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DVD (1943, 48', 49',47')
(Fright-Themed Shorts Collection)
Columbia Pictures
Directed By; Del Lord, Edward Bernds, Jules White
Produced By; Hugh McCollum & Del Lord & Jules White

Hello again,
My Little Spider Bites! Yes, it's me, your Horror Hostess  with the most-est in all the right rotted places, DITA (Nine Lives) DIRT NAP! I'm baaaaack, Again! This week as promised DITA brings you a MUST HAVE Fright-Themed Shorts Collection on DVD from another one of one of my favorite 'COMEDY-TEAMS'' the THREE STOOGES! This DVD includes 6 Fright-Themed Shorts which includes, 'SPOOK LOUDER', 'MUMMY'S DUMMIES', 'SHIVERING SHERLOCKS', 'THE GHOST TALKS', 'HOKUS POKUS' and 'FRIGHT NIGHT'! Take a look at one of these rib-tickling horror-comedy themed shorts by Clicking here, Hon> https://youtu.be/c81DJDlxlJs

Now the Special Features on this disc are as follows;
*Digitally Mastered Audio & Video
*Audio; English (Mono), Spanish, Portuguese
* Subtitles; English, Spanish, Portuguese (Which DITA loves!)
* Episode Selection


DITA's never been one to complain but some 3 Stooges Movie Trailers and possibly a short documentary would have been nice for big fans like myself! I'm just sayin'.

Anyone who's read my reviews before knows DITA likes a good STICK SLAP, ahhh, a-hem, I mean SLAP STICK and has a soft, molded spot in her little black heart for Horror-Comedy as well as famous Comedy Teams! Abbot & Costello (as last week DITA Reviewed their fun-flick; 'ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET THE MUMMY'.), Laurel & Hardy, The Marx Brothers and The Three Stooges, oh how I love thee! All the Shorts included on this DVD are frightfully wonderful and chocked full of all the signature eye pokes, rough face slaps, nose pulls, stomach punches, woo-woot-wit-woos and the beloved; 'Spread -Out!' we all loved watching on TV ,when we were just little ghouls!

What? DITA was a little ghoul, once...........in a galaxy far, far away. Okay, okay so I looked like a Little, skeletal Orphan Annie on CRACK but I die-gress!

So DITA's comedy is a little rusty. What do you expect my little bat droppings. DITA resides in Hollyweird too you know and I wear panties! Okay, so their crotch-less! Shut-up...........you liked it! LOL Now back to the Shorts! Sorry kids, old habits die hard.

I love all the Shorts included in this Collection but DITA's Favorite is the one entitled 'THE GHOST TALKS'! It's a fun-filled Spook Romp with the Stooges when they are hired as Movers at the Smorgasbord Castle to remove a haunted suit of armor that doesn't want to leave. Why, you may ask?  Well, my little rotting pumpkins because he's been waiting for the ghost of Lady Godiva returns to retrieve her soul-trapped-in-armor boyfriend. Try as they might the Stooges including good ole' Shemp can't get the haunted tin man to vacate the premises till Lady G. comes riding in on her trusty stead at the Haunted Castle. When she does the boys try to sneak a peek out a window as she gallops off into the creepy night, only to be hit by a drive-by...........a drive-by-pie in the face that is!

Here's a synopsis of the other spook-tackular Shorts;
'Spook Louder' is the only short by the way to include the hysterical CURLY Howard. In this one the boys are Traveling Salesman hired on the spot by a Crazy Inventor to guard his creepy house while he's away for awhile.
Well, of course 3 Spooky Spies (try sayin' that 3 times fast) show up dressed as a skeleton (another one of my second cousins, no doubt.), the devil and a; DITA-doesn't-know-what............with a hat! Huh! They try to scare the Stooges, and well........hilarity ensues, and , Oh yes, Curly ends up threatening them with a bomb and accidentally lights it, throws it, and blows them up! Too funny, I almost died laughing.

