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Directors; Brendan Cowles & Shane Kuhn
Produced By; Carl Levin, etc.
Starring; LEIGHTON MEESTER (TV's; 'The Gossip Girls') & MORGAN SPURLOCK ('Super Size Me', etc.), etc.
2007 DVD

Hi Kids,
It's B-a-a-a-a-a-a-c-c-k-k-k! Now DITA wuz going to Review the Film; 'THANKS-KILLING', but after watching it , have decided not to recommend that Flaming piece of Turkey-Kaa-Caa, to anyone  but take a look at the Trailer to see what I mean, Hon> http://youtu.be/WOjSRoxc6mg

PEA-YOU!!! So DITA, decided to still go 'Food-Related', for the THANKSGIVING-Holiday, and go with the 'Other-White-Meat'; PORK! As in the 'McRIBB! (Cuz it's Back, again!) As in the Food-related Fright-flick; 'DRIVE-THRU!' Just in time for the November-'RETURN' of the Fast-Food Sand-witch w/the bizarre 'CULT-Following'......................................................................the 'McRIB!' Yes Dear, I Said 'Cult'-Following! Hmmmmmm? Don't believe me........then take a look at this, hon, simply by Clicking here; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_j1UtslEWy8  Uh, and here for a weird 'Mc Rib' Love-Story; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cyi4x0wwmsk  and Click here to see if your 'Addick-ted-2-The McRib' like DITA; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSiymcr4uAw

Also the 'McRIB' wuz of course once a 'Guest-Star' on the Hit Cult-TV Show; 'THE SIMPSONS' with 'HOMER' as it's 'Co-Star', of course. Too see that as well, Click here; ( Only found in Espanol, kids.); https://youtu.be/HaJWkjgoVmc

Last butt not least the Commercial for the 'McRib' , Click here mi amigos; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvBgogwtegU

Just kidding, my little rotted Turkey-legs! Now if only McDONALDS could come up with a McTurkey Burger! I know, right?

So it is with much fun that DITA ('I'm Lovin' It') DIRT NAP brings you the 'guilty-pleasure' Horror-Flick to coincide w/this Tasty, B-B-Q covered delight that DITA could used during my 'cravings' last year during my Pregnancy, called; 'DRIVE THRU!!!' To see the Horrifically-fun, tasty Trailer w/pickles and onions that also won the '2008 Trashiest TRAILER Award @ the 'Golden Trailer Awards' simply Click here; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4iIC10-UjM

'DITA's lovin' it!'

This fun/guilty-pleasure fright Flick starts out with some annoying teens w/'Identity-Crisis' going to a Fast-Food 'drive-thru' restaurant called; 'HELLA-BURGER' to order some 'pork' sandwiches. They keep hearing nasty-lewd responses back from the Clown Drive-Thru Speaker. One of the hoodlums, um, I mean Teenagers, gets mad and breaks into the fast-food joint with a baseball-'bat' in hand ready to clobber the said Foul-mouthed Employee. Instead he meets a Killer-Clown with an AXE to grind...........uh, right in his head! 'F.Y.I.' children, his name is; 'HORNY; THE CLOWN!'

One of the Tag-Line's Reads; 'FAST FOOD KILLS!” Hmmmmmm? Reminds DITA of an old Episode of 'BUFFY, THE VAMPIRE SLAYER' (Now Airing on 'THE CHILLER CHANNEL! No foolin'!) The Season where BUFFY wuz forced to take a job in a 'Killer Fast-Food Joint'. Too see 'BUFFY' working the Drive-Thru.....Click here; ( F.Y.I.- It's the 3rd CLIP, for 'Buffy' working in Fast-Food....); http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEWyZTs3V3o )

One of DITA-Favorite Episodes by-the-way, Dear! Any-who, this Movie includes various 'nods' to other Horror-Films such as; 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME', 'CARRIE', 'CHILD'S PLAY', 'IT', and more.

After the first Killing, witch wuz 'French-fried' Hood-lum Face', the Lead Character named; Mackenzie decides to get out the old 'OUIJA'-Board with her friends to try and contact someone or.........something. Well, guess who it pulls up, my little 'Spider-Bites?' U guessed it, the 'Killer-Clown' from 'HELLA-BURGER!' Once they get tired of the Ouija Board, it starts to spell out a Clue to Mackenzie of which of her friends will be the Killer-Clown's next victim by spelling out a license plate of the car her set of friends are murdered in. The Next Clue is given in her 'Magic-8-Ball' of her 'BFF'. This friend gets it the worst.

How you may ask? 'DEATH BY HEAD IN MICROWAVE ON HIGH' while poor Mackenzie helplessly watches, then gets chased down by the Killer-Clown, giving out some good horror-movie screamin' in the process! Although she manages to get away to scream another day. She also loses her camera before this event, gets it back to only find out that the Murderous Clown has photographed his victims/her friends just before the moment they die. What a sick bastard! Reminds me of the quote on the back of this DVD Box that says;' At HELLA-BURGER, it won't be the food that kills you...but you'll wish it had!' Hmmmm? 'KILLER-FOOD', now that hasn't been done yet in a film!

The crazy Drive-Thru Clown Speaker-head continues his carnage next by leaving a message on her 'etch-a-sketch' that cryptically reads; 'I LOVE BUSH'. Did DITA mention that Leighton sings in a band in this movie and gives 'it' up to her boyfriend , cuz with all the killings going on …..she doesn't want to die a virgin? Any-hoo , while working at the School Carnival's FUN HOUSE, dressed as ELVIRA , no less, as an Acquaintance of hers Enters the ride wearing an 'I LOVE BUSH' T-Shirt, tight by the way. As you can guess, she & her boyfriend get hacked inside while on the ride ( Insert Tobe Hooper's Movie; 'FUN HOUSE' reference here kids.) by u know who. Macenzie starts to see a pattern forming of the victims who are being whacked.

