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Directed By; Charles Seller, Jr.
Produced By; Ira Richard Barmak
Written By; Michael Hickey
Starring; Robert Brian Wilson As; Billy & Linnea Quigley,
Lilyan Chauvin, Gilmer Mccormick, Toni Nero.
Slayride, Inc. 1984 85 Min.
Directed By; LEE HARRY
Produced By; Lawrence Applebaum
Screenplay Written By; LEE HARRY & Joseph H. Earle
Edited By; LEE HARRY
Starring; Eric Freeman As; Billy's Younger Brother, Ricky
& Elizabeth Cayton, James L. Newman, Jean Miller.
A Lawrence Applebaum Production
Silent Night Releasing Corp. 1987 88min.
Anchor Bay Entertainment (DVD's)


As always, I'm DITA DIRT NAP, Your Horror/Cult Xmas HO, um, I mean Host, back this weekend with a 'DITA DIRT NAP; DOUBLE-D DOUBLE FEATURE' for you of my 2 Favorite Holiday
Horrors; 'SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 1 & 2!!!' A DVD Double Feature.

Some of you may remember that Dear Old DITA got her start with COUNT GORE years ago by Reviewing this first Film, 'S.N.,D.N.'- Part 1. Then the following Christmas, DITA Reviewed the Sequel,
'Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2', Written & Directed By the Talented, LEE HARRY. Well, Mr. Harry liked my Review and sent dear old DITA an e-mail, saying say. DITA of course wrote him back, praising his work and ask for permission to air the film on 'W.H.P.A.'-TV. He said yes, and  all was good. Mr. Harry, you are a gem, indeed! Thank you , ever so!!!

That certainly gives new meaning to the classic Holiday-ditty, 'HERE COMES SANTA CLAUS', uh, right down 'Santa Claus Lane'.............with an AXE!!! Yikes!!! Note to self; Inquire about getting a 'Chimney-Alarm' installed, a.s.a.p.!!!

'Derek-'The Vamperic-Announcer' interrupts; 'What do YOU want for Christmas, little-girl?'

DITA responds with; 'Ah, how bout' no more nasty 'Wild-Fires' ,here in Los Angeles, Babe!

Derek says; 'Oh my Yes!!! 'Dita'; From your mouth to god's ears!

DITA responds; 'A-M-E-N, Hon!

Derek; Okay, back to your Review, 'Buzz-Bomb!'

DITA SAYS; 'Oh, right, almost forgot, thanks, hon!'

Since, I Reviewed both these Films before, uh, on, VHS, DITA will only be giving a short synopsis on each and instead Focusing on the ultra-cool 'EXTRAS' included on this cool  'Double-Feature'-DVD, DITA thinks is a 'MUST-HAVE' for Collector's & FANS of  these Films such as myself!!!

The first film is about the character of BILLY. Billy and his family, which 'importantly' includes his baby brother Ricky, his mom & dad on a car ride home are waved down by a Santa with Car Trouble, so it seems? The tag line reads; 'SANTA'S HERE" & 'YOU'VE SURVIVED HALLOWEEN, NOW TRY AND SURVIVE CHRISTMAS!'

Yeah, he's here alright, and he ends up traumatizing little Billy by the ensuing Christmas-Eve Rape and murder of his Parents, by the 'sicko-santa'. If that wasn't enough then he is brutalized by sadistic nuns at the orphanage. I personally love 'those' kinds of Nuns, when placed in a horror film! WHAT? I'm just sayin'.

Then when a grown-up BILLY is forced to dress up at his jobs Christmas Party as Santa, he of course ends up going on a Holiday murdering Rampage to as he puts it 'to punish the naughty'...............with what else??? An axe, of course, silly!!! One quick DITA's; 'Things-To-Look-For' Item, that I mentioned in my first Review was and still is;

* Dita-Fave; LINNEA QUIGLEY's, Sexy Scene of; DEATH BY ANTLERS, done by SANTA! (This scene and the Trailer for Part One of 'S.N.,D.N.' are both available for viewing by Clicking here ,kids>(Trailer) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ph2qpWw7nZI&feature=share&list=PL1B573E2CB5E2E22F

And here for Miss Quigley's Sexy/Bloody death by antler. It starts at the 2;00 Mark> https://youtu.be/Xq6b0QttdLY   DITA highly recommends it!!!

Also this Film still has such a 'cult-following' that it was shown here in Hollywood at a 'Special Christmas Screening' at the 'ARCHLIGHT Theater, formerly known as the Cineramadome, ironically where my old side-kick CAMPIRA tried to Interview Movie Patrons coming out a Screening of GODZILLA 98'!

