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From; Anchor Bay Entertainment
A RANKIN/BASS Production (Creators of; 'Rudolph' & 'Frosty, The Snow Man', etc.)
Directed By; Jules Bass - Produced By; Arthur Rankin JR.
Starring; the Vocal Talents of; Boris Karloff, Phyllis Diller, Ethel Ennis, etc.
THE MUMMY, THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME, THE MONSTER'S MATE (Bride Of Frankenstein), THE INVISIBLE MAN, YEEACH (Peter Lorre-type Character), Francesca-Mad Dr. Secretary, FELIX-(The Baron's Nephew), Zombie Usher's & IT (King Kong).
 Screenplay By; The Infamous & Lovable Forrest J. Ackerman, Harvey Kurtzman & Len Korobkin.
Music & Lyrics By; Maury Laws & Jules Bass. In 'ANIMAGIC' (Stop-Motion).
1967 DVD Horror/Comedy Musical

Hi Kids,
I'm baaack! Your 'Halloween-Season'; Hottie, DITA DIRT NAP! Ah, fall leaves, 'jack-o-lantern's, Halloween Parties, 'The Great Pumpkin' and 'trick-or-treater's'............some with their bag full of 'rocks'! 'Uh, you know who you are! Don't cha' just love it?

Speaking of 'Halloween-Parties', I bring you my October Review of; 'MAD MONSTER PARTY', now available on DVD, from ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT. This, my little 'Spider-Bites' is what you call a 'Monster-Mash'-Bash!!! 'LOVE-IT!!! Mizz DIRT NAP first saw this wonderful little 'stop-motion' Monster- Flick on the 'AMC Channel's, 'FEAR-FEST'. (please check out their new 'Halloween Line-up'@ www.amctv.com )!

This perfect for the upcoming 'Halloween-Holiday' movie starts out with Baron Von Frankenstein sending out Invitations via bat/carrier-pigeons for a Worldwide Monster-Convention, to be held on 'Friday, The 13th', to announce his 'retirement'! All the 'Famous Monsters Of Filmland' show up for the Party including DRACULA, FRANKENSTEIN & HIS MATE (Phyllis Diller, love her!!!),THE WEREWOLF, THE CREATURE (FROM THE BLACK LAGOON. One of DITA'S Fantasy-Crushes.), THE INVISIBLE MAN, THE MUMMY, DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE, 'IT' (Who must have forgot to bring Faye Wray.). With all those 'Monster-Ego's in one room, there's bound to be trouble, not to mention alcohol & a 'skeleton-band' ,complete with 'BEATLES' wigs! Click here, Hon to see the Fun/Culty Trailer for; 'MAD MONSTER PARTY'> https://youtu.be/vShbYR9DlYU

The Mad Dr./Baron announces his retirement at the 'Halloween 'shin-dig' and a new experiment/test-tube bomb. Of course that 'green-eyed' monster, called jealousy escapes into the 'party-atmosphere' and...............the backstabbing begins! You see, my little 'blood-bags', they all want to be put in charge of the other Monsters, when the Baron steps down. Hmm?


DEREK, The Vamperic-Announcer Interrupts; 'Get back to your 'freakin' Review!'

DITA responds; 'FINE!' 'Have you ever had a foot up your ass, Derek?

DEREK; 'NO, but I've had other things!

'Alrighty then!' Back to 'Mad Monster Party'. When they find out that the Baron's Nerd/Nephew, FELIX has been elected to take over the 'WORLDWIDE ORGANIZATION OF MONSTERS' ,they try everything, including having a food fight and attempted murder, until........................'IT' shows up, literally standing behind FELIX, looking taller then the '50 FOOT WOMAN', but much hair-'er'. After a chase scene thru-the jungle of course, 'IT' crawls to top of the 'faux'-Monster-Island with all the backstabbing, conniving monsters in one hand and the Baron's sexy, shapely, red-headed, buxom Secretary, who by the way, has now fallen in love with FELIX, after hating him at first, in the other hairy palm. Now what, you may ask?