The bumbling Detectives assigned to the case, don't even make that connection, babe. By the way,. DITA loves the faux-commercials shown in this film for 'HELLA-BURGER' witch are very sexually suggestive! Watch for them, when viewing this fun, Culty Movie, my little 'Condiments of Terror'. Back to Mackenzie's theory-connection...............Mackenzie notices the Parents of the victims were all friends back in their 'School-Daze' ( An obscure SPIKE LEE Film reference for yoots.) ,especially her own Mother. Hmmmmm? She eventually confronts her own Mother and forces her to spill her guts about how they knew each other (the parents) back in the day.

Well it turns out that there wuz a nerdy, socially inept guy in school , they all knew who's Dad owned a certain Burger-Joint and on his Birthday they all decide to pull a prank on him witch led to restaurant  catching on fire and , and..............well as you well know by now, DITA never likes to tell the full story. Mamma-DIRT NAP will say that a certain character in the film has a 18TH B-Day coming up soon and that pay back is a B-I-T-C-H! Now for the last clue about how wuz going to get their come-uppance next, 'HORNY', uses a gumball prize with a little toy clown-head in it with a message inside just saying; SEE YOU AT 4;20. Now this scene DITA just loves cuz it has Morgan Spurlock from; 'SUPERSIZE ME' in it as the Fast-Food Manager trying to serve a 'Goth-girl' just before her friends, a skater-boarders group called, what else......'4;20' ravaging/water-sporting the ball cage room while She orders from Morgan, just moments before 'Krusty, umm, I mean 'Horny'-The Clown makes his final kill. It's better to show you, than to tell you the details, So just Click here to see DITA's Favorite scene of comedy/murderous mayhem; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3t7_KWqwjKg

Now DITA will stop right here so not to reveal too much, but will now give you the 'EXTRA'S' on this 2 Parts Horror, 2 Parts Comedy Flick as follows;

+Scene Selection
+English & Spanish Subtitles
+ English Closed Captions
+'After Dark Horror-Fest TRAILERS witch include; 'THE SHADOW WALKERS', 'CURSE OF THE ZODIAC', 'DIARY OF A CANNIBAL', 'BENEATH STILL WATERS', 'TV's; 'THE LOST ROOM' (From; 'SYFY'-Channel) (Check out www.fearnet.com  FOR MORE INFO!)

DITA loved this Cult-Horror guilty pleasure and gives it 3 Skulls Out Of 3. A Perfect Score.

Get yours 2-nite and dig the ultra-cool 'Gothy-Soundtrack' as well, by Clicking on the 'DVD-Icon' of 'DRIVE THRU' next to Dear Old' DITA's Review now! This movie has the right blend of Horror Movie nods, good storyline, pacing and humor to past the Mustard w/this 'Ghoul-Gal!' L-O-V-E IT!!!

DITA has also taken the liberty of Super-sizing my Review with these hysterical 'You-Tube' Links that are all 'DRIVE THRU/FAST FOOD-Related'.  First we have a 'MAD TV' Clip w/the infamous Miss Swan trying to Oder at a Drive-Thru;  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNX-GfA4A7o

Then Comedian STEPHANIE HODGE's Comedy-Bit about ordering at 'McDONALD's like MARILYN MONROE;( Her Marilyn At McDonalds Bit' starts at the 3;14 Mark,) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2qOwo-UIbs

Now DAVID LETTERMAN at the 'DRIVE-THRU'....very Funny-Stuff, hon; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtPGdOs7zOM

Last butt not least the Classy-Dudes; 'BEAVIS AND BUTT HEAD' at a 'Drive-Thru'; https://youtu.be/OQUaguZawJQ

Until Next Week,
I Blow U.....................................'CHAINSAW-KISSES',

(To see that Fun-Song, Sung by ADAM SANDLER; 'THE THANKSGIVING SONG', Simply Click here, Babe> http://youtu.be/KhasEcwXaug  )

p.s. E-MAIL for DITA; DDN1965@LIVE.COM

p.p.s My Producer/Creator; Darell wants you to know a Serious Show he did about the real Horrors of dealing w/Cancer w/the 'RONALD McDONALD HOUSE' Entitled ;'Darell Erazo Presents; 'Ronald McDonald House Of L.A., will be Online in the future, on 'VIMEO' & 'YOU-TUBE', the 'McDonald's Organization's Website. Please watch & Learn about the great, caring Services these House provide to Family's going thru this difficult disease with a loved one and learn about 'CAMP RONALD McDONALD' as well as how to become a Volunteer! Thank you ever so!!!'

p.p.p.s.  DITA loves a good Turkey stuffed w/White-Castle Sliders w/extra onions,  Dear!

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Universal International Pictures
Directed By; Charles Lamont
Produced By; Howard Christie
Make Up; Bud Westmore.
Starring; Bud Abbott & Lou Costello,
BORIS KARLOFF as Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde,
Helen Westcott, Craig Stevens, Reginald Denny, John Dierkes, etc. 1953
Only available on DVD in 'The BEST Of 'Abbott & Costello' Volume 4 (The Franchise Collection)

My little Spider Bites, Tis I again, your Un-dead Diva of the Internet, DITA DIRT NAP! Now this Week, I bring you the Horror-Spoof Comedy of 'ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE' know that I am a big Fan of 'Comedy Teams'! Especially of 'Abbott & Costello' Films and specifically their 'A. & C. MEETS; movies, for sure!!!






In the past, here in the 'Creature Feature Horror Den' DITA has Reviewed some of their poke-fun 'Horror Spoofs' such as 'A. & C. MEET FRANKENSTEIN' (one of their Best!), 'HOLD THAT GHOST' (one of Mizz Dirt Nap's favorites!) and the always fun 'A. & C. MEET THE INVISIBLE MAN' ! DITA will also Review more of their 'Abbott & Costello MEETS' movies in the future! In fact, I will be Reviewing; 'ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET THE KILLER, BORIS KARLOFF' on DVD in the future. For everything 'A to Z' about the Horror Spoofs of Abbott & Costello; DITA highly urges everyone to check the wonderful, thorough, well written and researched book by JEFFREY S. MILLER entitled 'THE HORROR SPOOFS OF ABBOTT & COSTELLO' from McFarland Books!

'A.& C. Meet Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde' INFO' in this book starts on Page;88! Excellent book Mr. Miller! DITA thanks you for writing it, for big FANS like me! To get your own Copy, Click on the 'BOOK-Icon' of it , to your Left, Dear!

