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Directed By; (DITA-Fave;) WILLIAM CASTLE
Starring; (DITA-Fave;) JOAN CRAWFORD,
& Tiny Cameo By; Lee Majors (‘Six Million Dollar Man’ TV Series, etc.)
Warner Brothers
1964 DVD

Hi Kids,

DITA DIRT NAP here bringing you a William Castle Classic-camp Horror pic Starring one of DITA’s Favorite ‘High-camp-One time ‘Scream-Queen’ & PEPSI-Queen; JOAN CRAWFORD, chewing and ‘chopping-up’ the scenery in one of my favorite Cult films entitled; ‘STRAIT JACKET’!!! DITA loves this film which still holds up well enough to have the honor of being included in the ‘WILLIAM CASTLE FILM COLLECTION’ out now on DVD!!!

L-o-v-e it!!!

DITA loves all the New attention JOAN CRAWFORD is getting again now the TV-Show on FX called; 'FEUD-BETTE & JOAN ' is very popular lately!!! DITA loves that show by the way and makes it appointment viewing every week over at my good friend; 'MAD DOCTOR D',pad which is only one street over from DITA & 'B.J.'s place in W. Hollyweird, Hon! DITA has long been inspired by Joan Crawford as a role-model!

As DITA has said before, I first saw this Film on the ‘Big-Screen’ at the former ‘Spook-A-Thon’ Film Festival with a full-house audience who treated this fun fright-flick like another version of ‘Rocky-Horror’, complete w/Audience participation especially the scene where she lights a match ‘Cougar-style’ on a old-fashioned record-player to light her cigarette in a too-funny butt not meant to be awkward seduction scene attempt, that just has to be seen!!! This may wind up being a ‘Double’ or ‘Triple Feature’ when DITA gets through, my little ‘coffin-creepers’? Hmmm? So , if you’re a Big William Castle Film-Fan such as myself, then ‘STRAIT JACKET’ is a ‘Must-See’, ‘Must-Have Film, uh, as well as his new DVD Collection!!! DITA is so excited to have this Film included in the Collection. As most of you know, I have long been a ‘die-hard’ Fan of both Mr. Castle & Miss Crawford. In fact this wuz not their only Film pairing. They also did another great Horror Film together called ‘I SAW WHAT YOU DID, AND I KNOW WHO YOU ARE’, which is not included in this Collection butt DITA highly recommends renting.

To see this fun Trailer from ‘STRAIT JACKET 1964, just Click here; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4G7jwVJRnc

In fact, during my voo-doo zombie rebirth back in 1998, a used Joan Crawford Pepsi-can, complete w/lipstick stains’ wuz thrown into the mix, as well as other ‘role-model’ artifacts. No-foolin’! Anyway, Joan may have been a ‘BITCH’ in her personal life and with some of her children ‘BUTT’………..she wuz a BITCH that could act!!! In fact, take note while watching this cult-horror film, of her noticeable hedonistic-perfectionist way of how many times her face is perfectly-lit.

This movie is great fun to watch as Mizz DIRT NAP did with a big group of people or at a Party w/lots of friends! Now as most of my Fans know, DITA is stickler about having lots of cool ‘EXTRA’s’ needing to be included on every Horror disc!!! Well hon, I simply must tell you that this DVD does not disappoint! I has great fun & interesting culty-cool ‘Extra’s’! The only thing missing is the original ‘fake cardboard Axe’s’ that were given out during it’s Original Theatrical Debut back in 1964 by Mr. Castle! L-o-v-e it…………..and him!!!

DITA’s favorite ‘Extra’ on this DVD is called ‘BATTLE-AXE’; The Making Of ‘STRAIT JACKET’, witch I think is a ‘MUST-SEE’ for Fans of this film in this DVD Collection!!! In it , they make no mistake that Miss CRAWFORD wuz the ‘driving-DIVA-force’ behind the scenes! It even tells about JOAN coming up with a new Ending, on the sly, witch left the camera focusing completely on her in the ‘final-scene’! This by the way, wuz ‘NOT’ in the script! Don’t they know DIVA’s ‘always’ find a way to get the final ‘MARTINI-SHOT’ in a film?

Another ‘EXTRA’ I love to death is ‘JOAN CRAWFORD’s Wardrobe/Make-Up TESTS’ complete w/eerie music playing effectively in the background witch Also includes my favorite , ‘the AXE swinging Tests’ w/Crawford looking very convincing as an Axe-Murderess w/some apparent aggressions to work out! Too see Joan in costume and working the Axe like a pro, simply click here; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EMbnZUgLSk

Fun CASTLE Trailers are included as well. In this Castle- Crowd Pleaser, CRAWFORD brings the drama and chews the Scenery like it wuz going out-of-style! ‘Kudos’ to CRAWFORD for that! She really makes this movie ‘and ‘KEEPS’ it going even today as a ‘Cult-Hit’! DITA adds that Joan has a scare-rific ‘Horror-Movie Scream’ in this flick!!! This ‘bloody-murder scream’ can be heard in a cool ‘drea-sequence where she wakes up to a cheesy fake-head in her bed!