Oh, right, I'm already dead, uh, any-hoo, the only one not really spook-based unless you consider gangsters trying to get the Stooges to throw a fight scary, is aptly titled 'Fright Night', instead of 'Fight Night'. Very funny, never the less! The boys play Boxing Trainers at a place called 'Muscle Manor'. Hmmm, sounds like a good name for gay Reality Show.  The boys have a well shot, funny chase scene in an old abandoned ware house that you should watch for. Larry ends up saving the day with a combination of mothballs and a handy hatchet! Don't ask! Note; Shemp's side-splitting physical movements in this one! 'Fright Night' was also the first short with Shemp as a member of the Stooges.

'Mummy's Dummies'-Short is where the 3 Stooges run a Used Chariot Lot called The Smiling Egyptians. Long story-short they sell a hoop-dee (aka lemon) to the Chief of the Palace Guard and he in turn blows the whistle on them to the King. Look for another funny chase and hide scene were the Stooges hide in a big woven box complete with spy-periscope 'thing-y.' Fun with a capitol F! 

Next 'Shivering Sherlocks' has the boys winding up working in a Cafe, taking a very funny results, lie-detector test and run-ins with a blood thirsty robber and a hatchet man! Put the boys working in any restaurant premise and big comedy hi-jinks are bound to happen Darling!

Also the Short called; 'Hocus-Pokus' where a con artist Dame tricks the Stooges into being character references in an insurance scam. Of course they meet a magician, uh, I mean a famous hypnotist........sorry I was thinking of DITA's new crush Idris Alba! (CRACKERS, he's cute!) Any-who, the hypnotist puts them under a spell and poof, their dancing on a flag pole. They accidently uncover the shifty Broad's scam in front of her Insurance Man.

DITA watched this fun-filled DVD with a big bowl of buttered popcorn, a bag of Spider Crunchies and of course a 2-Litre of Diet-Choke-A-Cola! I suggest you turn down the lights, pull up your covers and do the same!

DITA gives 'SPOOK LOUDER' Shorts Collection a perfect 3 SKULLS out of 3 Rating! To purchase this fun-filled horror-comedy shorts Collection on DVD,  simply Click on the 'DVD-Icon' on it next to Dear old DITA's Review.



Until Next Time,
Chainsaw Kisses,
(Too see that exact fun-filled Music-Video from the 80's w/CURLY, from the 3-Stooges, just Click here, my little 'Blood-Bags'> https://youtu.be/TmI1MLdabLU )

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From; Universal Studios-'COMEDY LEGENDS' Collection
Directed By; Charles Lamont
Produced By; Howard Christie
Marie Windsor ( Stanley Kubrick's-'The Killing', Roger Corman's-'Swamp Women', 'Cat Women On The Moon' & 1977's 'Freaky Friday' w/Jodie Foster) ,
Michael Ansara ('It's Alive', 'Harem-Scarum' w/Elvis Presley) , Peggy King; Singer ('The George Gobel Show')
Richard Deacon ('Dick Van Dyke Show' as Mel Cooley.) and 'Stunt-Man' Ed Parker as the 'Mummy'.
 'F.Y.I.'- Carole Costello, Lou's daughter as; The Cigarette-Girl.
Make-Up By; The Legendary BUD WESTMORE.
Running Time; I Hour, 20 Minutes, 1955 DVD

Hi Kids,
I'm back...........and this time in my MUMMY's ARMS! Yes, it's me! That walking, talking, Undead, 'Horror/Cult'- Comedy herself, DITA DIRT NAP!

This time I bring you the first of 4 ' Sizzling ,COMEDY-TEAMS'-Reviews for the entire month of Hot-August, Hon! The first is one of DITA's Favorite Teams from the 'Horror-Comedy'-Spoof entitled; 'ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET THE MUMMY'!!! Also as an added Bonus a 'Mini-Review' of the 'Book-Companion' from Author; Jeffrey S. Miller, 'The HORROR SPOOFS of ABBOTT and COSTELLO'. Love it!!!