This fun-flick is not available on DVD by itself as far as DITA knows. It comes from 'The Franchise Collection' The BEST Of Abbott & Costello;Vol.4 on DVD. This is a great addition for any fans of the 'Abbott & Costello' MEETS; Movies for your DVD Collection and also includes the following Films and 'A. & C. Specials that DITA will cover in the future! They are as follows;

*Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
*Meet The Mummy
*Meet The Key Stone Cops
*Meet The MONSTERS (Documentary)
*The World Of Abbott & Costello (Documentary)
*Meet Jerry Seinfeld (Special) '6 Comedy Classics'

Please NOTICE for now DITA mainly just wants to focus on the film 'Abbott & Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde", my little blood bags! This DVD disc does include a great old-fashioned Horror/Comedy TRAILER of; 'A. & C. Meet Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde' that is very cool and does it's job of making you want to see this film! (Nice job of Editing, Graphics, Clips & Fonts, guys!) To see that Exact Trailer of; 'A. & C. MEET DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE', Simply Click here> http://youtu.be/SuNyLHJwThI

The movie starts out in England of course, with OUR boys playing American-British Bobbies (policemen), called, 'SLIM & TUBBY'( NOT p.c., kids!) in Hyde Park that come to break up a 'WOMEN's RIGHT TO VOTE' Rally that gets out of hand, complete with 'women VS. men' Fist Fights! Very comic scene here and well done! This takes place right after Mr. HYDE makes his 'first kill' in the picture, snarling & strangling all the while! Kind of like some of DITA's 'first-dates'! A-hem, any-who Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde in this film is played wonderfully by none other than 'Horror-Icon', BORIS KARLOFF!!! DITA suggests A 'GOOGLE' search on Mr. KARLOFF and his wonderful body of work! LOVE his voice!!!

By the way, their are 3 infamous film adaptations of this horror Novel By; Robert Louis Stevenson that starred as follows'
+John Barrymore (The 1920 Silent Version. One of the Best, in DITA's humble opinion! Available on 'KINO' DVD w/very cool extras  including a 'Short-Film' Version with one of my favorite Actor's STAN LAUREL! Love it!!! John Barrymore as you all know is a past Relative of  'SCREAM' & 'SANTA CLARITA DIET'-Star; Drew Barrymore! I guess everything is Connected. Hmmm!)

+Fredric March (1931,or 32' Version which he won an Oscar!) Love this version almost as well. Nice Monster Transformation by Mr. March.)

+Spencer Tracy (1941 Also starred; LANA Turner (Blonde Bombshell Diva) and Ingrid Bergman.) (Nice Version as well.)

Dr. Jekyll also plays 'Guardian' in this 1953 'Horror-Comedy' to a blonde singer/dancer played nicely by Helen Westcott, that the devious Doctor also secretly has the 'HOTS' for. DITA smells trouble! SNIFF! SNIFF!

To make a long story short. Here are 'DITA's Things To Look For';
* Lot's of SLAP-STICK, (My favorite kind of Comedy? Is there any other, I ask you?) performed this time by both LOU & BUD!
*Karloff's performance! All of it! Brilliant, especially the transformation scenes! (Kudos!) * Any parts of the chase scene with either Mr. Hyde or Tubby! Specifically in the theater and definitely the Roof/Chase Scenes! (F.Y.I.- Tubby also is now a Monster in the roof scenes as well!
Hilarity Ensues!)
* Scene in bar when Tubby' gets turned into a rat after drinking DR. JEKYLL's potion but only his head & hands. (Funny!)
*Scene where Tubby' gets shoved onto a hyper-dermic needle of Dr. JEKYLL's, over and over again comic-ally by MR. HYDE on his couch! DITA almost wet herself! LOL!

Derek (The Vampiric Announcer says; 'DIRT NAP' according to Sailors down at the dock; 'Your always wet!! Mooo-HOO-Ha-Ha!

DITA says; 'BITE ME, bitch! Meeeeow!

*Scene where Tubby' is captured as his Monster-self and tied up by Slim' and brought into the Police Station only to bite the fingers of the head Police Captain and other Officers. This hysteric-ly turns them all
into.................Monsters! Monsters in police uniforms that is! Too, too funny! (DITA likey!)

Ah-hem, this movie is well paced and fun but not exactly the same high energy as their other 'A. & C. Meets' movies but Mizz DIRT NAP still enjoyed it just the same, regardless! Also check out Volumes 1,2 and 3 from 'Universal' Films @ www.universalstudiohomeentertainment.com 

Abbott & Costello in DITA's eyes/eye-sockets, can do NO wrong! Also a hopeful shout-out as well to that 'Mistress Of The Dark' and Horror Host 'Extra-Strord-Den-Naire' (is that a word?) ELVIRA!!! Hey
girl? What cha' doin' ovah' there? E. ; Can't cha' see? I'm SPRAYIN' my hair!  When DITA starts pretending she's talking to Elvira............it's time to go!!!

Dita gives this flick 3 SKULLS.......... Out of 3 SKULLS! My Highest Honor, Hon!!! Watch it at your next Slumber Party Massacre? That reminds me, I need a DIRT NAP! Y-A-W-N!
Until next week,
I'll be in my Crypt catching some 'ZZZZZZZZ's!

Oh, before DITA forgets, to get this Fun Horror-Comedy for your very own, Click on the 'DVD-Icon' to the left of Dear Old DITA's Review! Night RENFIELD!

'Chainsaw- Kisses' & Nighty-nite,
DITA (' Dressed To Kill' ) DIRT NAP
(Click here to see that exact Song from CHER> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dR5h5yLXmr4 )

Scare-mail to; DDN1965@live.com


P.S. DITA wants u 2 know that the Movie-Poster of tonight's Film is Available from Amazon.com by Clicking on the 'POSTER-Icon' here






Please check out the following cool websites;
www.shoutfactory.com  (Great Selection of Many DVD's , says; DITA!!! Check them out!)
www.somethingweird.com  (Great CULT DVD Choices for your Collection, Dear!)
www.cinefamily.org  (Infamous Silent Movie Theater in Hollyweird, CA. now w/Cult & Horror Talkies!)