We call out the 'Zombie-Bellman/Flying Aces' to try and shoot him down, silly!!! After their failed-attempt, the Baron, no not the red one, tries his hand at flying into the big ape, right into his mouth, that is. Is all lost? Will the classic Monsters make it out alive, even though the Baron has had enough of the bitchy, in-fighting monster crew, and lets the test-tube/bomb-vile start to fall to the ground from his hand.........................??? Well, my little 'coffin-creepers', as you all know by now, DITA never likes to tell the whole story! So, c lick on the 'DVD-Icon', next to dear old' DITA's Review and get your own copy of this 'RANKIN/BASS' Halloween Classic and find out for yourself!!! You won't be sorry! I 'promise' you that!!!

This movie is excellent for kids and adults of all ages and has a wonderful plethora of 'Musical Numbers' included on the 'MAD MONSTER PARTY' Soundtrack, which DITA believes is available on 'CD' @ www.amazon.com , if not, try eBay, hon!

Watch for DITA's favorite musical number by Phyllis Diller as the Bride, singing a fitting song to her Monster Groom entitled, 'YOUR DIFFERENT'! Hmmmmm? Maybe that's why 'B.J.' downloaded that song for me recently on my 'water-proof' i-pod??? Is that a back-handed compliment, or what? DITA wonders since this is a musical movie if they would consider bringing it to 'BROADWAY' some day? Much like they recently did with 'YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN' & '9 TO 5'! 'Violet, could you come back here for a minute?' (A quote from 'Dora-Lee', Played well by Dolly Parton, Kids) 'A-n-y-w-a-y, my only small complaint with this DVD is, on it's back cover it reads, 'LOADED WITH EXTRA's!' Really? Since when is 3 extras, considered 'loaded'? 'I'm just sayin'! Here they are;

*Theatrical Trailer (DITA thinks they should be 'MANDATORY' on all DVD's!)
*Production Art Gallery ( Excellent, worth a gander!!!)
*Poster and Still Gallery ( Best Feature by far on this disc & includes rare sketches & 'Mad Monster Party' Figurine Photos and more!!!)

DITA gives 'MAD MONSTER PARTY' 2 AND A HALF, almost 3 SKULLS OUT OF 3! A point was taken off for misleading 'loaded with extras' statement.  Download the Soundtrack ditties for your 'Halloween' listening pleasure tonight!

To get your culty-cool copy of; 'MAD MONSTER PARTY', simply Click on the 'DVD-Icon' of it next to Dear 'OLD' DITA's Review , my little rotten candy-apples!

As the Movie Poster says; 'IT'S THE SILLY-IEST PARTY OF THE YEAR, AND YOUR INVITED!' 'Hey, come to think of it, why wasn't I invited..............or 'RENFIELD' even? Hmmmmmm? Also this film was 'restored' by using the original 35mm Elements, no foolin'!


Next week, more 'HALLOWEEN-Fun, I promise,
(To see that Elvira-Music Video; 'TWO BIG PUMPKINS', simply Click here> https://youtu.be/vS7c41AbjQI )

Scare-mail this week; DDN1965@LIVE.COM

P.S. Take a look at these FRIDAY/SATURDAY-Trailers, Hon > https://youtu.be/XqxGLcJsoOk (Friday the 13th), https://youtu.be/8NmRGR45azo (Saturday the 14th)

For more 'Halloween-Stuff', try web-surfing these cool sites, and tell em' DITA DIRT NAP sent cha'!!!
www.elvira.com  (See her Last shows at Knotts Scary Farm this merry month of October ,Hon! DITA, B.J. and our good fiend; 'MAD. DR.-D'. are going this weekend! Look for my First-ever 'Blog' Review her Final Shows Coming-Soon to CountGore.com)
www.amctv.com  ('Fear-Fest'-2017' Listings)
www.marthastewart.com  (Her always cool 'Halloween-Issue' out now. DITA recommends!)
www.cinespia.org Buy tickets online for Cinespia's 2017 Season of Outdoor Cemetery Films and Movie Palace Screenings.
www.tcm.com  (Too see their list of Halloween-flicks this month!)
www.syfy.com  (Too see their 'Halloween-themed' Itinerary.)
www.electricduskdrivein.com  (Located in Downtown L.A., CA. DITA Like-y)
www.facebook.com/DJDugGrave s (Listen to my fiend's Horror Radio Show every Friday night! DITA Like-y!)