Any-who the Trailer for A. & C Meets The Mummy' shouts; 'OUT OF THE DEPTHS OF AN ANCIENT TOMB'; ECHOES A SOUND THAT SHAKES THE WORLD............WITH LAUGHTER! 'BUD ABBOTT and LOU COSTELLO' MEET THE MUMMY'! 'IT'S BANG UP, ROOF-RAISING...FRENZIED FUN!' Click here to see what DITA means about that exact Trailer> http://youtu.be/EPmeEMWPMvI

Thus starts this 'horror-comedy' romp thru the tombs of ancient Egypt with, as you all know, one of DITA's Favorite Comedy Teams! The film starts out with Bud & Lou at a Night Club in Cairo called the 'BAGDAD CAFE' , where while watching a stage show, they over hear Archaeologist Dr. Zoomer say he needs 2 men to bring the Mummy; Klaris from Egypt to America. After some quick 'slapstick' at the club they head over to the Dr.'s Office to offer their services. However they find the good Dr. has been freshly murdered and after some 'comedy-hi-jinks' with a disappearing 'body-of-evidence' (obscure Madonna Movie Reference) & some 'mummy-hide-n-seek', our 'boys' find a sacred-medallion that the evil 'Madame-Rontru' (played brilliantly by Marie Windsor!) and her 'hench-men' desperately want to get their hands on. Why, you may ask? To decipher the message about where to find the 'mummy-treasure', silly!'

Before Madame Rontru and her thugs can buy it from our boys, Costello accidentally eats it. This happens after a game of 'ancient-medallion/curse' 'switch-a-roo' with their 'burgers', of all things! No foolin! Madame 'Evil-Gal' & Company catches Lou and hysterically 'X-Rays' him to see if he really has it. One the second 'X-ray'  the necklace spells 'H-E-L-P!' in his stomach. Then after trying to shake him up, Lou is catapulted into the ceiling!
Later when having a run-in with Klaris, the 'mummy' gives Lou the 'hymlich-manuever' and out pops the 'cursed-medallion' into the 'mummy's hand.

Now as usual, to try and make a long story shorter, here is DITA's 'Things To Look For' List;
*Scene with 'Costello' running into a bat, a giant-lizard and a skeleton with 'hand-cuffs', which causes much, much hilarity as you can only imagine.
* Scene with Costello trying hard to bury the 'mummy' and one of the 'hoodlums' disguised as the mummy in the sand by bopping them on the 'noggin' much like a manic game a 'whack-a-mole'! Too funny!
* Scene with 3 Mummy's, one real and 2 fake being shot at by Madame Rontru. When she runs out of bullets, she throws the gun at the real Mummy. Why??? He then grabs her and she tries to set him on fire with a torch. Then dynamite is thrown back and fourth between the mummy, Klaris and the cast! Good stuff! Guess who catches it??? I'll never tell!!!
* Scene where Vocalist PEGGY KING, wearing a 'glam-gown' sings a cool, snappy ditty about DITA's 'home-town' called 'YOU CAME A LONG WAY FROM ST. LOUIE!' Love it, down-loaded it!!! Shouldn't you?
* Scene where Klaris-worshippers 'Egyptian-dance troop' perform native-ritual dance! (Very cool but DITA says watch for the 'over-enthusiastic' only male dancer, and his 'oh-so-over-dramatic' dance moves! I almost wet myself!!!) Love it!!!
* Any scene with Lou unintentionally 'snake-charming' w/hilarious results right up till the end of the picture!

Lot's of 'slap-stick, which you know dear old' DITA just loves between this comedy-duo in this 'mummy-mystery/horror-spoof' flick as well as secret-passages and great chase scenes and even a 'comedy-nod' to the infamous who's on first' routine in this one folks! Ya gotta love it! Sadly, this was 'A. & C.'s last 'horror-spoof' in the series, although it's surprise success garnered enough attention for another 'horror-comedy' Outing wanted by the studio. The boys felt that had enough with the Studio Heads. They did however use horror-bits in their wonderful TV Specials and their own TV Series 'THE ABBOTT AND COSTELLO SHOW'!

