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Starring; BARBARA STEELE, George Ardisson,
Halina Zalewska, etc. (1964)
East West DVD ( www.eastwestdvd.com )
2nd Feature- 'Terror Creatures From The Grave'
Starring; Barbara Steele & Walter Brandi, etc. (1965)
('TERROR CREATURES FROM THE GRAVE' to be Reviewed By; DITA, next week.)

Hi Kids, It's me again, your 'Cult-Horror Queen'-DITA DIRT NAP!

This week, my BARBARA STEELE 'DOUBLE-FEATURE'- Review with another 'Gothic-Horror 'guilty-pleasure' from 'Babs', entitled; 'THE LONG HAIR OF DEATH' from 1964, the Year my Vamp-Hubby; 'B.J.' wuz born. This is from a Double-Feature DVD that also contains another 'Steele-y-Horror-Delight from 1965 (DITA's Year-of-Birth.) called; 'Terror Creatures From The Grave', witch Mizz DIRT NAP will be Reviewing Next Week.

Now with this film it gets a little confusing with the Storyline, butt DITA will try to break it down for 'yoots'; First a Witch is framed for a Murder she didn't commit and burned at the stake. She of course just before becoming 'steak tarr-tarr' she puts a curse on the whole town, first a plague, then the Deaths of those involved with the frame-up, which happen to be the King lying to protect his son, uh, who actually did the deed of killing the Kings Brother, his Uncle. The Witch's daughter is told to wait and exact revenge on her Mother's behalf. She grows up to be forced into Marrying the King's Murderous Son; KURT. Hmmm? What a name for a Prince, Kurt. That doesn't even sound right, hon!

Any-who to make a long story shorter; The Witch who wuz Murdered comes back to life in the grave, just before the Plague ends and gets involved w/the Prince as his Mistress. Must not be to bright to not recognize her, eh kids? The Prince now in cahoots w/the unbeknownst 'Ghost-Witch' tries to poison his wife, uh, the Burnt Witches Daughter. He & 'Ghost-Witch'/Mistress-Gal bury her alive in the dank, dark Catacombs below the Creepy Gothic Castle and seal the Lid w/candle wax even. Hmmm?

Meanwhile they decide to have a 'Give-Thanks Festival' for the Plague being over and it is then that the Prince realizes that his wife is not really dead. The Prince at this point is starting to loose his Marbles, if you know what I'm sayin', my 'Little Spider-Bites'. It is then that the 'Ghost-witch' reveals herself as just that.........a ghost-Witch and starts to taunt him by appearing here, then disappearing there, until she kisses him outside in the Royal Court Yard where the 'Festival' is soon to begin. When she does they are standing near an ornate decorated 'sar-cough-a-gus' festooned w/the Towns women's Long-Hair, (the Religiously believe that cutting off the hair to give thanks is getting rid of their sin of vanity, uh, ok???) with only a place cut out for the eyes. She pushes him in it and he is then tied in tight with 'mid-evil duck-tape over his mouth to muffle his near-future screams. The 'sar-cough-a-gus' is taken by Guards soon after to the 'Festival-Of-Thanks', which is to be burned as an offering to the Gods for the Plague being over.

It is then the 'Mistress-Of-Ceremonies', the Princess aka the 'Burned-Witches Daughter', of course Wife of the Prince that no one knows is inside is in charge of lighting the first royal Match!!! How's that for Karma being a B-I-T-C-H? (F.Y.I-this is the one and only time DITA will tell the ending of any of the Films I Review here in 'DITA's DEN' this year.) DITA enjoyed Miss Steele in this film a lot and only has one small complaint.........it's a little too long, dragging a tiny bit. Overall, it is another Signature Barbara Steele Film that DITA recommends and thinks you will enjoy. This Film of course includes all of Miss Steele's 'Usual-Things' that DITA just loves witch include;