This Review dedicated to A 'Mad Monster Party' Fan, Samantha aka Horror Host; Madame Mortem! Hi Sam! 'Happy October' to ya and RENRIELD!!!

Universal International Pictures
Directed By; Charles Lamont
Produced By; Howard Christie
Make Up; Bud Westmore.
Starring; Bud Abbott & Lou Costello,
BORIS KARLOFF as Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde,
Helen Westcott, Craig Stevens, Reginald Denny, John Dierkes, etc. 1953
Only available on DVD in 'The BEST Of 'Abbott & Costello' Volume 4 (The Franchise Collection)

My little Spider Bites, Tis I again, your Un-dead Diva of the Internet, DITA DIRT NAP! Now this Week, I bring you another; 'DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE'-Themed Flick as promised for October. It's the Horror-Spoof Comedy of 'ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE'! Take a Look at the Trailer for this Film here, Hon> https://youtu.be/yLmBsGQVC1U

Those of you who've followed DITA's - Reviews know that I am a big Fan of 'Comedy Teams'! Especially of 'Abbott & Costello' Films and specifically their 'A. & C. MEETS; movies, for sure!!! In the past, here in the 'Creature Feature Horror Den' DITA has Reviewed some of their poke-fun 'Horror Spoofs' such as 'A. & C. MEET FRANKENSTEIN' (one of their Best!), 'HOLD THAT GHOST' (one of Mizz Dirt Nap's favorites!) and the always fun 'A. & C. MEET THE INVISIBLE MAN' ! DITA will also Review more of their 'Abbott & Costello MEETS' movies in the future! In fact, I will be Reviewing; 'ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET THE KILLER, BORIS KARLOFF' on DVD!


For everything 'A to Z' about the Horror Spoofs of Abbott & Costello; DITA highly urges everyone to check the wonderful, thorough, well written and researched book by JEFFREY S. MILLER entitled 'THE HORROR SPOOFS OF ABBOTT & COSTELLO' from McFarland Books! 'A.& C. Meet Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde' INFO' in this book starts on Page;88! Excellent book Mr. Miller! DITA thanks you for writing it, for big FANS like me! To get your own Copy, Click on the 'BOOK-Icon' of it , to your Left, Dear!

This fun-flick is not available on DVD by itself as far as DITA knows. It comes from 'The Franchise Collection' The BEST Of Abbott & Costello;Vol.4 on DVD. This is a great addition for any fans of the 'Abbott & Costello' MEETS; Movies for your DVD Collection and also includes the following Films and 'A. & C. Specials that DITA will cover in the future!



They are as follows;
*Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
*Meet The Mummy
*Meet The Key Stone Cops
*Meet The MONSTERS (Documentary)
*The World Of Abbott & Costello (Documentary)
*Meet Jerry Seinfeld (Special)
'6 Comedy Classics'

Please NOTICE for now DITA mainly just wants to focus on the film 'Abbott & Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde", my little blood bags! This DVD disc does include a great old-fashioned Horror/Comedy TRAILER of;
'A. & C. Meet Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde' that is very cool and does it's job of making you want to see this film! (Nice job of Editing, Graphics, Clips & Fonts, guys!) To see that Exact Trailer of; 'A. & C. MEET DR. JEKYLL& MR. HYDE', Simply Click here> http://youtu.be/SuNyLHJwThI 

The movie starts out in England of course, with OUR boys playing American-British Bobbies (policemen), called, 'SLIM & TUBBY'( NOT p.c., kids!) in Hyde Park that come to break up a 'WOMEN's RIGHT TO VOTE' Rally that gets out of hand, complete with 'women VS. men' Fist Fights! Very comic scene here and well done! This takes place right after Mr. HYDE makes his 'first kill' in the picture, snarling & strangling all the while! Kind of like some of DITA's 'first-dates'!