Now for the Ultra-cool 'EXTRAS' included for S.N.,D.N. Part One, which are as follows;
+Widescreen Presentation for 16 x 9 TV's.
+ Audio Interview with Director; Charles E. Sellier, Jr.
+ Poster & Still Gallery (Excellent Stuff in here. Makes cool Screen-Savers!!!)
+ 'Santa's Stocking Of Outrage'- A must see montage about the controversy over this film, quotes, included!!! 'PLEASE take a gander, says DITA!!!)

A couple last side notes about this Film and it's Director Charles Sellier,Jr. Mr. Sellier was the Author of 'THE LIFE AND TIMES OF GRIZZLY ADAMS!' Which was of course turned into the 1975 Film and TV Series, for NBC. His film 'S.N,D.N.' ADAPTED from a Novel called, 'SLAYRIDE'!!! Look it up here on www.amazon.com  'B.J.', that's another item to add to my 'Xmas-Lists', -l-e-a-s-e!!!

Now 'Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2', picks up years later with Billy's little Brother, RICKY all grown up and 'hunky' as he want to be! No foolin! In my Review of this Film last time, I mentioned his hunky-ness through-out, as he too was one of DITA's Crushes, uh, still is!!! If I could Only snag this 'holiday-horror-hunk' played to culty-perfection by Actor ERIC FREEMAN, I, DITA DIRT NAP, would have all the 'presents' I need...........and uh, WANT!!! HERE'S MY E-MAIL Address ERIC, Uh, just in case you want to get in touch for uh, Interview, uh, yeah, for my 'Online-Interviews', get a pen Eric, I'll wait..............................................it's; ddn1965@live.com

A couple of 'side-notes' on this Sequel; are that DIRECTOR; LEE HARRY Only had a 'LOW-BUDGET of $250,000 and a daunting 10 Day Shooting Schedule. The film Played here in Hollywood at the Famous, 'HOLLYWOOD EGYPTIAN THEATER', a favorite of Dear old' DITA's!!!  Uh, where was I kids, oh yes, Billy's Brother, RICKY, he follows in his older Brother's Foot steps of Creating Christmas Carnage, cuz with him, 'Sicko-Santa' is back for more nudity, uh, y-e-a-h,  and holiday violence, leaning on the grisly side, and DITA's not referring to those 'oh-so-cute' 'Coca-Cola' Xmas Bears, folks!!!

To see the Culty-Trailer for Silent Night, Deadly Night 2' > http://youtu.be/xS4G67yiwY0

Another quick 'DITA's Things-To-Look-For' Scene in this 'Merry, Scary-Fright-Flick' Sequel is as follows;

* Scene where RICKY AS 'SICKO-SANTA' kills a 'smart-ass' by Stabbing him with a sharp umbrella all the way through and out the back of his body. Kind of like a marsh-mellow roasting stick/kah-bob to roast over your 'open-fire', uh, 'NOT' by NAT KING COLE or JOHNNY MATHIS, even!!! ( A quick side NOTE on DITA's favorite 'Christmas-Crooners', COLE & MATHIS;  THE NAT KING COLE SHOW's Christmas Special!) And my Fantasy Crush; JOHNNY MATHIS, who DITA saw more than once in my Neighborhood of West Hollywood! A thrill 4 this 'Ghoul-Gal!'

Now, for the cool 'EXTRAS' included on this Disc for 'S.N.,D.N.2', which are as follows;
+ Widescreen Presentation-Enhanced for 16 x 9 TV's.
+ Audio Commentary with Writer/Director LEE HARRY, Writer Joseph H. Earle & Actor James Newman. (DITA Highly Recommends listening to the entire Commentary for stories on the filming behind the scenes tales!!!)
+ Theatrical Trailer (Always nice, consider as you know, 'mandatory', by Mizz DIRT NAP!!!)
+Poster and Still Gallery (Excellent, please browse this feature, and maybe choose a Poster from the this film as a Screen-Saver like I did! Love it!!!)
+ DVD-Rom of the Original Screen Play by my favorite; LEE HARRY!

These Films are excellent and continuing gathering a 'cult-following' to this very day and spawned 3 more Films in the Series which are; 'S.N.,D.N.3';You Better Watch Out!', 'S.N.D.N.4; INITIATION' and 'S.N.,D.N.5; THE TOY MAKER' Starring; Mickey Rooney, who incidentally complained about the first Film, NO FOOLIN! See Mr. Rooney's Quote in the 'extra' feature on Part 1 called, 'SANTA'S STOCKING OF OUTRAGE', for Proof!!!