This Review Dead-icated to, COUNT GORE DE VOL, as DITA knows it is one of his Favorite ABBOTT & COSTELLO Films!!!

Starring; DEAN STOCKWELL, etc.
From; Shout Factory DVD
Run Time; 96 Minutes DVD 1983
A Mini-Review of; 'FILMGORE'

Hi Kids, DITA DIRT NAP, here once again! Your 'Horror-Host-Honey', Bringing you a 'Review', this weekend in honor of the Mid-term Elections, From ELVIRA's First TV SHOW (In the 80's.) 'MOVIE MACABRE', DITA Brings you the 'So Bad, it's hysterical, 'Political Werewolf Horror-Flick', 'THE WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON'! (Click here for the Original Movie Trailer; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnqc5Xu81bg ), from her campy, cool Original 80's TV Show, 'MOVIE MACABRE' from 'Shout-Factory'! ( www.shoutfactory.com )

Derek, 'The Vamperic Announcer' interrupts, 'Should I start making up signs, that say, 'DITA DIRT NAP FOR PRESIDENT'?

DITA responds, 'Not yet, dear! 'What? Jayne Mansfield did it, even if it was only a 'Magazine-spoof'. LMOL!

Any-who, back to this week's first half of a 'DITA DIRT NAP; DOUBLE DD, DOUBLE FEATURE' that includes this weeks 'The Werewolf Of Washington' (See the Intro from her 2nd Incarnation of; 'MOVIE MACABRE' ,Here> http://youtu.be/Y4kIaYBHOs8   and a 'Mini Cult-Horror Underground Review of ELVIRA's; 'FILMGORE!' To see Clips of 'FILM GORE', used in a Grindhouse Movie Series From;' FULL MOON PICTURES', Click Here> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4UrkdZzEbQ ) (www.fullmoonpictures.com )

DITA-Fave, ELVIRA, Mistress Of The Dark, who in this fun, campy, culty Episode is trying to run for President herself, long before Hillary, 1983 to be exact! Her set is filled with red, white and blue
balloons and she wears a Campaign Hat similar to the one worn by the werewolf on the cover of this fun DVD. ELVIRA is at her 'poke-fun' best in this episode and of course has a 'KILLER-BOD'! She even mentions 'THE BREATHER' and tries to think of 'campaign promises'! The only one she comes up with is , and I quote, not showing turkeys like these. She later spoofs the film by being chained up in a chair like the werewolf in the movie and asks someone to hit her in the head, 'insert movie video clip of 'President' hitting the TV. LOL!

This movie is just like DITA, 'So-bad-it's-funny' & 'Way-over-the-top', and as some would say, 'a guilty-pleasure'! Here's the story in a 'Presidential-Nutshell', if you will, verbatim, uh, kind of. While on assignment in Hungary, a young Reporter is attacked by and bitten by a werewolf/gypsy-man. After he returns to the states, he is appointed to the President as his new 'Press Secretary'! Soon after authorities find D.C. Socialites ripped apart by a wolf-man creature that roams the 'Pentagon', not pentagram, and the D.C. Area. As expected, no one is safe while the 'werewolf of Washington' is going on a feeding-frenzy, while maintaining his job duties, by the light of a 'full-moon' in the nation's capitol! (Reminds you that HALLOWEEN was earlier this week, doesn't it? )

Now DITA must say that this fright flick is unintentionally hilarious, in a very campy, way!!! I enjoyed laughing at the 'over-the-top', bordering on manic and laugh out loud silly-ness of it all!  Love it, love it, love it!!! It's films like these that are best watched at a 'Horror Film Festival', late at night with a crowd full of people, and of course, the much needed, 'Dita-Fave', know as 'Audience-Participation'!

As you well know by know, DITA never likes to tell the whole story so here are my 'THINGS-2-LOOK-4-LIST' in this highly recommended 'political-horror flick' that is loaded with absurdity and 'high-camp', which DITA loves more than 'OBAMA' running shirtless, 'walking-the-dinosaur', unlike a 'Werewolf Of Washington', and more like a 'Prezzie-Hottie!' DITA says; as I am a hard-core Donkey-Party Member, Dear!  Uh, that's heavy praise for our Prez & this unintended 'horror-comedy';

*Every scene when Dean Stockwell/Jack appears in 'over-the-top' Werewolf Make Up! (Too funny, like a big rat, with funny bottom teeth, and a funny werewolf walk/hop-along that borders on
'not-meant-to-be' Slapstick! Love it, kudos Mr. Stockwell!!! Can you say, Cult-y?)
* First 'Werewolf Attack-Scene', where old drunk Socialite Lady is walking 'drunkin-ly' home and is attacked by Jack, the Werewolf, and is later her dead body is found at the Super Market Parking Lot, smashed into a  shopping cart, covered in blood. ( DITA doesn't know why this tickles my various 'funny-bones' but it does, especially the look on her face. Tee-hee!!!)
* Scene in White House Bowling Alley when Jack/Werewolf is trying to bowl with the President, and gets his claws stuck in the bowl as he is about to go thru his transformation.
*Scenes that keep taking place in restrooms thru-out the film. Hmmmmmm? (Tap, tap, Dear! LOL!) (Do Werewolves usually have 'bladder-control' problems, I wonder???)
*2nd Attack Scene where the Werewolf is hitching a ride on the future victims car as it cruises into to the local D.C. area Gas Station, as she opens the car door to pump gas , he pounces off the roof and attacks! (Too funny, a rib-tickler even!!!)
* Scene where Jack has them chain him up in a wicker rocking chair, uh okay, in a locked room, on the last night of a full-moon, then ends up making out with Presidents Daughter whom he has been dating!!! LOL
* Scene where Jack/Dean turns into the wolf-man and meets the Head Dr. Of 'Scientific-Experiments'. Dr. Kiss, I kid you not, who is played by a little person, and gets petted by the Dr. and even proceeds to lick his face, and sniff his butt!!! 'OMG!!!" ( You have to see it to believe it kids!!!)
* One of the most unintentionally funny Scenes in the film, to me anyway, where two witness's are attacked by said Werewolf of D.C. First the guy, while on steps, then his girlfriend while on the phone
in a phone booth. The Werewolf even knocks the phone booth over with the girl in it and jumps on top trying to claw his way in, all while she screams 'bloody murder' and still tries to call for help, and even tries to keep clicking the receiver to try and still get her change back!!! (DITA says; 'Really, your being attacked by a Werewolf and all you can think to do is scream non-stop and try to retrieve your change back from the phone booth? 'What-the -f???')
* Scene on 'Air Force One' Plane where the President is trying to have a serious Meeting with The President Of China. Jack is there and turns slowly into a Werewolf, while the Asian President is watching and trying hard to tell the President about, with no success until the Werewolf/Jack tries to attack the U.S. President as he scrambles to open the exit door, he jumps out and so does the Werewolf right in front of the waiting Press and is then...................................??? What? You don't expect me to tell you the rest of the story do  you?

