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Directed By; Ishiro Honda
Starring; Tadao Takashima, Yu Fujiki, Etc.
Toho Studios
DVD 1963

Welcome back my little 'Spider-Bites!' Tis I, your Horror/Cult Hostess with the Mostest in all the right, rotted places, DITA DIRT NAP!

Now let me tell you earlier this week, DITA, her "Vamp-Hubby'; 'B.J.' and her long-time old  friend from her punk/new wave days; 'Billy-Ray', all decided since we all got vaccinated to venture out into the movies.  Complete w/Temperature checks, Masks, and social-distancing being enforced in the theater in IMAX even to see the 'Whoop-Ass' Fight of the Year w/ring side seats to the New 'KING KONG VS. GODZILLA in 2021! We were thrilled with all the action, the good storyline, even Millie Bobby Brown from; 'Stranger Things', from the last film. DITA will tell you it was a great film updating w/great fight scenes that even became Two plus One is three. DITA won't give anything away but I will say I was satisfied w/the outcome and the winner. That's kind of my mini-review of this Fantastic New Version of ; 'KING KONG VS. GODZILLA', Hon! DITA also highly suggests seeing it either in the theaters now or on HBO MAX! Either way DITA can't say enuff great things about it! You can even hear the sounds made by each monster when they are punched or hit in H.D. DITA LIKE-Y! In fact ,my little 'coffin-creepers', DITA gives it my Perfect Score of 3 Skulls Out of A 3 Skulls SCORE! To see the Trailer for 'KING KONG VS. GODZILLA-2021,Simply Click Here, Dear> https://youtu.be/X9TBnP34JDA

So with that being said DITA decided to bring the O.G. from 1963; 'KING KONG VS. GODZILLA this week! Let DITA first say I first saw the Original film back in the 70's on TV one night watching it a 'slumber-party' sleep-over w/my Cousins Judy & Chucky Dirt Nap on my hometown's local late night station called KPLR TV 11. We giggled, cheered and devoured home pizza Mummy Dirt Nap had made for us and at one point in the campy/fun fight scene. DITA's Cousin Chucky Dirt Nap got excited when Kong grabbed Godzilla's tail and he shouted in his southern accent; 'GET THAT JOKER!' So let me start with the storyline of this old-fashioned fun & campy flick, Hon. To see the campy-Cool Trailer from 1963 of; 'KING KONG VS. GODZILLA', just Click here my little "Blood-Bags'> https://youtu.be/ljLQZXOUNjw

They start out showing Godzilla being awakened in the ocean and busting thru a glacier. Then the cut to what I'm guessing is Kong Island/Monster Island, eventually showing Kong after a somewhat strange scene with a Asian
News reporter talking about healing berries from a certain native island that have healing properties but also if made into juice acts as somewhat of a 'sleep-aid'/sleeping pill. Now the Japanese News immediately starts reporting about Godzilla's where abouts since re-awaking and of course is headed for Tokyo or somewhere in Japan with a high index of people. By doing this they scare the 'bee-jesus' out of everybody. In the meantime a local woman is told by a friend/neighbor that her husband plane has crashed and only 27 people survived. She later finds out after the fact that his boss made him work late which in turn made him miss his flight.  But as DITA mentioned she didn't find that out till later.

So the woman quickly takes a train to where the survivors are. Long story short, her train is course attacked by Godzilla, uh a actor in a rubber suit in this film. When Godzilla attacks the woman tries to get off the train to waiting armed service men in trucks waiting to take the train riders to safety. She gets controlled by the crowd and is now left behind to fend for herself. DITA must say when this woman flees and starts running along the road, she does it over dramatically, complete with her arms flailing all over the place.

Quickly she heads down into a creek after seeing Godzilla up ahead on the tracks. When she heads into the creek, she again over dramatically flails her arms and now also her legs as she runs thru the shallow water. DITA thinks scene is very campy and fun just the way I like it! Remember DITA thinks bad-acting is entertaining when its done bad enuff and ends up comedic-buffunory. Just sayin'! Anyway, Japan sees that Godzilla needs his ears-boxed, by someone?  But who?

Cue King Kong back on Monster Island, after terrorizing a mother and child in a hut, being fed the healing/sleep aid berry juice by armed forces. Why you may ask? Uh, so he can konk-out, go to sleep and then have the military tie him down to a giant raft, float him over to where Godzilla's at in the ocean and let them have it, silly! That is the first fight scene dear but the later 'main-event' comes later when they end up air-lifting Kong by way of wires and big balloons over to where Godzilla is trudging thru the woods unsuspectingly and then the military, literally drops Kong from the air, where he slides on his bottom down a hill and actually kicks Godzilla in his ass as he lands into him hard! And its on!