Also DITA says ‘watch for packs of PEPSI placed strategically throughout this movie. As Joan wuz married to the President of ‘PEPSI-COLA’ at the time of filming. Ahead of her time with ‘product-placement’ wuzn’t she! Oh, that JOAN! LOL Mizz DIRT NAP’s abs-fab’ part in the film comes when she has on ‘dangle-y jangle-y charm bracelets!!! This a ‘DEFINITE’ ‘Things-2-Look-4’ ALERT ; Watch for her 40’s Style wig and a cheap-looking but cool-ass floral print dress where she starts dancing mondo-strangely, drinking, chain-smoking and dangling her noisy bracelets all at the same time!!! I tell ya, it’s mesmerizing! All she needs in this scene is a couple a hoola-hops thrown around her aging neck and she could join a 3 Ring Circus.

Uh, no worries something similar comes up in another one of her Horror Films that DITA Reviewed eon’s ago here in the ‘DEN’ called ‘BERSERK’ with the beautiful British answer to Marilyn Monroe; Miss DIANA DORS ( ‘ROOM 43’,etc.)! DITA swears in this ‘A.D.D’ over-stimulation Scene she could easily imagine JOAN doing this while dancing, drinking, smoking, dangling thing; coming off like some psychotic, popcorn/peanut selling ‘wacked-out, cracked-out stewardess from hell’ yelling……………………’Get your peanuts……get your popcorn…….cigars, cigarettes……..coffee, tea or me! JOAN wuz obviously a ‘MULTI-TASKER’, kids! Sorry, went off on a ‘fantasy-rant’! Tee-hee!!!

A-n-y way, the Story-line goes, the she/Joan/ Lucy once chopped off the heads of her Husband and his slutty Mistress 20 years ago and had been in a ‘Looney-Bin’ for quite some time before coming back to stay with her daughter upon her release. Now her daughter had witnessed this beheading scene as a child………of course! As JOAN/Lucy struggles to readjust to society ……..witch includes getting drunk and coming on to her daughters boyfriend…….in front of her, no less! All the while, ‘SOMEONE’ has taken to chopping of heads again……….??? Hmmmm??? Is it JOAN??? No, it’s……it’s………….??? Uh, ‘WATCH’ the movie to find out Dear!
As you know DITA never likes to tell the whole Story, ‘butt’ I will say that there ‘IS’ a ‘surprise-ending’ that keeps this movie fun………and more importantly; FRESH!!! What else wood you expect from the ‘Master Of Shlock’, Mr. William Castle? A great, long-awaited Documentary…….witch is included in this Collection, SILLY!

So get to clicking on the ‘DVD-Icon’ next to Dear old-er DITA’s Review and get your cool-ass campy Copy of this much coveted Collection of; ’THE WILLIAM CASTLE FILM COLLECTION’ 2-Nite!!! Mizz DIRT NAP will be Reviewing More Films from this campy Collection in the very near future! Some of the other Films included in this Castle Collection are;
‘SPINE-TINGLER’; ‘THE WILLIAM CASTLE STORY’( Love it, coming soon to ‘Dita’s-Den’!)

Although, ‘STRAIT JACKET’ remains one of DITA’s favorite William Castle Fright Flicks! DITA gives this horrifically-campy fright-flick 3 SKULLS Out Of A 3 SKULLS Score!!!

Also Click here to see a great campy ‘Mash-Up’ with Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford as the new Head of Pepsi-Cola warning the ‘boys-club’/suits’ to ‘F--- with her, fellas! A ‘Must-See’ says DITA; it’s called; ‘PEPSI-COLA VISION MIX’; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgKIqSwej-E

So until Next Week,
DITA (Disturbia) DIRT NAP
(Too see this cool Music Video entitled; ‘STRAIT JACKET DISTURBIA’, Just Click here; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0zS1ZhTRfI )

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This Review Dead-icated to DITA’s other past Side-kick; ‘HELL-FIRA’ aka Francie Yarboro-Knotts , who saved this original old Review and lots more DITA-Antiques And sent them to Dear old DITA by ‘snail-mail’. Thank you ever so very much from the bottom of my little black heart!!! You’re the Best!!! If you ever want to Host A Movie on my Show, just contact me by e-mail at; ddn1965@live.com 
Hugs & Kisses 2 U & your Wonderful Mother!!!

aka 'Attack Of The Giant Angry Killer Rabbits'
Warner Brothers Studio
Directed By; William Claxton
Starring; Janet Leigh, Rory Calhoun, Stuart Whitman & DeForest Kelley.
1972 DVD Running Time; 88 Minutes

Hi Kids,
Yes, DITA DIRT NAP's back and I brought my giant Chocolate Bunny, I mean Super-sized Carrot with me! Just in time to see a 50' Foot; Peter Cotton-Tail stomping down the Bunny Trail! Hipp-ity-hop-hop Easter's on it's way............along with a lot of blood, carnage and uh.......carrots, with some 'PEEPS' & jelly beans thrown in for good measure!'