A-hem, any-who Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde in this film is played wonderfully by none other than 'Horror-Icon', BORIS KARLOFF!!! DITA suggests A 'GOOGLE' search on Mr. KARLOFF and his wonderful body of work! LOVE his voice!!! By the way, their are 3 infamous film adaptations of this horror Novel By; Robert Louis Stevenson that starred as follows'

+John Barrymore (The 1920 Silent Version. One of the Best, in DITA's humble opinion! Available on 'KINO' DVD w/very cool extras including a 'Short-Film' Version with one of my favorite Actor's STAN LAUREL! Love it!!! John Barrymore as you all know is a past Relative of  'SCREAM' Star; Drew Barrymore! I guess everything is Connected. Hmmm!)
+Fredric March (1931,or 32' Version which he won an Oscar!) Love this version almost as well. Nice Monster Transformation by Mr. March.)
+Spencer Tracy (1941 Also starred; LANA Turner (Blonde Bombshell Diva) and Ingrid Bergman.) (Nice Version as well.)

Dr. Jekyll also plays 'Guardian' in this 1953 'Horror-Comedy' to a blonde singer/dancer played nicely by Helen Westcott, that the devious Doctor also secretly has the 'HOTS' for. DITA smells trouble! SNIFF! SNIFF! To make a long story short. Here are 'DITA's Things To Look For';
* Lot's of SLAP-STICK, (My favorite kind of Comedy? Is there any other, I ask you?) performed this time by both LOU & BUD!
*Karloff's performance! All of it! Brilliant, especially the transformation scenes! (Kudos!)
* Any parts of the chase scene with either Mr. Hyde or Tubby! Specifically in the theater and definitely the Roof/Chase Scenes! (F.Y.I.- Tubby also is now a Monster in the roof scenes as well! Hilarity Ensues!)
* Scene in bar when Tubby' gets turned into a rat after drinking DR. JEKYLL's potion but only his head & hands. (Funny!)
*Scene where Tubby' gets shoved onto a hyper-dermic needle of Dr. JEKYLL's, over and over again comic-ally by MR. HYDE on his couch! DITA almost wet herself! LOL

Derek (The Vampiric Announcer says; 'DIRT NAP' according to Sailors down at the dock; 'Your always wet!! Mooo-HOO-Ha-Ha!

DITA says; 'BITE ME, bitch! Meeeeow!

*Scene where Tubby' is captured as his Monster-self and tied up by Slim' and brought into the Police Station only to bite the fingers of the head Police Captain and other Officers. This hysteric-ly turns them all into.................Monsters! Monsters in police uniforms that is! Too, too funny! (DITA likey!)

Ah-hem, this movie is well paced and fun but not exactly the same high energy as their other 'A. & C. Meets' movies but Mizz DIRT NAP still enjoyed it just the same, regardless! Also check out Volumes 1,2 and 3
from 'Universal' Films @ www.universalstudiohomeentertainment.com

Abbott & Costello in DITA's eyes/eye-sockets, can do NO wrong! LOL Also a hopeful shout-out as well to that 'Mistress Of The Dark' and Horror Host 'Extra-Strord-Den-Naire' (is that a word?) ELVIRA!!! Hey
girl? What cha' doin' ovah' there? E. ; Can't cha' see? I'm SPRAYIN' my hair!

When DITA starts pretending she's talking to Elvira............it's time to go!!!

Dita gives this flick 3 SKULLS.......... Out of 3 SKULLS! My Highest Honor, Hon!!!

Watch it at your next Slumber Party Massacre?



That reminds me, I need a DIRT NAP! Y-A-W-N!
Until next week,
I'll be in my Crypt catching some 'ZZZZZZZZ's in our merry month of October, Hon!

Oh, before DITA forgets, to get this Fun Horror-Comedy for your very own, Click on the 'DVD-Icon' to the left of Dear Old DITA's Review! Night RENFIELD!