Well, I will say, wait until after the credits roll to hear the President give his 'too-funny Speech to the Press. (One of my favorite parts, think I'll use that funny Speech on my Next Radio-Show. Uh, Anybody need a Skeleton/Zombie Horror/Cult Host on the good ole' Scare-waves?? If this is you, contact DITA's Agent asap, at; DDN1965@LIVE.COM )

So get to clicking on the 'DVD-Icon' of this hilarious, but totally not meant to be film to get your own Special Copy from ELVIRA's old Hit, Cult-TV Show, 'MOVIE MACABRE', Hosted By the Gal Voted 'Most Likely To Be Leered at, uh, for 'LIKE' eternity, ELVIRA, MISTRESS OF THE DARK, tonight, and a, tell-em' DITA sent cha, no really, I mean it!

I, DITA DIRT NAP, give 'WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON' Hosted By ELVIRA, on her Original, 'MOVIE MACABRE', A 3 Skulls Out Of Skulls Score, perfect!!! Had a grand time watching it with 'B.J.', curled up in our bed and 'Road-Kill' Pizza for a late night snack for 3, and our Vicious Killer Chi-Waa-Waa; 'DEADLY-DOLLY!' W-O-O-F! LOL!
Now as for Extras on this DVD as follows;
+Alice Cooper; In Concert Trailer.
+ 'Stubbs The Zombie' Video Game Soundtrack.


Now for DITA's 'MINI-Cult-Horror Review' from the Underground, 'Only' available on a very-Rare VHS-Copy available on Amazon;  'FILMGORE' Hosted By a Very young ELVIRA, Circa;1981-82. (F.Y.I.; This Culty-Horror Movie Clips Special, is now Available in a Grindhouse Movie Series on DVD from; Charles Band's; 'FULL MOON PICTURES.' DITA suggests this 'Film/Documentary' Movie witch features ELVIRA Hosting various 'Horror-Movie Clips' like 'TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE', 'DRILLER KILLER', 'BLOOD FEAST', 'COLOR ME BLOOD RED', 'DRIVE-IN MASSACRE'(DITA wants to Host this one Herself sometime in the Future!), as well as many more, cool, horror flicks to mention! What I'm sayin' ; is that theirs a lot of them 'cramm-packed' into this, as 'RENFIELD' called it; 'A LITTLE HORROR-GEM! 'Well-put', my Dear Friend!!!'

This is a great Early-peek into the 'Horror-Host' beginnings of  her long, spook-filled Career! She looks really hot, and delivers lines w/fun abandon among the interesting, cool, artsy-creepy horror Sets on a budget, which look like, possibly Taped at 'Uncle-Forry's' old 'Acker-Mansion'. Hmmmm? DITA doesn't know this for sure, but would like to know where these Segments were Filmed at??? This Film wuz done by the infamous; CHARLES BAND, the Owner of DITA-Fave; 'FULL MOON PICTURES!' Hopefully this little Culty-cool Pic will be Released on DVD some day, witch then DITA will give a full, more detailed DVD-Review of it! 'MR. BAND; Pick Up The 'DVD-Courtesy Phone, please!'

Until then DITA gives it a 3 Skulls Score, even though it does go on for a long 'horror-clip' journey. Not a problem for this 'Queen Of Halloween'-Obsessed' Gore-Ghoul Gal! 'FILM GORE' Hosted By ELVIRA! 'Check it out, Hon!' Just Click on the Icon next to DITA's Review.


Well , THAT'S ALL FOLKS! Don't forget to get out and exercise your right to vote! ( www.rockthevote.org )
See you all next week,
Until then 'I blow you 'Chainsaw-Kisses',
(Too see exactly that Culty-Short from; BETTY BOOP, Click here> http://youtu.be/GVcPRr_ounc  )

Fang-Mail to; DDN1965@LIVE.COM

P.S. DITA wants to tell you about two New Shows I have been  'binge-watching' last month on NETFLIX. The first one is; 'THE CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA' (which by the way; they actually mention COUNT GORE DE VOL in the dialogue on this show, Kids! So Kudos to Count Gore for being mentioned as well as VAMPIRA and SVENGOOLIE! & 'THE CURIOUS CREATIONS OF CHRISTINE McCONNELL', is the other show! DITA highly suggests watching them both!

DITA gives them a 3 Skulls Score, my little 'November Spider-Bites!'
Click here to see the TV-Spot for; 'THE CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA, the teenage Witch, spun off from ; RIVERDALE', Hon> https://youtu.be/iFIHsxx8sSg

Also Click here to see the TV-Spot for; 'THE CURIOUS CREATIONS OF CHRISTINE McCONNELL' > https://youtu.be/a6UKGhiE_Nk

And Usual, check out these ultra-cool sites that DITA likes;
www.cinefamily.org  ( 'Silent Movie Theater'......Now showing Horror & Cult Talkies!)
www.vinelanddriveintheater.com  ( L.A.'s Finest!)
www.shockcinemamagazine.com  (DITA loves this Mag!!!)
www.radiohalloween.com  Halloween Radio | Halloween Music & Stories
www.facebook.com/DJDugGraves  (Listen to my fiend; DUG GRAVES HORROR RADIO SHOW Every Friday night!)