This week I bring you a Cult-y Drive-In movie about GIANT, Killer Rabbits on the war path! The DVD box cover asks; 'How many eyes does horror have? DITA doesn't know, but I bet they have 20/20 vision........and uh, an active sex life! Cuz rabbits multiply silly! Believe it or not this horror screen play came from a Novel called, 'Attack Of The Giant Angry Rabbits' which I think would have made a more fitting title.

You see Lepus is Latin for rabbit. By the way this cult movie was recently aired on one of DITA's favorite programs on cable called 'TCM UNDER GROUND' every Friday on Turner Classic Movies channel. I highly recommend checking out their upcoming movie listings @ http://www.tcm.com/underground/ Oh, and my good friend Alley Kat wants me to remind you of TCM's other great, unique program called TCM's Silent Sundays because she and DITA are Silent Movie Fans! Three of my favorites are 'The Cat And The Canary' (A Silent Horror Film) and of course Lon Chaney's 'PHANTOM OF THE OPERA' and 'NOSEFERATU'!

Derek the Vampiric Announcer says; "Back to your Review, bitch!"

Oh, yes, quite right Derek. Any-who, this is a guilty pleasure flick that must have been fun at the Drive-In back in 72' upon it's release from Warner Brothers.

*The only extra on the disc is the 'Trailer', which is fun. To see what 'Mamma-DIRT NAP' means, Simply Click here for that Trailer of; 'NIGHT OF THE LEPUS'> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0DKTM41r1s 

This is a silly, fun film that you can laugh at when the scenes turn from horror to ludicrous, which is whenever the rabbits come onscreen in their giant close-ups  of their teeth smeared with fake blood, squealing, killing, hopping, chasing and killing cows & horses and last but not least......... people! The sound effects put in for the rabbits when they kill, sounds like lions! Lions, really, hmmmm? Lions, tigers and bunnies, oh my!

Oh, DITA almost forgot the Story line. It's fun/silly of course. It starts out with Janet Leigh and her husband and child being brought in to humanely down size the rabbit population by using hormones. Are these transsexual bunnies
perhaps? Hmmm? After injecting on of the rabbits that Miss Leigh's daughter was fond of, the little girl switches the injected rabbit with a non-injected rabbit. She keeps it for a pet but her friend sets it free and it runs down a hole
and mates with the other bunnies. The rabbits of course are now Super-sized and travel in packs. The family and towns people and sheriffs try dynamite-ing their rabbit cave. It doesn't work and by night fall the Killer, giant, angry rabbits are on the move.

They terrorize a ranch, a general store, attack horses and cows and get shot at as well as lit on fire. Nothing stops them! What to do, what to do? Well, I'll tell you my little rotten Easter eggs. The Sheriff recruits Drive-In Movie Patrons, I kid you not, by having them line up their cars with their lights on to drive the Killer Bunnies out to the nearby rail road tracks. They have of course rigged the train tracks to electrocute the giant rabbits dead in their tracks. Mmmmmm! Rabbit Stew for the whole town! End scene.

Speaking of Rabbits DITA & B.J. will be taking our daughter “Pamela-Scream” & our New Chi-waa-waa/Min-Pin Puppy; 'Dolly', to her Easter Egg Hunt this year in Death Valley again, silly!!! She is quite excited but wants to know how come they don’t make ‘spider-peeps’. LOL!!!

Back to our Movie; By the way, the Drive-In Patrons seem not at all fazed that the Sherriff has zoomed in the Drive- In (while a classic 'TOM & JERRY' Cartoon plays on the screen.) and announces on a Bull Horn that a herd of Giant Killer Rabbits are headed their way! Uh, okay! There are unintentionally funny lines of dialogue through out this Killer Bunny Flick that make you think of 'Mystery Science Theater 3000'! Love that show! Also look for the scene where Janet Leigh's character and her young daughter are trapped and surrounded by the Giant KILLER Rabbits in a camper truck. Miss Leigh throws her daughter in the camper and fights them off with only a road flare! What a woman! Remember she wasn't so lucky in her earlier 1960 flick fighting off Norman in the shower. Oh, well you can't win them all, hon!

DITA gives this Killer Rabbit/B-Movie 2 SKULLS out of 3. Enjoy.........and HOPPY- Easter' to you and your 'PEEPS'!





