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Directed By; Irvin Berwick
Produced By; Jack Kevan

Hi Kids,
Welcome 'back to the beach' again this week as I, DITA DIRT NAP continue my 'Beach-Themed' Horror Flicks in 'DITA's DEN'!!! 'Surfs-Up', my 'little Spider-Bites' tonight with a Culty little Monster on the Beach Picture that heats up the screen with another 'DITA-Fave', 'Sex-B-Movie Bombshell', the late, JEANNE CARMEN!!! Check out her fun, scandalous life @ www.jeannecarmen.com

More on this Sexy Pin-Up, after my own heart, later! Now 'Mamma-DIRT NAP' has long wanted to Review this film, since some consider it the 'lower-budget, 'CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON', which DITA Reviewed last week.

'Derek, 'The Vamperic-Announcer' Interrupts; 'Why do they call the cliffs in the beach cove where the Monster lives, 'PIEDRAS BLANCAS', DITA???'

DITA responds; 'Cuz when translated in English, it basically means 'Seagull, white Poop-covered Cliffs', silly!

Derek; 'C-h-a-r-m-i-n-g!"

DITA: Well he asked, didn't he?

Until recently this film was only available on VHS, but it has now been released on DVD and Blu-ray. This cult classic beach-monster flick may not have surfers, bikini-clad chicks, or dancing but is thoroughly entertaining from begining-2-end, none the less! Click here to see the culty-cool Trailer; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKctdTu5LFs
L-o-v-e it!!!

This fun beach-horror film also received the 'SHOCK AWARD WINNER' from my old' fav' 'FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND MAGAZINE'!!! Well deserved, DITA might add!!!

Well kids, this film 'with-heart' starts with a legendary 'Beach Monster' that after decades of being fed by an Island-local, misses one meal and decides to roam into town to start snacking on 'Beach/Island 'Townies'!!! Yikes!!! I mean literally, 'heads start to roll'!!! This Monster not only decapitates you with it's razor-sharp claws, but takes it to the next grue-some step of sucking and draining out all of your blood! A distant 'Monster-Vamp' Cousin of good ole' COUNT GORE, perhaps? Hmmmmmmm? I don't know. Any-who, they have a funeral for the first victim, and before they can say 'AMEN', there's another killing, this time the gossipy beach-front grocer.................decapitated and blood drained. After more and more victims start to pile up, Lucy's (Jeanne Carmen) cranky old father, admits to her, uh, 'AFTER', her hunky boyfriend played well by Don Sullivan, another 'DITA-Crush', goes to investigate the beach-side cliff/caves for the culprit, that he had been leaving scraps for it, for years. Uh, okay! The beach towns men form a Monster posse and go looking for it.

Meanwhile, after leaving dog food outside the steps of their Light House Home and locking up, Sexy 'girl-next-door' Lucy, decides to change into sexy lingerie.  Hmmm? Sexy big-busted beach girl and a hungry Sea Creature on the loose........................What could go wrong??? Instead of telling the full story, DITA, will instead 'beach-romp' quickly to my infamous, 'THINGS-2-LOOK-4' List, seeing as how I never like to tell the whole story;

*Scene where sexy-hot Jeanne Carmen/Lucy strips off clothes on the beach behind rocks for late-night 'skinny-dip', while Monster breathes heavy, lurking & peeping near by. 'WHAT,.........a 'perv'!!! Not that there's anything wrong with that, uh, the whole Beach-Monster voyeur thing.
*Quirky scenes where people run funny, motion sped up when the walk or are seen running.
* Scenes with Jeanne/Lucy trying to be a good hostess offering food or drink when someone is attacked as if snacks will make it all better, uh, you know after yet another beheading/blood draining. (Hmmmmm? 'Shades of Martha Stewart, perhaps?)
* Scene where Monster is hit by an object thrown by Lucy's dad, while he's trying to carry her off into the ocean. He lets out a big, loud Monster yell, that comes off as kinda girly but is still mondo-weird, in DITA's Book.
* Stylishly shot 'spiral staircase' Monster-battle scene' done from overhead! Kudos to the Director for that one!!!
* Any scene towards the end taking place in the lighthouse on the beach. (DITA just loves Lighthouses. They remind me of something........but what??? LOL!)
* Love scenes on the beach, complete with crashing waves around Jeanne and Don as they lay smooching in the surf. DITA also likes it when Don takes his shirt off. 'W-H-A-T?' I'm in my prime and feeling 'M.I.L.F.-y', hon!!!)
* Scene with Monster carrying severed head of victim for his creepy collection back at his 'bird doo-doo' cave. (In fact, this exact scene, wuz made into a 'way-cool' Monster Model Kit that you can see being restored by clicking here; www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LqnT5E2ays ) Excellent!!!
* Cool scene with Monsters Shadow on the wall of the lighthouse! (Very artsy, culty and effective in the scene.)