One bit used in the 'Colgate-Comedy Hour' introduced 'our boys' to one of DITA's favorite Monster-Crushes. It was  'Abbott & Costello Meet The Creature From The Black Lagoon'!!! To see that Creature Clip from their TV Show, simply Click here> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmN6YT_J0g8&feature=share&list=PL4FB789DF833F280D 

Love this flick and encourages you and yours to see it for yourself by clicking on the 'DVD-Icon' next to my Review! Dirt Nap gives it a '3 Skulls Out Of 3 Skulls' even though the energy of it's 'comedy-team' was as to be expected , a tad low. Extras; on this disc included are; Way-vintage-cool 'Theatrical Trailer, Production Notes, and Cast and Film makers. Nice touch! A fun movie to watch on a stormy night, curled up on the couch with 'YOUR' favorite Munster, tonight!




SPOOFS Of ABBOTT and COSTELLO'; A Critical Assessment of the Comedy Team's Monster Films. By a very thorough Author; MR. JEFFREY S. MILLER. DITA highly urges you to get this book, if your as big a FAN of 'Abbott & Costello' as I am! For Fans of their 'Monster-Films' it is a 'MUST-HAVE'!!! Mr. Miller provides all the fine details of each 'Monster-Meets' Movies' as well as their other 'Horror-Comedies' such as DITA's favorite 'HOLD THAT GHOST' and 'THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES' & 'ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET THE KILLER, BORIS KARLOFF'! 'WOW!' Oh, before I forget, the info on 'Meet The Mummy' in the book begins on Page;114.

DITA is a huge Fan of the 'ABBOTT & COSTELLO's 'MEETS'-Flicks and recommends the Fang-tastic Book entitled;  'THE HORROR SPOOFS Of ABBOTT and COSTELLO' to get by Simply Clicking on the 'Book-Icon' next to my Review and order yours tonight!

Mr. Miller even Autographed my Copy; T0; 'DITA DIRT NAP', Always a pleasure to meet a fellow Fan. Best Always,  JEFFREY S. MILLER
Very cool!!!

Until Next Week when I bring you another Great Comedy-Team's Horror-Comedy Flick  w/the Infamous 'Comedy-Team' The Three Stooges!"

Till then DITA blow you some Hot Summer-Lovin 'Chainsaw-Kisses'.
(To hear that little-Ditty Remixed called; 'SOME LIKE IT HOT' , Sung in the Movie by the  Legendary Sex-Bomb; 'MARILYN MONROE' by Clicking here, my Little 'Spider-Bites;> https://youtu.be/6dyKsWPc5So )

P.S. In Honor of the 55th-Anniversay of MARILYN MONROE's Death on Aug. 5th, 1962, DITA who is a Big-Fan has include a NEW Trailer for her Last Uncompleted Film which has now garnered a Cult-Following , which was a 'MARILYN MONROE PRODUCTION', entitled; 'SOMETHING'S GOT TO GIVE', Starring; Marilyn Monroe & Dean Martin, by Simply Clicking here, Hon> https://youtu.be/yQBk0CtTiok

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You can also watch this movie On Amazon Instant Video

'A Jack Broder Production'
Directed By; Michael A. Hoey
Produced By; George Edwards
Starring; MAMIE VAN DOREN & Anthony Eisley & their Co-Stars; Bill Gray,
Bobby Van, Pamela Mason, etc. Run Time;87 Min.
Based On A Novel By; Murry Leinster.
DVD 1966

HELLO my little Summer-Solstice-'Spider-Bites'! DITA DIRT NAP here again directing traffic on another warm Summer night at my Drive-In with my umm, uh, big, Flash-lights in hands, showing people where they can 'SHOVE-IT', um, I mean 'PARK-IT', for Tonight's Picture, perfect for 'Summer-Season', at the 'Drive-In' & now on DVD; 'THE NAVY VS. THE NIGHT MONSTERS'! See the Trailer on your 'Computer Drive-In Screen' by Clicking here; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fX3dcYw440

This movie wuz Originally titled 'NIGHT CRAWLERS'. Check out ultra-cool Movie-Poster Art on the DVD-Cover Box! DITA thinks that picture wood make great T-Shirts & Vintage-feel Lunch Boxes!!! L-o-v-e it!