'HALLOWEEN' From; John Carpenter
'30th Anniversary Commemorative Set'
From; Anchorbay Entertainment
Moustapha Akkad 'Presents; 'HALLOWEEN'!
Directed By; The Infamous, John Carpenter
Produced By; the late, Debra Hill (R.I.P.)
Written By; John Carpenter & Debra Hill. (Kudos!!!)
Starring; Donald Pleasence, Fellow Scorpio & DITA Fave, JAMIE LEE CURTIS,
P.J. Soles, Nancy Loomis, and.........Michael Myers!
1978 DVD Running Time;92 Minutes

Greetings, my 'Little Spider-Bites' and 'HAPPY HALLOWEEN' to one & all 'Trick or treat, smell my.................n-e-v-e-r you mind!!! 'Uggh, get some disinfectant!!!

Derek; 'The Vamperic-Announcer' Interrupts; 'Eeeeww! What's that smelly 'green-fog' flowing out of your 'nether-regions???'

DITA says; 'Uh, I, um installed my own 'Fog-Machine' down there, uh, just for Halloween, ah,' yeah', that's it! ''WHEW!'

Now on to my Review of the '30th Anniversary Commemorative Set' of John Carpenter's 'HALLOWEEN' with one of DITA's Fave's 'JAMIE LEE CURTIS'! In fact in 2018 it is now the 40 Anniversary of John Carpenter's 'HALLOWEEN'. Also DITA would like to say that my Vamp-Hubby; 'B.J.' and I saw the New 'HALLOWEEN-2018'-Film recently, and had a high time watching it in a packed theater! We L-O-V-E-D it!!!!!!!!!!!! DITA is going back to see it a 2nd time w/my old Horror-Buddy; 'RENFIELD' on Halloween-afternoon! DITA can't wait to see it again before going out w/the Fam on Halloween night! In fact DITA gives the New Halloween-Film a perfect score of 3 Skulls Out Of A 3 Skulls Score! DITA can't urge you all enuff to run out and see it asap! Its a great fright-tastic film that is smart, well thought out and will become a Cult-Hit! JAMIE LEE CURTIS is phenomenal! In fact to see the Trailer for the New 'HALLOWEEN'-2018-Film, Simply Click here says DITA> https://youtu.be/2QG-55EKRcs

Nods are given to movies like; 'NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD', 'HALLOWEEN 2', 'THE CHILDREN', etc. But before I forget DITA wants to send a BELATED 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' to her long-time friend, and 'C.H.U.D.' Lover; Debra Honaker-Pieper in Midwest! Also 'a big 'HAPPY HALLOWEEN' to my 'B.F.F. in-HORROR', 'RENFIELD'

Like I said 'NOW' on to my Review! John Carpenter's 'HALLOWEEN' is a 'horror-classic' that most everyone knows 'pretty much' by heart, if not 'frame-by-frame'! See the Trailer for Jon Carpenters Classic Slasher Flick Here, my little black & orange 'Spider-Bites'> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHuOtLTQ_1I )

Instead of retelling the well-known Storyline on John Carpenters 'HALLOWEEN', which was DITA's first ever Review for Television in my 'LOST' Pilot, I will just say it tells the classic story of 'MICHAEL MYERS' aka 'the boogey-man' and his tale of 'murder, stab-stab' of various horny teens on the night he came back October 31,1978. This time he's after his sister and friends in his old 'stomping- grounds' neighborhood, Haddonfield, Illinois.

This horrific tale of blood, sex and 'jack-o-lanterns' is available in the coolest Edition ever from Anchorbay Entertainment. The ad DITA found inside her October-Issue of 'FANGORIA Magazine'( www.fangoria.com  ) screams; 'IT BEEN 30 YEARS SINCE 'HE' CAME HOME...(Even longer now in 2018,Hon! LOL!) Be one of the few to possess the ultimate six-disc commemorative set, featuring a latex replica of the infamous Michael Myers mask!

It also says; Only 20,000 individually numbered sets available! DITA likey!!! I especially like that it comes in it's 'way-cool' costume window box display case packaging, you know, like the old 'Halloween'-costume's-in-a-box, from the 70's! No. I guess DITA's one of the few who remembers those at the local 'Ben-Franklin'-5 & Dime'??? 'Hmmmm?'

'A-N-Y-W-A-Y, I love the fact the this film was 'low-budget' and was filmed in only 20 Days. No foolin! This film has long been one of DITA's favorite horror/slasher flicks and is shot beautifully with cool angles, stylish p.o.v.'s, not to mention the great lightning on each house in the creepy mid-west neighborhood that greatly adds to the scary atmosphere of the film. The casting and acting of Donald Pleasance & Jamie Lee Curtis, in her 'horror-debut' are wonderfully iconic through out! She screams like a pro right out of the gate!!!

Let's not also forget the infamous/iconic/creepy musically scored 'Anniversary'-Soundtrack which is also available on CD from www.amazon.com  Otherwise, how would we know when Mr. Meyers is coming, silly! Here are my now, infamous, 'Things-2-Look For List';
* Very cool ,first teen/murder 'dying-scene by 'Annie' in the car.
* Horny-boy with glasses who gets murdered while getting a beer for his over-sexed girl friend played brilliantly by actress P.J. Soles. DITA loves his death scene nailed to the wall by knife by MIKE!
*Death by phone cord Scene with P.J. Soles, complete w/Tombstone on bed above body and lit 'jack-o-lantern' on night-stand with Michael Myers close by. Love it!!!
* Scene before that, with Michael Meyers dressed as ghost-boyfriend w/glasses over sheet!
* DITA's all-time 'favorite' scene w/Jamie Lee's character, Lori Strode getting attacked by Michael in closet, and stabbing him with Joan Crawford's worst nightmare...........a wire h-a-n-g-e-r!!! I get excited every time I see this scene!!! Ooops! I think, I just wet myself a little!
* Every chase scene w/Michael.
* End scene.....where DITA will for once tell the ending. Where Michael is shot over and over until he falls out the window onto the ground and..............gets up ,off camera and walks away for the very, cool 'takes-place-in-a-hospital' Sequel, Love it, love it, love it!!! This great film spawned many Sequels and a Rob Zombie 'remake' and of course has inspired many horror films since then as well!