Chainsaw Kisses & Nighty-nite,
DITA ('Saturday The 14TH') DIRT NAP
(Click here to see that exact Fun Movie-Trailer of the same name> http://youtu.be/Z8WIdpIsBnw )

Scare-mail to; DDN1965@live.com

Also check out these Applies-2-NEXT-weekend-Trailers as Follows , my Little Rainy-Spider-Bites;

http://youtu.be/gjiqwTv9yeI  ('FRIDAY THE 13TH W/KEVIN BACON)

http://youtu.be/7f0c7Zw5RCI  ('SATURDAY THE 14TH;STRIKES BACK')

Please check out the following cool websites;
www.shoutfactory.com  (Great Selection of Many DVD's , says; DITA!!! Check them out!)
www.somethingweird.com  (Great CULT DVD Choices for your Collection, Dear!)
www.cinefamily.org  (Infamous Silent Movie Theater in Hollyweird, CA. now w/Cult & Horror Talkies!)
www.cinespia.org  (For October Movie Listings being show in the infamous; 'Hollywood Forever Cemetery'.)
www.vinelanddriveintheater.com  (In LA, CA.)
www.facebook.com/DJDugGraves  (Check out Dug Graves Radio Horror Show every Friday night, Hon! DITA Like-y!)


Paramount Pictures Presents;
A Lawrence Gordon-Jerry Belson Production
Directed By; Jerry Belson
Produced By; Lawrence Gordon
Executive Producer; JOEL SILVER
From LEGEND FILMS (www.LegendFilms.com)
Starring; Mark Blankfield as Dr. Daniel Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.
Bess Armstrong (The Mother on 'My So-Called Life' & The Receptionist in John Water's 'Serial Mom'),
Tim Thomerson, Krista Errickson, Michael McGuire
And that gal that put the BOOB back into BOOB TUBE; Cassandra (ELVIRA) Peterson as the funny, Sexy Nurse!!!
1982 Color Run Time; 87 Min. DVD

Hey Kids,
Guess what 'JEKYLL & HYDE, TOGETHER AGAIN' is DITA's Review 2nite! Brought to you by yours Cruel-ly, the walking, talking Horror/Cult Comedy herself, DITA DIRT NAP! This Review is in keeping with a JEKYLL & HYDE'-Theme from last week and continuing on into next week as well w/Abbott & Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. Any-who take a Look at the 'Transformation Clip by Clicking here from ;'JEKYLL & HYDE, TOGETHER AGAIN'> http://youtu.be/DJWnX1qIbVQ 

First, I must Thank 'Legend Films!' The Producer of; 'The Matrix' & 'Lethal Weapon' Joel Silver, no less!! Love it, love it, love it To See The Trailer for 'JEKYLL AND HYDE, TOGETHER AGAIN', Click here, Dear> http://youtu.be/Hx8iUZgAXXE

They used to show this movie on the old 'USA Network's; 'UP ALL NITE' Program Hosted By the lovely, Rhonda Shear back in the mid-80's! Loved that show! By the way, DITA wants to know when that Show is coming to DVD? Hmmmmm?

DITA would like to dedicate this Review to the woman who introduced it to me back then on USA Network, DEBORAH HONAKER-PIEPER, who had a purple mohawk at that time and a pet rat named 'Too-ey' and a dog called 'Quest' who would only listen to a 'R. & B'. Radio Station called 'MAJIC 108' FM when Debbie left the house! She also was responsible for turning me onto the 80's movie 'C.H.U.D.' as well, DITA Reviewed years ago here in the DEN!  Ah, the 80's, the good ole' days! Debbie & DITA were party girls! Hi Deb!

'DITA!'; says Derek-the Vampiric Announcer.

Yes, Derek?

Derek; Your here to Review, NOT, Reminisce, Babe!

DITA; Oh, uh, a-hem, right!

Any-who, back to 'J.& H., Together Again!' The story starts out with the some what conservative Dr. Daniel Jekyll being touted as a brilliant surgeon/scientist who discovers a way to isolate man's 'Animal-Instinct'. The only problem with that is, it turns him into the 'Party-Animal', MR. HYDE! The fun starts when working late one night in the lab DR. JEKYLL, or as Cassandra Peterson's (Sexy Nurse) character calls him, DR. J.' falls asleep next to the white powdery/glittery substance he's been experimenting on after he'd been eating as well. Well, as luck would have it, he falls asleep next to a few cold fries and a straw. Then the straw gets pulled into his nose by his snores, one head turn and he's accidentally sniffing the glittery/white powder into his nose. Kids, this is where the fun begins!