Gothic Candle-Ob-rah's, Creepy underground Catacombs, Secret passages, Creepy atmospheric Music that's most effective, Creepy Castle, creepy House Maid/Governess, Skulls, coffins, spider webs draped about here & there, and last but not least, Mss. Steele's undeniably Gothic Beauty on display along with her infamous 'saucer-eyes'!!! DITA gives this Fright-Flick w/atmosphere out the 'wah-zoo' a Score of 2 and ½ Skulls Almost 3. Just a half a point off for the lengthy-ness of the tying up of Storyline loose-ends. So get to Clicking on that 'DVD-Icon' next to Dear old' DITA's Review to get your Copy of the 'Barbara Steele' Double-Feature DVD which includes 2-Nite's Film; 'THE LONG HAIR OF DEATH!!!'

Watch it in the Dark with a roaring fire built for two. Bag of 'Stay-puff Marshmallows for roasting over an open fire 'Sold-Separately', hon! (Here is the Trailer for the Film> https://youtu.be/L3HkESAaMDE)

Next week, the 2nd & Final Fright-Flick from Barbara Steele; 'TERROR CREATURES FROM THE GRAVE'.

Until then,

DITA (I Whip My Long-Hair Back & Fourth) DIRT NAP

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Written & Directed By; Mark Jones
Starring; Jennifer Aniston ('The Good Girl', 'Horrible Bosses', 'Wanderlust', 'The Edge'(Comedy Sketch Show), 'Friends', etc.)
Ken Olandt (Mickey/House Painter), Mark Holton, Robert Gormon, etc.
'TRIMARK Pictures' & 'Lions Gate' DVD's
1993 DVD Run Time;92 Minutes

Greetings My 'Green-Colored Spider-Bites!',
'Top O' The Morning Or Uh, I mean Evening  To Ya'!!! DITA DIRT NAP here. Wishing you a 'Happy Hor-rific St. Patty's Day To You!'

In Honor Of this 'Lucky' Day, I bring you the 'Fighting-Irish' Horror Flick that so far has 'spawned' 5 Sequels, 6 Tales in all so far, called 'LEPRECHAUN'!!! If you remember years ago in the 'DITA'S DEN', I reviewed 'LEPRECHAUN IN THE HOOD'! DITA enjoyed that fun holiday-horror fright flick so much I decided to start back at the beginning with the Original, 'LEPRECHAUN' Part 1 which Starred an up and coming Television & Movie Star/Media Princess; JENNIFER ANISTON! Click here to see the Trailer of; 'LEPRECHAUN' > http://youtu.be/qRdUKkxYzXk 

I wuz going to continue my Order of Reviewing Part 4; IN SPACE', but do to forces beyond DITA's control, have decided to bring u Part 1 again this year, as I have already Reviewed Lep 1,2, & 3! 'LEPRECHAUN 4; IN SPACE', will now be Review in March of 2020. Siento, Hon!

DITA best remembers Miss Aniston from the old 'FOX' Sketch-Comedy Series 'THE EDGE'! Which was hysterical as well wuz she!  In fact, DITA highly suggests taking a gander of Jennifer in that culty, little short-lived Series; 'THE EDGE', in a Couple of funny Sketches by simply clicking here for; Jennifer Aniston as Model 'M' https://youtu.be/oSo2Gxqwdwg 

Very funny stuff, kids!!! Any-who, 'PLEASE-WATCH'!!!

Now back to my Review of 'LEPRECHAUN'. Jenifer plays TORI, a 'big-city' Gal from L.A. who goes to North Dakota with her father and moves into a run, down old house that hasn't been lived in for 10 years! Why, you may ask? Cuz the evil, killer Leprechaun killed the wife of the Owner and caused her Husband to have a stroke by way of 'fright', silly! You see the Old, Irish Man/House Owner came back home from a Trip to Ireland to tell his wife, Irish, too by the way, that he caught a Leprechaun and stole his gold and that they would know be rich. The Leprechaun played devil-ishly by Actor Warwick Davis followed him all the way from Ireland, (isn't that the name of the 'Baldwins' 'rude, little pig'-kid? LOL) and kills his wife. The old man then puts him in a crate, places a 'four-leaf clover' on top and nails it shut, then the little Lep' causes him to have a stroke. Enter TORI/JENNIFER.