They fight back in fourth. Godzilla at one point while Kong is down, begins beating him with his own tail , over and over.  Finally Kong has had enuff of the big green ones massive tail and yanks Godzilla's tail, then grabs it and throws him around with it. At another point DITA enjoyed a part in the culty-cool fight where Kong is stuffing trees he uprooted from the ground and starts shoving them down Godzilla's angry throat. At another point Kong is down maybe for the count and you hear the cast tell one another that a electrical storm is approaching and that Kong is always strengthened by electricity. The electrical storm then strikes Kong over and over directly in his face, thus indeed reviving him. he then goes after Godzilla with a vengeance.

By the way, before the fight there is a scene reminiscent Asian Fay Wray, sitch that has Kong picking up the afore mentioned over-dramatic lady and walking off with her with military being told to get him to let her go safely, they fire rockets over Kong's head as he is on top of a tall building w/Miss Overdramatic , as the rockets are fired over head they sprinkle down to him in his mouth the also afore-mentioned berry-juice night-night juice, which makes makes Kong lie down and fall asleep thus causing him to release the woman from his hairy palm where her own brother brings her to safety. Now DITA doesn't want to reveal the winner of this 'cult-ta-licous' and very campy battle that has long been DITA's Favorite Godzilla Flick of All, but I will say that in the end, one swims away a winner and one disappears into 'looser-ville' til the next Godzilla installment, of which there are many!

DITA loves this film the best out of all the Godzilla films because of it's high camp-factor, cheap sets, bad acting, bad but fun dubbing in English , bad special-effects of the time it was made as well as at one point in the film when King Kong is walking away you can clearly see the costumes big long zipper down the actors back. LOVE IT, LOVE IT. L-O-V-E IT!!!!!

Before DITA forgets I wanted to mention how silly, cheap and funny King Kong's costume is and the weird/mondo look of his face and choppers aka teeth are! As well as the plentiful toy cars and such in this 'too-much-fun flick!' Stuff like that is right up DITA's rotted-alley! Too Funny! As you know by know DITA's a fan of things like that which are all included in this film which to this nostalgic 'ghoul-gal' and all-around 'Bone-Bitch' is over half the fun and/or high entertainment factor! DITA highly suggests watching this film like I did at a future vaccinated slumber party with road-kill pizza with extra tire-tracks and a 2 liter bottle of ;'Choke-A-Cola' and ooey-gooey buttered 'scare-corn',uh,  I mean popcorn with or thru HD stereo speakers on your TV, so you won't miss a single Godzilla roar or Kong's infamous beating of his chest with lots of bass cranked to the max, Hon! DITA loved watching this Cult-Fest Monster Battle-Royale w/cheese again w/my 'Vamp-Hubby'; 'B.J.' and our devilish doggy; 'Chilling-China' at our side!

DITA thinks things are starting to finally look-up but stills heavily wearing your mask, even after your vaccinated and sends a big thank you to Singer/Actress DOLLY PARTON for my Moderna vaccine shots!!! DITA gives this fun camp-fest from 1963 called; 'KING KONG VS. GODZILLA' a perfect Score of 3 Skulls Out Of 3!!!

Uh, did I mention the Camp-factor? LOL! To get your own Copy tonight ,simply Click on the 'DVD-Icon' to the left of Dear Old DITA's Review!!! Also DITA thinks try re-watching this fun flick a 2nd time con/mota ,and uh, lots of snacks!!! (Giggle, giggle, Hon!)



Next week join me back here in "DITA's-DEN' as I review for the upcoming smoke & toke holiday of 4/20 w/my Review of; 'EVIL BONG 3'.
Until then
'Surgical-Mask' covered Kisses,
DITA ( 'Godzilla's Theme' ) DIRT NAP

(To see hear that Song from the 'Godzilla-98'-Soundtrack by DIDDY, Click here>  https://youtu.be/KKgYvcfrxj4 )

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p.s. Special Thanks to DITA's Good longtime Friend; 'BILLY-RAY' for braving the theater to see the New ;'KING KONG VS. GODZILLA' and More! Miss you already! Thanks for our Special-Culty Friendship since 1985!

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aka 'Attack Of The Giant Angry Killer Rabbits'
Warner Brothers Studio
Directed By; William Claxton
Starring; Janet Leigh, Rory Calhoun, Stuart Whitman & DeForest Kelley.
1972 DVD Running Time; 88 Minutes

Hi Kids,
Yes, DITA DIRT NAP's back and I brought my giant Chocolate Bunny with me! Just in time to see a 50' Foot; Peter Cotton-Tail stomping down the Bunny Trail! Hipp-ity-hop-hop Easter's on it's way............along with a lot of blood, carnage and uh.......carrots, with some 'PEEPS' & jelly beans thrown in for good measure!