DITA loves the cool, heart-felt, low-budget feel of this bloody beach-romp thru-out the span of the film, the sometimes over-the-top acting, not by the 'Leads', mind you, and the engaging Storyline that kept this glamour-ghoul' glued to the Set!!! This movie is really a treasure-trove of classic cult, that all falls lovingly into place!!! DITA will look forward to Hosting this cult-gem in the future! You can bet on it!!! Only one word Mizz DIRT NAP can use to describe this 'Beach-Horror Flick'..........'MONSTER-RIFFIC!!!' WAIT, is that a word?

DITA DIRT NAP gives 'THE MONSTER OF PIEDRAS BLANCAS' a boney thumbs up and a perfect Score of 3 SKULLS Out Of A 3 SKULLS Score!!! You know kids, they don't make Monster Movies like this anymore, and I'm not suggesting a retread/remake, so do yourselves a favor and Click on the DVD Icon next to Dear Old' DITA's Review and get your Culty Copy tonight! Watch it, curled up on the beach at nightfall, on a Beach-Blanket built for two, with your bare-feet dug into the warm sand and hot weenies in your hand. W-H-A-T? Get your minds outta the gutter, wood ya? I'm assuming this fantasy has a 'WEENIE-ROAST' on the beach, silly!




To find out a lot more 'dishy-good stuff' about the wonderful late Actress, JEANNE CARMEN, who DITA met once at a 'Cult-Movies Convention', just click on her highly recommended, 'can't-put-it-down' Book, just Click on the 'Book-Icon' next to my Review. It's called 'MY WILD, WILD LIFE AS A NEW YORK PIN-UP QUEEN' in Paperback by Author; Brandon James. She wuz very cool, glamorous woman who told it like it wuz and wuz also Marilyn Monroe's close friend and next-door neighbor in Brentwood in the last years of Monroe's life! Beautiful and kind only begins to describe JEANNE CARMEN and her exciting life and exploits in this excellent read of a Book. Thanks for your glowing personality, spirit and talent!!! DITA's a Fan!!!




To read more about this fun old-fashioned 'Beach-Monster Fright Flick', Click on the 'BACK-Issue' of the always ultra-beach-groovy 'SCARY MONSTERS MAGAZINE' Issue # 10 over to your left at the 'Magazine-Icon' with the afore-mentioned Monster!!! Don't cha' just love it?





For the 'dog-days of Summer', sweltering thru your 'Horror-heatwave!!! 'B.J'., better turn up the A.C., hon!

(To see that Song performed by; JAYNE MANSFIELD in Her Cult-Film w/CHRISTOPHER LEE from 'TOO HOT TO HANDLE, Click here, Hon> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFAeXT2zSOc )

Scare-mail appreciated at; DearDITA@live.com

p.s. Here's a Retro Cinema Trailer for you, called, what else; 'BLOOD BEACH', Just click here> http://youtu.be/FFSIK4lEYGk

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This Review DEDICATED to the Memory of Actress; JEANNE CARMEN!!!

This film is also available in Blu-ray Here  and VHS Here!


(The Legacy Collection) DVD
Directed By; Jack Arnold
Produced By; William Alland
BEN CHAPMAN (Playing the Creature On Land) & RICOU BROWNING (Playing the Creature Under Water), ETC.

Hi Kids,
It's me again, your Horror/Cult Cyber Hostess of the Undead, DITA DIRT NAP!

This week keeping w/the Summer-activities theme, uh kind-of, I bring you one of UNIVERSAL STUDIO's Classic Monster Films 'CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON' digitally remastered on DVD, from their 'LEGACY COLLECTION'. Let DITA start with the EXTRAS on this wonderful 2-DISC SET! Everyone knows how much DITA loves EXTRAS and the Documentary on this amphibian Flick is a MUST-SEE for fans of the Creature. It's entitled, 'BACK TO THE BLACK LAGOON'; A CREATURE CHRONICLE and is Hosted By; DAVID J. SKAL. More importantly it interviews and covers the important job of the 2 Actors chosen to play the CREATURE. The lovable BEN CHAPMAN who played the CREATURE on land, (who passed in late Feb. of 2008, sadly.) and up until the end gave numerous Interviews, on camera and several in print over the years as well as attending many and various Monster Cons and Autograph Conventions. He was also no stranger to the fan favorite, 'Scary Monsters Magazine' . Can you say, BACK ISSUE? Ah, Mr. Chapman, you are sorely missed! Thank you ever so, for your Iconic contribution to the MONSTER Film Genre!!