To make a long story some what shorter, in a 'St. Patrick's Day-Nutshell', if you will. The Leprechaun wants his freakin' gold back from the people who reside in the same house 'now'. Now Tori eventually takes on Mr. Leprechaun with the help of the ever-so-hunky Handy-man/Painter called Mickey, which by the way is DITA's 'New-Crush', uh, this week, and a young boy and his 'Of Mice And Men'-ish Buddy. They end up fighting the evil 'LEP' tooth & nail through out the film, even shooting him several times. But it never leaves him down for long.

Towards the middle of the film Tori/Jennifer finds out that the 'boys' have his gold hidden in the well. She bravely goes outside, fetches it, and gives it to the 'on-ree' little bastard. He even kisses her on the cheek
and runs away. You would think that would have the credits rolling wouldn't you? Ah, 'NO'! (Side note; the last part of the film that starts here is just a 'tad' too long for DITA's taste, but still enjoyable, never the less.) You see the 'OF MICE & MEN'/Lenny-type dude has swallowed 'one' piece of the Leprechaun's precious gold. So he continues his angry wrath until his is finally stopped by a 'for leaf' clover, uh what else, thrown down the well and then they pour..............................??? 'WHAT?' You know DITA never likes to whole story!

So you can find out for self my little 'green' Dearies, 'BUT' Mizz DIRT NAP will give you my always 'interest-peaking' 'THINGS-2-LOOK-4-LIST' which as is follows;
* All Scene's where the Leprechaun uses various modes of transportation, which include; a toy car, roller skates, a skate board, a tricycle, a wheel chair, a cop car and last but not least..............'magic'! (Too funny cuz he never gives up!)
*Scene where Lep' looses his ugly claw hand in the front door and has it unlock the door for him.
* Scene where he plays hide & seek in the woods and later the kitchen cabinets.
*All battle scenes against the 'little, green pain-in-the- ass' against the cast.
*Scene where Leprechaun kills the Coin Shop Owner and then proceeds to clean his shoes. (Cuz he is also a shoe cobbler with 'obsessive compulsive disorder', no foolin!)
* Scene where they side-track Leprechaun from attacking them buying throwing various shoes at and around him, cuz you know, he has 'o.c.d.'(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.) and just has to stop and clean every pair. (Love it!!!)
*Last but not least, the 'well' scene.

DITA loved this film and will Review 'LEPRECHAUN 4', as promised earlier, next year at this time, as sure as 'green M & M's' make ya horny!!!

Now for the 'EXTRAS' on this 'guilty-pleasure' disc who's 'Tag-Line' screams; 'HER LUCK JUST RAN OUT!' They are few but here they are;
+Subtitles; in English, Spanish & French.
+Original Theatrical Trailer

DITA agrees that this film is just good, silly fun and gives it 2 and 1/2 SKULLS Out Of 3! Perfect for viewing on March 17th! To get your 'cult-following', 'guilty-pleasure' Copy Tonight, just Click on the 'DVD-Icon' of 'LEPRECHAUN' Next to Dear Old DITA's Review, uh, before 'your' LUCK runs out! DITA also recommends taking a 2nd Look at the next 'St. Patty's Day Fright-Flick I will Review next Year for 'LEPRECHAUN 4; IN SPACE'. here @CountGore.com by Clicking here 4 that Trailer> http://youtu.be/hLfGEQhinuU  )  For more 'GREEN'-FUN!!!'




Until Next Week,
'Chainsaw-Kisses' & 4 Leaf Clovers',
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Also Hello From DITA to all her Friends in St. Louis, Missouri!!! You know who you are!


You can also stream this film on Amazon Prime!

Trimark Pictures
Directed by Rodman Flender
Starring Warwick Davis, etc.
(1994) DVD

Top 'O the evening to you me lads and lasses. It’s I, your shamrock horror/cult diva DITA DIRT NAP!!!