Love ya anyway, Mr. Rooney, especially in the cult Film with Mamie Van Doren you did entitled, 'THE PRIVATE LIVES OF ADAM AND EVE' (Too see Clip from that Film, Click here> http://youtu.be/PcIKP3Ei2kE  )

DITA loved this DVD DOUBLE FEATURE disc of 'SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT PART ONE & PART 2' and give it my highest score of 3 SKULLS Out Of 3 SKULLS!!!

So click on the 'DVD-Icon' next to my Review and get your copy to watch on a cold, snowy, December Night while you have that afore mentioned 'Chimney-Alarm' installed, who needs a fire, when you can just turn up the heat........uh, with your significant other and 'LINUS's-BLANKET', silly!!!



Until Next weekend,
'Chainsaw-Kisses' & Mistle-toe,
(Too hear that Song from; 'Silent Night, Deadly Night 1', Click here ,Dear> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PX0JJ-sstqc  )

Scary-Xmas Cards & Scare-mail to; DDN1965@LIVE.COM 

p.s. DITA would like to mention at this time of the Holiday-Year that she wuz and is a Big-Fan of Singer; ANDY WILLIAMS. THANK U EVER SO FOR SHARING YOUR MUSICAL-TALENT W/YOUR FANS!!! WWW.ANDYWILLIAMS.COM  & Click here to see him performing a Xmas-Duet on his old TV SHOW; 'THE ANDY WILLIAMS SHOW!' > http://youtu.be/KFO-MrfdlE8  )

Also hello to my Horror/Cult buddy, 'RENFIELD!'

As always please web-surf at the following;
www.shoutfactory.com  (Great DVD Selection says DITA!)
www.somethingweird.com  (Excellent CULT-DVD Selection! DITA Like-y!)
www.thenewbev.com  (Hollyweirds Cinema of Retro-Horror & Cult Films! DITA & RENFIELD Like-y!!!)
www.nkla.org  (DITA says; 'Help make all Animal-Shelters in L.A., CA. ,'NO-KILL' Shelters, Please!!! My Shelter Rescue Pup; 'DOLLY', Thanks you ever so!)


Also look up Director; LEE HARRY! @ www.imdb.com
Special Holiday Hello's To; Deb Honaker & my Friends 'The Dildoe-Lady' & Cindy & my Side-Kick; 'CAMPIRA', 'MAIZE-JONES' & my old Friend, Billy-Ray!!! 'Scary-Xmas' 2 u all!!!

Starring; BELA LUGOSI, Nina Foch, Frieda Inescort, Matt Willis (As the Werewolf.), & a very young; Jeanne Bates
(Future Star of; ‘MOM!’ witch DITA Recently Reviewed- She plays the Vampire’s very First Victim. , etc.
Directed By; Lew Landers
Produced By; Sam White
Columbia DVD’s
1944 DVD

Hi Kids,
It’s the ‘Return Of The Bone-Bitch ‘, back after this Thanksgiving- Holiday Weekend, DITA DIRT NAP, back once again to bring another Culty Horror-Lost Gem called; ‘THE RETURN OF THE VAMPIRE’!!! Of course Starring the One & Only; BELA LUGOSI!

This cool, culty, old-fashioned Fright-Flick is now Available on DVD! Get yours quick by Clicking on the ‘DVD-Icon’ of it now, next to Dear old DITA’s Review, hon! Makes a great B-Day gift for your favorite LUGOSI-Lover, no foolin’!

U see recently, Mizz DIRT NAP wuz thumbing thru the latest Issue of ‘SCARY MONSTERS MAGAZINE’ Issue # 74 when I came across a great Article by; Martin Powell entitled; ‘IN SEARCH OF ‘THE RETURN OF THE VAMPIRE’. DITA liked the Article so much ( which begins on Page; 37.) she decided to Review the Film!

To see the Trailer for; 'THE RETURN OF THE VAMPIRE', simply Click here, Dear> https://youtu.be/yYnv2pv8_-Q

This old-time Monster-Flick starts out with the Vampire’s first beautiful Victim, being attacked, then quickly cuts to a gothic-lly-cool, creepy ,atmospheric fog-covered Grave Yard. And what do we see making it way thru the fog to a waiting Mausoleum, but a somewhat odd looking Werewolf! Hmmm?