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, the CREATURE under water was played by Actor; Ricou Browning, another important and difficult task as well. The reason DITA brings this up about these 2 actors playing these important parts, is that they were not billed in the credits back in 1954. Tsk, tsk, Universal! Shame on you! If it were not for the work of these 2 actors, there would be NO picture! DITA seems to remember the title of this memorable Monster Flick was 'CREATURE.......... FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, NOT ........'TWO UNBILLED ACTORS FROM THE BLACK LAGOON'! Give credit where credit is due, NES- PAH? I'm just sayin'!

Any-who, the documentary is fun and informative. There are many wonderful extras included on this DVD as well as the 2 fun Sequels and the documentary afore mentioned. What a treat for Monster fans! Here are all the extras included as follows;
*Creature From The Black Lagoon' Trailer. Click here for that Trailer> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svyPswixryM
*Feature Commentary with Film Historian Tom Weaver.
*Production Photographs (Movie Posters in different languages are included as well. (Love it! Side bar; DITA owns her own copy of the French Movie Poster shown in this; of 'Creature From The Black Lagoon' framed nicely hanging in her Mausoleum.)
*'REVENGE OF THE CREATURE'1955 (DITA's Favorite! Could of been called 'Terror At Sea World' LOL/Tee-Hee!)
*'Revenge Of The Creature' Theatrical Trailer
*Feature Commentary with Cast Member; Lori Nelson and Film Historians Tom Weaver and Bob Burns.
* 'The Creature Walks Among Us' Theatrical Trailer
*Feature Commentary with Film Historians Tom Weaver and Bob Burns. Whew! How's that for a DVD Fully Loaded?

Derek; 'The Vampiric-Announcer' says; 'DITA? Are You Finished YET?
DITA; No, not just yet, my little blood bag! Why do you ask?

Derek; Because I want to finish reading your Review..........cuz, cuz, cuz....Cuz it's almost time for 'WENDY WILLIAMS' to come on and I always watch it, DITA!

DITA; Oh, ok, Cuz! Well , don't let me stop you. I mean, don't keep WENDY waiting.

Derek; Then hurry up and finish! Geez, your so long-winded.......for some one with no lungs!

DITA; Okay, okay! I forgot how bitchy Vampires can be.

Well, fiends, I'm sure you all know this film by heart, probably even frame by frame. So. I won't go over the story line. Although, when Julia Adams smokes a cigarette on the boat and then throws the butt in the water while the Creature watches. DITA can't help but wonder if he gets a little pissed off about her littering habits in HIS lagoon. Hmmmmm. Also when she does the famous swimming scene as he swims along beneath her. DITA can't help but wonder how she holds her breath for so long without an oxygen tank. And why does everyone have such plump butts in the cast? This is pre-butt implant days, mind you!

Last but not least, the beautiful musical score is phenomenal and most, most effective in all scenes! DITA would love to have the SOUNDTRACK on my water-proof iPod. Just perfect for my midnight swim in CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE, perhaps? JASON, call me!

This Monster Film was even iconic enough to even be shortly discussed in a certain Blonde bombshell with all know and love; Marilyn Monroe. She discusses it with her Co-star Tom Ewell in 'The Seven Year Itch' as they exit a movie theater showing the film. Marilyn in her oh-so-breathy-voice says; 'I kind of felt sorry for the Creature. Maybe he was just lonely. Maybe he just needed a little love. See that exact scene w/Marilyn and  that Infamous White-Summer Dress, here, Hon> http://youtu.be/rJ8ZHrp8wac

Well, Marilyn, he was swimming around all alone in that lagoon by himself, you know. Hmmmmmm! That gives me an idea! I think DITA will take a little quick trip to the Amazon, find the BLACK LAGOON, rent a raft and lay out on it with my portable DVD Player and watch this flick and wait to hopefully be ravaged by him! Oooooooooh!!!

What a way to watch a movie! DITA gives this wet & wild classic Monster Flick; a perfect 3 Skulls OUT of 3 Score. So get to clickin' on that Icon and order yours tonight!




I GOTTA go kids, you know what they say, 'Have bathing suit & popcorn, WILL TRAVEL!"
Until next time,
'Chainsaw-Kisses', DITA( 'Abbott & Costello Meet The Creature From The Black Lagoon') DIRT NAP
(Click here to see exactly that on their old TV Show > http://youtu.be/DmN6YT_J0g8 )


p.s. DITA wants you to know that the Excellent Classic Movie-Poster for UNIVERSAL's; 'CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON' is available on Amazon.com by Clicking on the 'Poster-Icon' next to Dear Old DITA's Review!



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