As you all know last year DITA reviewed the first Leprechaun movie in the series. Take a look at the horrorrific Trailer for Leprechaun 1 by clicking here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VY0zMyGcu8

So this year this year I bring you “LEPRECHAUN 2” Take a look at the horrorrific Trailer for Leprechaun 2 by clicking here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pICyIt7o4Mk

Let DITA just say that this is my third time reviewing these movies. BTW, LEPRECHAUN 1 will follow next week in 'Dita's-Den', Hon! What I love about this franchise is that each movie remains entertaining until the next installment comes along. This sequel starts out with the evil Leprechaun looking for a bride, this time in my neck of the woods, Hollyweird. This film should be called “LEPRECHAUN 2 BRIDE OF THE LEPRECHAUN” as it is all about her.

The evil Leprechaun starts out his shenanigans on Saint Patrick’s Day, of course. His first trick is tying down a homeless man, grabbing a pair of priers and performing a little amateur dentistry. Why you may ask? To rip out the gold tooth silly!

Earlier in the movie Davis tries to abduct a bride in the woods in another century. That failed attempt is stopped by the would be bride’s father who outers the magic words when she sneezes for the third time saying “God Bless You” This puts the birthday boy (who by the way, just turned a thousand) in a afoul mood until the next century.

Flash forward 1994, where he attempts to kidnap the next in the blood line who just happens to have a boyfriend. The boyfriend by the way is having none of that! He first captures her and confines her to his haunted caverns. The boyfriend along with his trustee senior friend/coworker (they run the Haunted Death Tours in Hollywood) and make many attempts at saving the would-be bride.

Now as you usually know DITA doesn’t like to tell the whole story so I will skip to my “Things-2-Look-4” as follows:

Scene with Davis/’Lep’ tricking a Hollywood agent into offering up his gold ring. (How you may ask? By chopping off his finger with the ring attached!!!)

Scene with hero boyfriend and his senior friend trying to drink the Leprechaun under the table at a bar full of people. (It is Saint Patrick’s Day, you know!)

Scene with Lep trying to play “Death Race 2000” with the boyfriend by running him over in his souped go cart, complete with gold rims (What else?)

Scene where senior friend gets greedy after trapping the Leprechaun and demanding 3 wishes. The Leprechaun unleashes his wrath by magically making a big pot of gold appear in his stomach, causing death. (What a way to go!)

Scene with hero/boyfriend in the Haunted Leprechaun Caverns fighting a skeleton controlled by the Leprechaun.

End scene where DITA will just say that a gory explosion takes place of a cast member!

Now for the extras included on the disc of LEPRECHAUN 2 as follows:

+ Original theatrical trailer

+ Dolby 2.0 surround sound

+ Scene selection.

DITA thinks the extras are miniscule and hope they have added more extras on the LEPRECHAUN collection. I said I Hoped!

DITA loved the story line of the second film in the series and of course loved the bridal theme, the pace of the movie, the setting and of course the cast which is led by the talented Warwick Davis!

This Holiday Horror Fest hits all the right notes and kept this “Ghoul-Verde” entertained from beginning to end while “B.J.” and I sat drinking our green beer and pizza on our love seat built for two. Just a word to the wise and to all my readers: “THIS ST. PATTY’S DAY, DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!!! “CALL A CAB, UBER or LYFT INSTEAD, POR FAVOR!!! This message brought to you by “THE BETTER BONE-BITCH COUNSEL”.

DITA gives this fright flick 2½ SKULLS out of 3! To get your greedy little green hands on your own copy just click on the “DVD-Icon” next to Dear old DITA’s Review tonight!



Next week DITA brings you the big 80’s horror flick “LEPRECHAUN' Part 1 with the lovely JENNIFER ANISTON!


DITA (It’s not easy being green) DIRT NAP

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This Review Dedicated to DITA’s Aunt Sophia Ortega-DIRT NAP here in L.A. Thanks for the “Room and Board” when I first came to L.A. back in April of 1995,along with love and compassion!!! Rest In Peace!

You can also stream this film on Amazon Prime!

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