Hats off to John Carpenter for this holiday-horror classic that DITA loves! A 'Happy Halloween' to Actress and fellow Scorpio, JAMIE LEE CURTIS, who resides here in L.A.!!! Please 'Google' her great body of work in the 'horror-genre', such as John Carpenters 'THE FOG' co-starring with her late mother, Janet Leigh ('SIGH-COE'), 'TERROR TRAIN', PROM NIGHT', 'Halloween H20',also with Mom, Janet Leigh, etc. Now for extra-cool 'EXTRA's on this 30th Anniversary DVD of 'HALLOWEEN', which are a 'dream' for people or 'things, like me who like their DVD's 'fully-loaded'! They are as follows;
+'HALLOWEEN' Extended Edition; Out Of Print, for several years!
+ 'Halloween 4';'The Return Of Michael Myers' ( All about terror-rizing his niece as she wears his old 'clown-costume' for Halloween! (DITA loves the abundant chase-scenes and action in this one!!!)
+ 'Halloween 5'; 'The Revenge Of Michael Myers'
All about...................what else? His 'REVENGE', silly! Duh!!! Love it anyway!!!
+ 'HALLOWEEN'; '25 Years Of Terror' Documentary!

Very cool, and informative and one of DITA's Favorite EXTRAS' on the Disc!!! Recommended Viewing, definitely!!! AFTER, y you watch the Film, though! Also one 'O.C.D.' point about this Documentary's Title; it really should be called; 'HALLOWEEN'; 30 Years Of Terror?' 'Hmmmm???' * 'HALLOWEEN' on 'BLU RAY' Disc. (What will they think of next, hon?')

DITA gives the '30th Anniversary Commemorative Set' of John Carpenter's 'HALLOWEEN, a perfect '3 SKULLS OUT OF 3 SKULLS' Score! Get your Copy on this special Holiday Weekend by simply clicking on the DVD Icon in this 'Ghoul-Gal's Review, great for Collector's!!!

A last Halloween Shout out to my Horror-Mentor; COUNT GORE DE VOL who will be Hosting; John Carpenter's Original-'HALLOWEEN' tonight Saturday October 27th,2018 at A.F.I.! Congrats Count and Happy-Hosting, Hon! Also 'HAPPY HALLOWEEN' from the 'Bone-Bitch' of Terror to COUNT GORE and everyone who visits all year here in 'Dita's-Den!'



'Chainsaw Kisses',
until Next Week,
DITA ('TWO BIG PUMPKINS') DIRT NAP (To see that exact Video from ;ELVIRA, Simply Click here, Hon> https://youtu.be/PPZvGo_bqrE )
Scare-mail to; DDN1965@LIVE.COM 

Type in; dita dirt nap @ www.google.com for all things DITA DIRT NAP!!!

For even more 'Halloween' Fun, log onto the following;
www.spookyworld.com  (America's Horror-Theme Park-Shakopee, MINN., etc.)
www.halloweenalliance.com  (Happy Halloween Magazine ,etc.)
www.13thtrack.com  (Halloween Music-year round.)
www.amctv.com  (Halloween Movie Listings.)
www.tcm.com  (All Halloween-Movies Listed here.)
www.thenewbev.com  (Re-opening w/updates in December-2018,Hon!)
www.cinespia.org  (For Fall Movies in the Infamous Hollywood forever cemetery!)
www.facebook.com/DJDugGraves  (Listen to my fiends Horror Radio Show every Friday night, Dear!)

‘HALLOWEEN 2’ (1981)
Starring; Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence, Charles Cyphers, etc.
Directed By; Rick Rosenthal
Produced By; John Carpenter & Debra Hill
Written By; John Carpenter & Debra Hill
Moustapha Akkad Presents; A Dino De Laurentiis Corp. Film
A Universal Release
1981 DVD Run Time; 1 Hr. 33 Min.

Welcome, my little ‘Infected Spider-Bites!'

Welcome once again here in ‘DITA’s DEN’ & my ‘HORROR/CULT DRIVE-IN!’ Come celebrate the scary-iest Month of the year at my ‘Drive-In’ Where tonight’s Other 'Halloween-night' feature will be the excellent original ‘HALLOWEEN 2’ w/DITA-Fave; Jamie Lee Curtis (a fellow Scorpio like myself.).

Now back to tonight’s special holiday edition of ‘HALLOWEEN 2’. Once again DITA wants to draw your attention back to my ‘drive-in’ screen as you take a look at the 1981 Trailer for ‘HALLOWEEN 2’!DITA guarantees it’s a SCREAM!!!’(Click here, to see the Trailer for 'HALLOWEEN 2', now>  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzOdUKVD8Ac )

L-o-v-e it, still after all these years, kids! Any-who, this still fun Halloween horror flick holds up well due to the storyline continuing right where it left off on the same night. Yes, in ‘Halloween 2’, it’s still the same night. The combination of camp, storyline and well shot ‘Michael Myers P.OV. Shots’, killings and creepy, darkly lit hospital setting keep this film enjoyable even in 2013. DITA wuz lucky enough to get to see this film again for this very Review on the big-screen again at the ‘Grindhouse Film Festival’ @ the ‘New Beverly Cinema’ here in L.A. Too see this old film on the big-screen with today’s audience wuz pure fun and excitement , complete w/audience participation and more fun than ‘Charlie Brown’s old Halloween Party back in the mid-60’s!!! To see DITA’s favorite clip from good ole’ Charlie Brown, simply click here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f94ryQGLa7E

Now as for the Storyline continuement of that same night , if you will; It takes place with the character of Lorrie Strode played well again by Actress; JAMIE LEE CURTIS (Star of the Horror-Comedy TV-Series; 'SCREAM-QUEENS' on Fox.) going to the Haddonfield Hospital where all kinds horrible Halloween terror and murdering mayhem quickly takes place, uh, as soon as ‘you-know-who’ gets there! First Lorrie is of course left alone soon in a dimly-lit creepy Hospital room. Then the ‘Head-Nurse tells the late night nurse that the phones aren’t working and to run and tell someone. Lorrie clad now only in a skimpy hospital gown is alarmed cuz she knows what’s next? One hysterical scene with Dr. Loomis at the beginning of the film, played brilliantly and quite campy once again by Actor Donald Pleasence, where he kept overdramatically telling people that he shot good ole’ Mike, 6 times, 6 times!!! Fun stuff for a theatre full of people, like in my case, at the film fest.