Dr. Jekyll quickly turns into Mr. Hyde! This transformation scene is NOT to be missed and is one of the funniest scenes in the film! By the way, DITA reminds you this Cult-Comedy Flick came out in 1982.  You know the days before politcal-correct-ness! Dr. Jekyll's transformation starts with his hair poofed out-to-the-MAX! Dig the groovy-organ-horror music that plays during this scene by the by!! Then he does several manic turn-arounds, rips his lab jacket to shreds, then proceeds to grow chest hair, gold chains, complete w/razor blade attached (what that used for, DITA wonders? Hmmmm?) and now has a gold tooth with the word love inscribed in it! That's not all folks!

Next he pimp struts (a must-see) and butt cheeks tighten, dances around extremely MANIC and hysterically pelvic-thrusts his lab counter, grows a extra-long pinky nail (again kids, don't know what that's used for? Hmmm? Studio 54' does come to mind tough!) and gawdy-pimp rings break thru his knuckle skin! Then DITA's' favorite part? His penis begins to grow very large thru his pants!! Before leaving the lab for a memorable night on the town, Mr. Hyde throws a certain lady-conquest's fish-nets around his neck, grabs a baggie full of the glitter/powder shouting; 'LET'S GET DOWN!"

The actor who plays this role looks like he had the time of his life playing and getting into this character and is perfect for the part!! MANIC to the 5th Degree in the most endearing way possible! (DITA has a new crush now!) Too funny!

Where's he headed you may ask? To MADAME 'WOO WOO's' Club to pursue a certain afore mentioned lady conquest, SILLY! Her name is IVY. She works at the club as a slutty singer with her band called, are you ready for this? 'IVY & THE SHITTY RAINBOWS!' My, my and you thought PUNK was dead! There are endless one-liners and scenes so funny, DITA almost wet herself and you will too! There are so many funny scenes in this movie that would take me 2 weeks to cover, INSTEAD, I will put them in a Outline of ; 'DITA's Things-To -Look-For';

* IVY's musical number at 'Madame Woo-Woo's where she sings as her hair, breasts, ass and various other parts of her body light up, when sung about. No fooling! Part of the song goes; Light my hair up ,light my breasts up, light my ass up and I'll do the rest! WOW!
* First sex scene between Ivy & Mr. Hyde that involves her telling him, 'No more wire hangers, e-v-e-r!" and.................... a sheep! lol
* 'DIVO' Hats worn by Club Go-ers. 'Whip It Good!
* Woman who gets her breasts done, while her Surgeon gets side-tracked by chatting w/Mr. Hyde there fore letting her breasts grow to gargant-chu-when size. When her surgeon apologizes and offers to down-size them. She speaks one of the funniest lines in the film; No, no don't you touch a thing! Bernie's gonna l-o-v-e these! Let's go home! As she cups them from underneath and walks out topless! DITA's Favorite line!
* MR. HYDE calling information and getting annoyed when the operator tells him he save time and money by looking it up in the phone book and he tells her, 'Just give me the number, BITCH! She responds in a nasally-winy voice; All right, all right, I'm looking!!!
* Scene where MR. HYDE moons a nun on his way out of the hospital called 'Our Lady Of Pain and Suffering'! Too funny!
* Cassandra/Elvira/Sexy Nurse character.........all of her scenes. She wears a surgical mask throughout the movie but puts a pair of lips on the mask with lipstick. Later she has blush on the cheek area of her mask and has her surgical scrubs top cut down low to show cleavage and later is exposed in that area by MR. HYDE! Love her!! Hope Elvira Hosts this movie somewhere, some time! Love everything she does and own several 'ELVIRA' T-Shirts, and autographed items by her! Find out what she's up to by the way by going to  her gothically-great web site @ www.elvira.com   Now if we could just get her back on stage at 'Knott's Scary Farm' or perhaps 'Six Flags'-'Fright-Fest, permanently!' Miss your stage show E.
*MR. HYDE sniffing out IVY in the super market and throwing, then mounting her on top of the produce, she then says; 'What do you think this is? 'K-MART!' Before this he cools off his smoking crouch with the produce water hose! Too much fun, my little infected Spider Bites!
* Man who ends up donating both his testicles to the rich old fart. He then gets hit in the crotch by MR. HYDE as he skips by!
* Nurse telling MR. HYDE; 'Use me,u se me, Take me with you! I'm trash! (Great line girl! DITA will have to try that one on Dracula! Tee-hee!)
*Last but not least, the end CHASE scene which they turn into Black & White with a funny roof top scampering scene reminiscent of the original 'Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde'! DITA loves this fun end scene where a love
triangle is.........I'll say figured out!

