness and shortly after has dinner w/the old bat, uh, after meeting her strange House-keeper; GRETA. You see, Greta, has a weird tick of laughing wildly-demonic , ah, kind of out of the blue. The facially-challenged Baroness then admits she has a son, who btw, she keeps locked-up, in another part of the castle, cuz he ain't right in the head, as they say. Mary-Anne later thinks she sees him trying to commit suicide by jumping off the ledge of the castle. Now DITA must say the confusing thing about this fun , bridal-themed fright flick is that Dracula is not even in it. Also the son turns out to be the Vampire who takes Brides, but is confusingly blonde. Huh?

Anyway, Mary-Anne then discovers the son is chained-up by his mother and is, as the Trailer says; 'blindingly-handsome'. She then decides to go steal the key to unlock him, out of the old mother baroness's room. She sadly doesn't know that why he is locked-up is because he's a vampire. She then leaves and runs into Dr. Van Helsing , played well by; Peter Cushing. Flash-forward, he finally gets her to her Teaching assignment/new job at the School. By the way, look closely thru-out key-scenes in the film for Hammer's usual , expected brilliant use of color in various beautifully-lit scenes, like windows, and such of purple, orange and green. DITA loves that signature Hammer touch in his films, Dear.

Back to Dr. Van Helsing, he then tells various people he is a Doctor and they always react like he just said, he was Superman or something. Weird. Later we see Mary-Anne getting a girl-roommate named; GINA. Well Gina in no time flat is of course bitten by the afore-mentioned now wandering-blonde male vampire. She is actually the 2nd Girl bitten by the Groom-to-be Vamp. In the meantime David Peel/Blonde Vampire quickly proposes marriage to our Mary-Anne to make her Bride # 3. Will sweet, naive, trusting Mary-Anne be horribly turned into a Vampire-Bride w/long bizarre wax-looking teeth, will Greta stop oddly in other scenes stop talking to graves, huh, will the Baroness become her son's next 'Lunch-able'??? DITA doesn't want to tell you the whole story, but I will tell you the oddly blonde-vamp's Mother the old Baroness, when predictably is turned/bitten by her son into a Vampiress, ends up looking like a frightened rat w/big hair.

Later while Mary-Anne is visiting the Town Care-taker's business to see her newly undead, recent roomie; GINA, and pay her respects. Gina unsurprisingly pops up out of her small, wooden coffin to scare & try to recruit Mary-Anne to be Dracula's/Blonde Vamps main Undead Bride, spouts bizarre 'die-o-log', then does some weird leaning w/one of the other Brides. Then Blondie/Groom Vamp arrives to take his Bride unwillingly, bites her, then is chased away by Dr. Van Helsing. Van Helsing then 'mirack-u-lussly' takes a hot-poker from the stable/funeral care-taker place of business, complete w/hay and horse. Huh? Then burns her neck back to pre-vampire bite, healthy-ness. Ok, didn't know that was a thing in vampire-lore, Hon?

Anyway, the Blonde angry Vamp-Groom comes back to only end up in a dramatic ending fight-scene w/Vampire-Hunter Dr. Van Helsing, which ends w/them catching the whole place on fire and killing the would-be Blonde Groom Vamp by..........by.......??? Well, as you know by now, dear, DITA never likes to tell the whole sordid story, but I will give the hint the, the Vamp-wanna-be Groom is killed with a 'shadow-of-a-doubt'. Key-word being shadow & a cross-over. End-scene! Now before DITA gets to my infamous ;'Things-2-Look-4-List', I urge you to find out the ending and view this gloriously macabre bridal-themed vampire fright flick for yourself, which looks even more beautiful on this 'vonder-fully' transferred DVD, by Clicking on the 'DVD-Icon' , next to dear old decrepit DITA's Review! Watch it , on a dark and stormy, cold, dank night, curled up in front of your fireplace, with a freshly-popped bowl of popcorn for two w/spider-sprinkles.

Now for DITA's 'Things-2-Look-4-List as follows, Babe;
*scene w/both Vampire-Brides leaning weirdly, first to the left, then to the right w/big , long wax-looking rat teeth, ready to bite like a gothic-cobra.
* Scene w/Vampire care-taker/House-Keeper w/evil belly-laugh; Greta laying on top of the first to-be Brides grave , egging her on to come up and out of her fresh grave to become an undead Vamp-Bride, while Greta's 'sike-meds' have worn-off as she laughs wildly, as she's slowly bringing out the full-tilt crazy!
* fight-scene at the end w/Blonde Groom-Vamp; David Peel fighting Dr. Van Helsing dramatically, complete with a well-rehearsed fight-to-the-finish-scene w/setting hay on floor in mortuary on fire and the vampire-killer end.
*Just a side-note on Mary-Anne's eating-scenes, Hon. Why does everyone in the film take away her food, just before she gets a chance to actually eat it???
Makes you go; H-m-m-m?

DITA loved getting to watch this Hammer-Film again w/my good fiend, 'MAD DOCTOR D.' on his big-screen blood-plasma TV and gives a well-deserved perfect score of 3 Skulls Out Of 3!!!





Next week, I bring you the most Classic Bridal-themed Horror Film of all time from Universal, witch DITA heard is set to be remade, 'THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN' w/DITA-Fave; ELSA LANCASTER!

Til then, I blow you; 'CHAINSAW-KISSES',
(Click here to see that big-80's Video Fave from one of my Favorite Performers; BILLY IDOL, called; 'WHITE WEDDING'> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAZQaYKZMTI&feature=youtu.be )

p.s. This Review is lovingly dedicated to the Beautiful, Actress and Star of this fang-tastic film; YVONNE MONLAUR! Thanks for shining your Bright-Light in film over the years! Click here to see the Trailer of her Fright-Flick; 'CIRCUS OF HORRORS'> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfWqTtVxN40&feature=youtu.be

Also DITA wants to say a Special-Thanks to The BATMAN-Icon Forever in my little Black-Heart; MR. ADAM WEST! Thanks Adam for sharing your special talent & charisma w/this World! R.I.P. and 'happy-existence' on the 'other-side' to both Yvonne & Adam! Click here to see the Original BATMAN TV-SHOW OPENING> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjKyGs-G6Sg&feature=youtu.be)

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