The Producers even brought back one of Lorrie’s friends back to play her own dead body being taken out of the infamous ‘Myers House’ as she wuz killed in the first film DITA Reviewed, and in a car no less. Hmmm? Any-who, 'DITA' wood like to say how effective the beginning scenes of ‘Halloween 2’ are with Michael Myers walking/creeping around thru dark alleys surveying future victims and peeping in windows while people are watching and listening to news about the killings earlier in the night from the last film , all the while Michael is right there listening watching and even standing in someone's kitchen as the couple watch the late-breaking warning about

Mike’s killings and takes their knife from where the wife wuz seconds ago making a sandwich a leaves quickly to the future bubble-headed victim next door. The old lady screams as she notices the knife is stolen leaving blood behind on the counter next to her sandwich. The next door bubble-headed bimbo walks outside to ask if the old lady’s alright. She then goes inside and answers the phone, all while Mike is watching her thru the window to……to……….’KILL’ her! She even turns on the radio to hear about Michael Myers being loose in her neighborhood and then drops the phone to investigate a noise, and Mike comes out from the shadows to attack, uh, violently, all with her friend still hanging on the phone listening to the heinous act being committed! See my point kids, Michael is everywhere in this movie , literally lurking

around his potential victims. DITA simply loves that sense of foreboding atmosphere, that he could be around every corner. Love the use of Hospital Monitors by this Director to show Mike’s where abouts when lurking and stalking his victims, including an injured Lorrie Strode limping, crawling and pulling herself around in most scenes. This includes barely escaping thru a small open window as brother Mike is slashing at her feet as she barely gets away by falling to a trash pile outside.

Love it, love love it! Now instead of telling you the whole story, DITA as usual will name some choice killing scenes to look for next ‘BUTT’ not all hon.
‘THINGS-2-LOOK-4 List Includes’;
*‘Mike by opening helium tanks and ‘Eath-er’, as he swings away blindly. Uh did I also mention Lorrie seconds before that shot him in the eyes, complete with oozy-goozy blood dripping from his William Shatner mask???
* Murder Scene w/couple in hot-tub ‘nekkid’. Girl gets it the worst from Mike by dipping her face over and over into the now scalding hot water until her skin starts to melt off.
* Love the scene where Lorrie is waiting for hospital elevator bathed in beautiful, seasonal orange light! Very effective and appropriate thinks DITA!
* End Fire scene with………….???
* Scene with Dr. Loomis driving around the neighborhood looking for Mike with the Police. This scene has ‘not-meant-to-be funny’ dialogue by the good Dr. and has great eerie green lighting coming from underneath the police cars dash. DITA like-y!!!

Lorrie is finally saved again by Dr. Loomis and carted off once again in yet another ambulance. Hmmmmm? When will she be back, DITA wonders?

As for the ‘EXTRA’S’ on this disc from Universal; they are as follows;

+ Theatrical Trailer ( Love it! From start to finish!!!)
+ Production Notes ( Did you know DITA just learned from these notes the infamous Meyers house wuz right here in my neck of the Woods; WEST HOLLYWOOD! Hmmm???)
+ Cast & Filmmakers. ( Excellent job in this Sequel Miss Curtis!!! ‘KUDOS!!!’

The tag line reads; ‘MORE OF THE NIGHT HE CAME HOME!’

DITA gives this fun horror filled fright flick 3 Skulls Out Of 3 Skulls over the ‘witchboard’!!! DITA also highly urges you to click on the ‘DVD-Icon’ of the original ‘HALLOWEEN 2’ to get your own Copy to add to your collection tonight.'




Until Next Week,
‘CHAINSAW-KISSES’ and ‘Candy-Corn’ Breath, DITA ( ‘SWEET ELVIRA’-wanna be) DIRT NAP

(To see ELVIRA’s Video from 1997 Performing; ‘SWEET ELVIRA’ Inspired By & Now in Honor of the 43rd Year Anniversary of ;'THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW' this year in Oct. of 2018;
www.youtube.com/watch?v=vN6ZSULtTxQ )

Scare-mail always appreciated @ DDN1965@LIVE.COM

Now as the lights come on at the ‘Horror/Cult Drive-In’, please remove your speakers from your vehicle and back out s-l-o-w-l-y! Last but not least a 'jack-o-lantern' full of special Halloween; Enjoy kids;
www.lempmansion.com  ( Located in my old hometown of ST. LOUIS, MO, Hon! Very haunted place says DITA!)
www.halloweenalliance.com  ('Happy Halloween Online Magazine. DITA LIKE-Y!)
www.spookyworld.com  ( Halloween Theme Park in Minn.)
www.13thTrack.com  (Year-round Halloween Music site! DITA LIKE-Y!)
www.shoutfactory.com  (DITA says; Great DVD Selections!)
www.somethingweird.com  (Great CULT-DVDs! )
www.cinespia.org  (Hollywood Forever Cemetery)
www.foodnetwork.com  (Watch the Show; 'HALLOWEEN-WARS' .)
www.facebook.com/DJDugGraves  (Listen to DUG GRAVES Radio Horror Show every Friday night, Hon!)

( ‘The Hanging From;2012’ @ Knotts Scary Farm!’ DITA’s Favorite place for all things Halloween in October.> http://youtu.be/ZKJkDPdOue4  ) Click here to see Knotts Scary Farms ;'THE HANGING'-2018, Here> https://youtu.be/PPZvGo_bqrE

P.S. DITA wants you to know the 'HALLOWEEN 2' Movie-Poster is available on amazon.com by simply Clicking the 'POSTER-Icon', next to my Review!

P.P.S. A Big HAPPY HALLOWEEN to everyone who visits us all here year round at CountGore.com

Remember COUNT GORE DE VOL will be Hosting the Original; 'HALLOWEEN'-Film on Saturday Oct. 27th, 2018! Wish DITA could go! 'Good-grief, Hon!'

This Review is in Honor of the Producer of 'HALLOWEEN 1 & 2', The Late; DEBRA HILL!



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