DITA can't tell u how happy she is to finally see this film end up on DVD! One fear I had wuz that they wouldn't clean it up digitally before transferring it. The VHS Copy wuz worn and falling apart in specific places. This DVD Version has been cleaned up and more killings put back in that were taken out for TV Version cuts. Thank god 4 small favors babe! It of course Stars DITA-Fave & CULT/Drive-In Queen; MAMIE VAN DOREN.......................Who DITA wants to be when she grows up!!! ( And I'm not talkin' bout' my daughter! lmol!) BTW, DITA got to finally meet Mss. VAN DOREN, here in Hollyweird at a Book-Signing/Double-DD Movie Feature/Q. & A. @ the AERO Theater in Cali. MAMIE, in her 80's looked 'Sex-sational', in a sexy mini-dress and very long blonde hair. She even said Hi to DITA, which almost sent me squealing w/ghoul-ish/girly glee!!!

First she signed her COLLECTOR'S EDITION of her Autobiography; 'PLAYING THE FIELD', and other items Fans had brought. In fact my Producer/Agent/Creator; Darell Erazo stood in line to get his DVD-Copy of her Cult-Flick; 'THREE NUTS IN SEARCH OF A BOLT', hopefully signed. While he did that, he wuz caught on Camera by Mamie's People when they filmed the Fans in line!!! YEAH! To see that video, which she is caught Autographing a Big-Size Poster from one of her Fans of tonight's Film; 'NAVY VS. THE NIGHT MONSTERS', also in this Video. Click here to see it all. Btw, My Producer/Agent; Darell is seen about 8 or 9th in line with a Black silk shirt, black hair and brown eyes, waiting in the line, Hon> http://youtu.be/xwPxOhDXURc 

With B-flicks such as; 'Party Girls For The Candidate', ''Born Reckless', 'Three Nuts In Search Of A Bolt', 'The Sherriff Was A Lady'  'Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women', 'The Private Lives Of Adam And Eve', 'Running Wild' 'Sex Kittens Go To College', 'Beat Generation' incidentally the last 2 films Co-Starring; 'VAMPIRA. 'Untamed Youth', 'Girl's Town', 'High School Confidential', College Confidential' & 'Vice Raid'. Shall I go on? Obviously, DITA is a big FAN of hers as well.

Derek; The Vamperic Announcer Interrupts; 'Enough 'Bally-who' DIRT NAP!!!
DITA responds;' 'Quite right!' Uh, Did I mention 'Las Vegas Hillbillies' w/Jayne Mansfield?

A-n-y way, this grade B-Monster Flick, 'Navy VS. The Night Monsters' still managed to be a guilty-pleasure/drive-in favorite for this ghoul!!! It would help to be seen at a 'DRIVE-IN' on a hot summer night. Preferably seated in a 57' CHEVY Convertible with high 'fish-fins' ('fish-fins' are a car style reference for the 'over 40' plus crowd, such as myself. LOL), 'drive-in' speaker strategically placed on 'driver's-side' door, so your date will have to lean into your shoulder to hear it! As the 'Let's- All-Go-To-The-Lobby' Theme music plays; Click here 4 that; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfDXlgmKFyU  , I bet you can just feel the fuzz from my tight, pink, 'angora' sweater now, can't you? Popcorn, 'Drive-in Snacks' & 'mosquito-spray' not included, hon! Now hurry over the gravel, back to your vehicle, cuz the 'count-down' clock on the 'Drive-In' screen is ticking. '3-2-1!'