Where’s he going, you may ask? To wake up Drac, silly! W-H-A-T? You thought he wuz late for a ‘Mani-Pettie’! LMOL! You see he has awakened his Master , the Vampire, aka Dr. Armand Tesla. Then quickly there's a 'flash-back', to how poor Drac, bit the dust the first time. This dirty-deed  wuz done dirt cheap by a Lady Scientist & a Professor. They sneak in the grave yard after the good Lady Scientist’s young daughter wuz bitten by a Vampire and required a blood-transfusion to survive. AH, sweet revenge. So she thinks! Quickly after this ‘stake-thru-the- heart’ scene before in the Cemetery. Her associate, the good Professor, dies in a plane crash. Huh?? Then Lady Scientist, finds herself, being accused all these years later of; Murder. Let DITA explain; u see the Authorities don’t believe in Vampires, uh, or Werewolves, for that matter, so they announce that if they go back to the old grave yard from years ago, they believe they should find a steel stake with no body, if she’s to found innocent.

If they find a corpse with a stake thru it’s heart then she will be thrown in jail, uh, like Lindsey. Oh right, that hasn’t happened yet? Lost her passport, eh??? Now in the future scenes, the Lady Scientist’s daughter Nicky, is all grown-up, thanks to the past blood-transfusion. Meanwhile, back at the ‘bone-yard’ , their have been recent ‘air-raids’, that have bombed open some graves, of course including the old Vampires resting place. Two grave yard care takers discover the Vamp’s body w/the stake still in it. They are there to clean up, so before reburying him, one of them pulls out the stake. Whooooops!!!

This brings the old blood-sucker back to life, uh, this time with an axe to grind to the person who did this to him! YES, kids, you guessed it, the old Scientist-Lady (FRIEDA INESCORT), with the grown up Sexy daughter played by Actress; NINA FOCH. Now DITA should mention that back when the stake wuz driven in the Vampire, his spell over his Servant Werewolf wuz broken. The old boy/former werewolf went to work for Lady Scientist and she reformed him from evil. Well as u can imagine, the old boy gets turned back into a Werewolf by bothersome old Drac, and…………back into submission & evil!

The ‘once-again Werewolf’ (played dramatically by; MATT WILLIS.) begins to secretly help the old Vampire ( Played brilliantly by; BELA LUGOSI, as only he can, kids!) find a new Dr, Identity, gets him invited to a party at the Lady Scientist house and as expected , all ‘HELL’ slowly breaks loose. Now Armand Tesla/Vampire has also been visiting her grown-up hot tomato daughter at night, uh, in her no garlic room DITA noticed and again begins to feed on her quickly draining blood. Hmmm?

Is there a show-down between the ‘Lady-Scientist’ and the vengeful old’ Vampire??? Will the Werewolf turn good again or even get ‘HIS’ revenge??? To find out this and much, much more……………just simply Click on the ‘DVD-Icon’ of ‘THE RETURN OF THE VAMPIRE ‘ 2-Nite!!! Uh, quickly before the dreaded Vampire-burning Sun comes up!!! HURRY, umm, he doesn’t have any ‘Sunscreen’ with him, hon!!! LOL! What??? I said, I don’t like to tell the whole Story!

‘And now…………………..’DITA’s THINGS-2-LOOK-4’;

*Scene in the beginning of this fun/fright flick in grave yard with the Vampire & the Werewolf!
* Scenes w/air raids at inconvenient times and places. ( Watch, you’ll see what DITA means!)
* All grave yard scenes! (Very well-dressed scenes that only add to the all-over creepiness!)
* Vampire visiting scenes w/THE ‘HOT-TOMATOE’ Daughter of Lady-Scientist! (Love the way Bela whispers to her thru the air and ‘close-ups’ of his mesmerizing eyes.)
* Stand-off Scene between ‘you-know-who’ & ‘you-know-who else’! ( Two sets of characters have these ‘stand-off’ scenes, mind u!)

As for the ‘EXTRAS’; Just the following;
+ Scene Selection

DITA highly suggests this old-fashioned, culty, Monster Fright-Flick w/my Favorite; BELA LUGOSI And gives it a Score of 2 and ˝ SKULLS out of 3! One point only taken off cuz it’s not his Original; ‘DRACULA’ (1931)! WHAT, that one can’t be beat even today. In fact Mizz DIRT NAP will be Reviewing that Classic Film coming in October-2018!!!

Special Shout to my ‘Fiend’ in Horror& Cult, ‘RENFIELD’!!!




Til next time,
DITA (‘Coffin-Shaker’) DIRT NAP
( Too see the gothically-cool Group; ‘THE COFFIN SHAKERS’ Singing their HIT Song; ‘RETURN OF THE VAMPIRE’, Just Click here; https://youtu.be/fQX3OzEyCZA )

Contact me please at;

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U haven’t ‘lived’ until you’ve seen a Horror Flick shown in a Grave Yard!!! DITA highly recommends!!! 3 Skulls!!!)

You can also see this film on Amazon Instant Video HERE!

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