Dr. Jekyll's finance is played wonderfully by BETH ARMSTRONG (Now Appearing on Showtime's; 'HOUSE OF LIES') and has great acted comic scenes with Dr. Jekyll! Sadly, no EXTRAS are included on this disc but was told they wanted to rush this one out! Click on the DVD Icon in Mizz DIRT NAP's Review and you'll see why they wanted to rush it for yourself! Also love the big 80's Soundtrack!

DITA can't say or cover enough great things about this fun, comedy-cult romp but alas I have certainly tried with another long-winded but descriptive Review of 'JEKYLL & HYDE, TOGETHER AGAIN!' This is a great DVD to add to your collection! DITA will wear this one out by repeated viewings!!!

What? I can always go out and buy another copy to replace it! With a movie as funny as this I definitely would! Thanks again to 'LEGEND FILMS' for bringing this film with a large, and sure to be a growing CULT following, at last to DVD! Kudos! DITA gives 'Jekyll & Hyde, Together Again' 3 SKULLS Out Of 3!!! Show it at your next 'KILLER PARTY' in the dark!



Until Next Week,
(Too that Exact Song from this Film, Simply Click here: http://youtu.be/AhRUqiimBiM )

Scare-Mail; DDN1965@live.com

And web-search these DITA-Suggested Sites as usual;
www.somethingweird.com  (Great CULT-DVD selection says DITA!)
www.shoutfactory.com  ( Great DVD Selection says DITA!!!)
www.vinelanddriveintheater.com  (Here in LA., CA.)
www.electricduskdrivein.com  (Located in Downtown LA, CA. DITA Like-y!)
www.facebook.com/DJDugGraves  (DITA says Tune into his Horror-Radio Show every Friday night, Kids!)
www.electricduskdrivein.com  Los Angeles only Drive-In and outdoor movie venue featuring top films from the 80's, 90's 00's and today. Great movies, great food and great times! Pet Friendly

You can also watch this movie on Amazon Instant Video!

Directed By; William Crane
Produced By;
What ever Productions
Starring; BERNIE CASEY, ,
1974 DVD

Greetings my 'little Funk-A-Delick Spider-Bites', DITA DIRT NAP welcoming you to My 'Tribute-Review to the Late Actor; BERNIE CASEY who died earlier this week at the Age of 78, w/his Funky/Fun Fright-Flick; 'DR. BLACK AND MR. HYDE on DVD. This film is a fun, campy but sturdy ride and one of the better 'Blacksploitation Horror Films' to come out of the 70's that holds up, storyline and all. To get a snippet of what DITA's talking about, simply Click here> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6lztwNQLDY



See what I mean? Fun stuff, kids! Now BERNIE CASEY , starred in a lot of films DITA just loved like;
'GARGOYLES'> https://youtu.be/mSsX0QkMF6I
'THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH >  https://youtu.be/KUtJ5FnwfCk
'CLEOPATRA JONES'>  https://youtu.be/EtTLopqFWO8
'REVENGE OF THE NERDS'>  https://youtu.be/-Bj9piJi5zU
'I'M GONNA GET YOU SUCKA'> https://youtu.be/BddDCZwWkw0
and an important film for Black-Culture & the Gay Community called; 'THE DINNER.'