And now for tonight's  Feature, MAMIE VAN DOREN in; 'NAVY VS. THE NIGHT MONSTERS!!! As the credits scroll across the screen our story starts with a group of Naval Officers, some of which are scientists, arriving at a Navel Base w/Naval Nurses in tow. One of them being the infamous Miss Van Doren, playing, busty Nurse Nora who has a love scene in a jeep, complete w/hoaky-music cue. The 'Shirley' to her 'Laverne' is played by Pamela Mason. A brunette. The storyline in a nutshell is;

The whole crew becomes eventually trapped  on afore mentioned 'military base' when 'Ice-Age' Vegatative-Monster Trees start to attack! Yes, you heard DITA right, 'WHEN-MONSTER-TREE'S-ATTACK!!!' This time not on 'FOX'! 'Yikes, hold me closer, 'Drive-In ROB', cuz I'm a-skuuured!!! I guess that's what happens when you 'DON'T' talk to your
plants? The walking 'Monster-Trees' look silly/fun and have little 'baby-spider plants' that when touched, burn your skin or in one actors case his whole face w/some sort of an 'acidic-veagan' goo. Hmmmmm! Note; to self........-acidic-goo' good for pesky, skin removal projects.

Now here are 'DITA's Things to Look For;
* Scenes with witty lines such as 'Next time, I'm getting a dog that's a vegetarian! 'Please lower your voice, this man is very ill.' 'That tree took his arm clean off, yeah, he's dead! Etc., etc.
* Any scenes in the forest with 'killer-trees' and  cast members running 'to & fro'.
*All fight scenes, very staged, with 'biff, 'bam', 'pow' sounds missing' when actors fists are connecting with sparring partners face. Not meant to be funny, but really is!
* DITA's favorite scene where 'Mamie's' wearing a tight, yellow, sleeve-less top and tight white pants that zip in back. In this scene when crosses the room, watch for 'camel-toe' (attention; Count Gore!) in front and 'lift & 'separate' in the rear of said, 'white' pants! More importantly, when Miss Van Doren/Nurse-Nora  crosses the room in this scene her breasts bob 'up and down' and do their own 'jiggle' dance. Mizz Dirt Nap suggests using 'slow-mo' & 'zoom' feature on your DVD remote like I did. Just a thought, hon.
* Scene where two officers stand by and do absolutely nothing to help a fellow officer who slowly and hysterically gets eaten by a 'Tree-Monster! So much for 'com-radarie', kids!
* Funniest scene in movie where 'tree-monster' tears off a man's arm, and if you zoom in, you see 'fake-cloth-arm' attached to the tree with a huge 'safety-pin'! Too unintentionally funny.

This whole Production has a whole 'Unintentionally-hilarious'-'buttered-popcorn' vibe that won this 'Bone-Bitch' over and will hopefully do the same for you, my little 'coffin-creepers'. DITA gives 'Navy VS. The Night Monsters' 2 and 1/2 SKULLS out of 3. Sorry but a few points were taken off for too many office scenes and editing 'those- scenes' out would have made the pace of this fun flick just about perfect in DITA's humble opinion.

Now as for how DITA feels about the 'Extra's since this 'So-bad-it's-good' Movie has 'FINALLY' landed on DVD, is this; 'Should have been a Trailer of the Film Included (Mizz DIRT NAP usually considers it Mandatory for Movie-Fans like myself!), 'Should have been a 'NEW' Interview with Miss VAN DOREN & remaining Cast Members,' ''Wanted Stills & Movie-Poster Gallery'' & 'Possible 'Director's Commentary (If their still w/us & Mamie ,etc.'!). Hopefully either 'Dark Sky Films' DVD'S or 'RETROMEDIA' (Fred Olen Ray's DVD Company) will do a 'SPECIAL-EDITION' DVD of this fun/cheesy Cult Monster Flick in the Future w/all the Fixins!!! Now here are the 'EXTRA's' On this new disc from 'Cheezy Flicks' ;

+ Vintage Drive-In Commercials (DITA likes this Feature the best as there are many that she hasn't seen before on the Net! Love it!)
+Other Cheezy Flicks from this Company like 'DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS' (Of course!), and others.
+Scene Selection
+About Cheezy Flicks ( Couldn't have taped a live Promo with a real Person???) Just Info board to read about the Company which is somewhat interesting. This Company has promise but has to start including Trailers on all it's DISCS!!!