So this week I bring you a Cult-y Drive-In movie about GIANT, Killer Rabbits on the war path! It’s called ‘NIGHT OF THE LEPUS’! To see that campy Trailer click here, kids: https://youtu.be/xB_4qiOzJTE

The DVD box cover asks; 'How many eyes does horror have? DITA doesn't know, but I bet they have 20/20 vision........and uh, an active sex life! Cuz rabbits multiply silly! Believe it or not this horror screen play came from a Novel called, 'Attack Of The Giant Angry Rabbits' which I think would have made a more fitting title. You see Lepus is Latin for rabbit.

Oh, and my good friend 'Alley-Kat' wants me to remind you of TCM's other great, unique program called TCM's Silent Sundays because she and DITA are Silent Movie Fans!  Three of my favorites are 'The Cat And The Canary' (A Silent Horror Film) and of course Lon Chaney's 'PHANTOM OF THE OPERA' and 'NOSFERATU'!  A big hello by the way to; “Alley-Kat” and her three kids ; Kraig, Felix & Ca-a-r-r-l! Meow!

Derek the Vampiric Announcer says; 'Back to your Review, bone-bitch!'

DITA says; Oh, yes, quite right Derek.

Any-who, this is a guilty pleasure flick that must have been fun at the Drive-In back in 72' upon it's release from Warner Brothers. The only extra on the disc is the Trailer which is fun. This is a silly, fun film that you can laugh at when the scenes turn from horror to ludicrous, which is whenever the rabbits come onscreen in their giant close-ups of their teeth smeared with fake blood, squealing, killing, hopping, chasing and killing cows & horses and last but not least......... people! The sound effects put in for the rabbits when they kill, sound like lions! Lions, really, hmmmm? Lions, tigers and bunnies, oh my!

Oh, DITA almost forgot the Story line. It's fun/silly of course. It starts out with Janet Leigh and her husband and child being brought in to humanely down size the rabbit population by using hormones. Are these transsexual bunnies perhaps? Hmmm? After injecting on of the rabbits that Miss Leigh's daughter was fond of, the little girl switches the injected rabbit with a non-injected rabbit. She keeps it for a pet but her friend sets it free and it runs down a hole and mates with the other bunnies.  The rabbits of course are now Super-sized and travel in packs.

The family and town’s people and sheriffs try dynamite-ing their rabbit cave. It doesn't work and by night fall the Killer, giant, angry rabbits are on the move. They terrorize a ranch, a general store, attack horses and cows and get shot at as well as lit on fire. Nothing stops them! What to do, what to do?  Well, I'll tell you my little rotten Easter eggs. The Sheriff recruits Drive-In Movie Patrons, I kid you not, by having they line up their cars with their lights on to drive the Killer Bunnies out to the nearby rail road tracks. They have of course rigged the train tracks to electrocute the giant rabbits dead in their tracks. Mmmmmm! Rabbit Stew for the whole town! End scene.

By the way, the Drive-In Patrons from earlier seem not at all fazed that the Sheriff has zoomed in the Drive- In (while a classic 'TOM & JERRY' Cartoon plays on the screen.) and announces on a Bull Horn that a herd of Giant Killer Rabbits are headed their way! Uh, okay!

There are unintentionally funny lines of dialogue through out this Killer Bunny Flick that make you think of 'Mystery Science Theater 3000'! Love that show! Also look for the scene where Janet Leigh's character and her young daughter are trapped and surrounded by the Giant KILLER Rabbits in a camper truck. Miss Leigh throws her daughter in the camper and fights them off with only a road flare! “Atta, Girl”! Remember she wasn't so lucky in her earlier 1960 flick fighting off Norman in the shower. Oh, well you can't win them all, hon!

DITA gives this Killer Rabbit/B-Movie 2˝ SKULLS out of 3. Enjoy... (to get your own campy-copy of “N.O.T.L” just click on the “DVD-Icon” to the left here next to my review.)




'Surgical-Mask Covered Kisses' til next weekend.

DITA ('Easter-Beagle') DIRT NAP

(to see a fun scene from DITA’s favorite animator’s Easter Special, Charles M. Schulz of Snoopy and Bunnies simply click here) https://youtu.be/jRwsTyUPIYE

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P.S. Happy Haunted, Vaccinated-Easter to all my 'Easter-Peeps!!!'


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