' Well, his film; 'DR. BLACK & MR. HYDE', Mizz DIRT NAP must say is an entertaining one from beginning to end. The storyline is of course borrowed loosely from the Original 'DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE' Story witch DITA loves. In fact, this film borrows nicely from the Original all while borrowing from Urban 70's Dwellings of the City. In the end a great blend of old and new atmosphere of the time period of witch it came. The storyline starts out w/DR. Pride working on finding a serum that can repair damaged tissues from diseased livers. Hmmmm? To make a long Story shorter , the good Dr. played excellently by Actor; BERNIE CASEY ('GARGOYLES',ETC,)To see Bernie Casey covered in Stan Winston Make-Up in the Cult Horror Movie; 'GARGOYLES', Click here> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59Kz6G8174w ), Testing out a new serum on a elderly patient, witch has had all the bugs worked out and the patient turns from black to white, attacks a nurse, then dies.

Then the DR. begins to experiment on himself, and all hell breaks loose. You see, during the Dr.'s youth his Mother had a liver problem and keel over while at home in front of her son, witch affects his obsession w/finding a cure-serum in his future. He takes the serum and of course turns into Dr. Hyde , complete w/white skin and hair. He then goes on a murderous rampage of hookers and such. He also begins to date one his Prostitute patients who he has been treating for hepatitis, purposely to ask her to be his 'next' human 'g-in-nee' pig for the serum. As mentioned earlier DITA will again attempt to make a long story still shorter. After more car chases and hooker killings the Police and his Prostitute-Date get wise to him and begin to try and stop him w/force. They end up chasing him up the infamous 'WATTS TOWERS' towards the end, and have dramatic results that end this fun, funky film that holds up over time.

Now for DITA's 'THINGS-2-LOOK-4 LIST' as follows, hon;
* Scene in bar w/'Pretty Woman Type hooker' telling an annoying Pimp that she has to go call her Mutha-F_ _ _ _ _ in' Mamma! LOL! (Love that!)
* All killing scenes w/MR. HYDE kills mostly Hookers by throwing them or breaking their necks or worse.
* Scene where one Hooker gets chased thru an Alley and camera hysterically pans down to just her feet walking quicker and quicker. LOL!
* Scene where Patient/Hooker/Dr.'s Date runs away from Mr. Hyde dramatically while she keeps looking back.
* Bar scenes interior design from the 70's in each scene, especially the wall paper and great funky 70's Music playing in background Scenes.
* End chase scene with Dr. Hyde getting chased up the 'WATT'S TOWER' for a dramatic ending.

This film has some very touching scenes too like Dr. Black showing his Date where his Mom worked before she died and from what.
Now for the 'EXTRA'S on this New DVD-Disc;
+Original Trailer
+ Actor & Director Bios
+ New Interviews w/Stars of the Film.
+ Director's Commentary
+ Other Blaxsploitation Trailers

DITA loved this film cuz it's very campy but entertains through-out the run of this Groovy, fun film that Mizz DIRT NAP can't suggest enough to add to your Collection and gives it a Perfect Score of 3 Skulls Out of 3! To get yours 2-Nite just Click on the 'DVD-Icon' next to DITA's Review.





Until Next time when DITA when DITA brings you another DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE'-Film called; 'JEKYLL AND HYDE, TOGETHER AGAIN' with a Small Role w/ELVIRA as a Sexy-Nurse. BTW, ELVIRA also Hosted this Film; 'DR. BLACK AND MR. HYDE' on her old Series; 'MOVIE MACABRE', back in the 80's, Hon!

(To see Scenes from that DITA-Fave 70's TV Series Pilot of the same name and hear the 'Theme-Song', Click here Dear> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1M_FCCUz_Uc )

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P.S. Click here to see a Tribute-Video in Honor Mr. Casey's work>  https://youtu.be/mHa9C6rfFXk

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THIS REVIEW DEDICATED TO THE LATE, GREAT ACTOR; BERNIE CASEY! Thanks for sharing your Talent w/the World in all the movie-genres for so long! Happy-Existence on the 'Other-Side!"

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