Now 2 wrap-up the ending of this New 2 DVD Flick; DITA as usual doesn't want to tell you whole story, but I will tell you that the NAVY does employ 'fire-bombs', to 'fight-fire-with-fire!' So be a dear, and click on the 'DVD-Icon', next to my Review to get your own copy, tonight! 'Why, you may ask?' To see for yourself if the Drive-In Ready, culty, walking, oozy-goozy,'Monster-Trees' are really as cheesy-looking as they sound and if the NAVY & their 'Naughty Nurses' defeat them, silly?' DITA loved this 'so bad it's good and I love this Monster-Flick for all it's 'cheesy' ,ooey-gooey-acid skin-burning goodness but felt it needed more MAMIE, more screaming, more scenes w/Monster-Trees and 'THIS' 'much-needed' 'digital-remastering' on DVD! Not just a digital transfer from VHS, (Clean, Crisp and Clear, even though Colors are still a little washed out/faded.) OH, AND, UH, more of Mamie's 'mammories'!!! Less 'Stock-footage' would also help. Hmmm, the Director must have went to 'Edward D. Wood Jr.' School Of Film Making. Not that, that's a bad thing, mind you!!! (LOL!)



Yes, I know what your thinking, DITA cracks herself up. I know, we've been over that one before. A-n-y-w-h-o , as you leave my 'Horror/Cult Drive-In', folks, be sure to remove your speakers before you 'peel-out' in the gravel. If you accidentally pull a speaker loose, please turn it in at the 'Snack Bar', no really, do know how much those things cost? Their 'Vintage' you know. lol 'THANKS, for your patronage and have a 'horror-filled weekend!!!
Until next time,
DITA (Girl Who Invented Rock & Roll) DIRT NAP
(Too see MAMIE Sing; 'THE GIRL WHO INVENTED ROCK & ROLL' from; the Film 'TEACHER'S PET', Just Click here, babe; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFEUKWPyOQY  )

Too see MAMIE Perform 'OOBA, LOOBA, BABY' & 'GO, CALYPSO, GO', from the CULT- Film, Screened at the MAMIE VAN DOREN Event DITA attended called; 'UNTAMED-YOUTH', Click here, Dear> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bf-Nmc6VQU8

Too see MAMIE in one of her Producer/Agent's; Mr. Erazo's favorite Cult-Films he brought to get Autographed that night called; 'THREE NUTS IN SEARCH OF A BOLT', Click here, Babe> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AS8OQKafCc

Scare-mail appreciated at;
P.S. Too see a 'MAMIE TRIBUTE Video' Click here; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JOt3MJCmZk

Check out 'MAMIE-TODAY', alive & well and still a 'GORE'-juss' 'SEX-BOMB' at 87, on her 'sexy' Face-Book Page at www.facebook.com/mamievandoren  & on 'TWITTER' @MamieVanDoren   Tell her DITA DIRT NAP sent cha'!!!

Her bio is filled with glamour pics' from the 1950's & today, video clips, gossip, excerpts from her sensational, scandalous, 'kiss & tell' biography, that DITA DIRT NAP highly urges to read, cuz I have at least 3 times or more, entitled 'PLAYING THE FIELD', now available on amazon.com & much, much more! To get this Sensational Sizzling Read NOW as a Special COLLECTOR'S EDITION', just Click on the 'Book-Icon' of 'PLAYING THE FIELD' in Paperback....right here, My little Coffin-creepers.


Now DITA's usual suggested Sites for more Horror/Cult Web-Surfin' this Spring;
www.briansdriveintheater.com  (Click on Mamie's own Drive-In once your there for more info on her and her films!!!)
www.vinelanddriveintheater.com  ( LA., CA.)
www.cinespia.org  ('Hollywood Forever Cemetery Outdoor Movie Screenings for the rest of 2017,Hon!)
www.shoutfactory.com  (Carries TV Shows of Elvira, Pee-Wee, MSTK, Dragnet, etc.)
www.facebook.com/DugGraves  (Listen to my Friends Horror Radio Show every Friday night, Dear!)

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