Chainsaw Kisses,
DITA ('Easter-Beagle'& Bunnies') DIRT NAP

(Click here to see that Fun/Musical Scene from; 'IT'S THE EASTER-BEAGLE, CHARLIE BROWN' w/Snoopy dancing w/Bunnies, that are 'not' of the Killer variety here> http://youtu.be/9ANyHZ59KZA )

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Directed By; CHAD FERRIN
Produced By; TRENT HAAGA
2010 DVD
DEAD DERRICK Says; 'DARK!' 'TWISTED!' 'DISTURBING!'' Wrong On All Levels!'
'EASTER BUNNY KILL! KILL! is a work of genius!'

Here comes 'DITA COTTON-TAIL', Hoppin' & Stompin' down the Killer-Bunny Trail, 'HIPPITY-HOP-HOP EASTER's on it's way..........And I've brought my own 'Giant Phallic-Looking Carrot' & Marilyn, Hon!  How appropriate that this Mondo-Bizzare Holiday Fright-Flick starts on 'Easter-Eve, uh, like 2nite!

First let I, DITA DIRT NAP, say that when I started watching 'EASTER BUNNY KILL! KILL!' Mizz DIRT NAP wuz wondering what kind of 'F _ _ _ ED-UP SH_ T did I get myself into, as will u at first but then I'll just say that several controversial situations portrayed, ah, fall into the 'would-be' disgusting, sick & twisted situations, but cease to play-out that way! I PROMISE! Just take a look at the Shocking Trailer, and you'll see some of what
DITA means, By Clicking here> ( A Warning; 21 and Over Only and Would-be Extreme Sexual Situation is included. You've been warned!) http://youtu.be/j3UWgst1amQ

See what I mean , my Little Jelly Bean-covered Spider-Bites?

Trust Dear old DITA on this one, 'Bunnies & Ghouls', it's not as Controversial as it may seem! DITA must start by saying;' I LOVE EASTER and am glad someone finally made a Low-Budget Easter Horror-Flick that in the end is to be admired for it's smart, very small Budget Filming locations, great Unknown perfectly-cast Cast and Intelligent Storyline that makes you squirm w/uncomfortable-ness and icky/sleaze Factor and more 'BLOOD & GORE' than u can shake a stick at!

The story starts off with a Single-Mother and her mentally challenged son living together peacefully until the Easter-Holiday comes around. This becomes a yearly rough-patch for her son. Her son although physically 16 yrs. of age mentally is a lot younger and just l-o-v-e-s Easter! His mother works as a sexy Nurse to make ends meet ala Pam Grier in the Cult-Flick; 'COFFEE'. Well Sexy-Mom meets a guy who has just robbed a convenience store at the very opening of the film and shot the cashier in the mouth and fled. The Bad-boyfriend decides to move the relationship along by moving in w/Sexy-Single Mom and son. Why u may ask? So he can have a place to lay low and hide out and get into lots of debauchery and heinous hi-jinks, Silly!

When Bad-guy Boyfriend meets Sexy Single-Mom; Mindy's son; Nicholas, he doesn't like the teen because of his handicap and the feeling turns completely mutual after 'Bad-guy Boyfriend' tells Nicholas he going to break his 'new' pet Easter-Bunny's neck if he doesn't stay quiet and do what he's told by, DITA will from now on just refer to him as; 'B.G.B.' (stands for Bad-Guy Boyfriend) when his Mother's at work in the nearby Hospital. The Pet Easter-Bunny is given to Mindy's son by a kind but eerie Homeless-Man while looking for recyclables one night for the Upcoming holiday.

Any-who, as Easter-arrives we find out that 'Mother-Mindy' has to pull a 'double-shift' at the Hospital that day into the night and won't be back until 5 a.m. Of course 'Evil-bastard Boyfriend' volunteers to babysit her son, Nicholas and even throw an 'Easter-Party' for him. Yikes! Gross! Wait till u find out what 'B.G.B.' has disgustingly planned as a Party? This, hon, is where the controversy comes into play! Something really disgusting and sick is planned by the disgusting-psychotic Bad-Boyfriend calls up a fiend, um 'Mamma-DIRT NAP means friend to play umm, how shall I say, 'PETER COTTON-TAIL', so to speak at Nicholas's private Easter-perv Party witch turns out to be a private occasion w/only 2 Rabbits and the 16 yr. old Nick. Ewwwwwww, that thought even makes Dear old' DITA's skin crawl w/disgust. Why? Cuz one Bunny is real and the other is a fake with a highly disgustingly-disturbing perv factor with a lot of 'Ick' thrown into the mix.

But W-A-I-T................! The 'Evil-BF' w/an insanely criminal mind has not only tried to pimp-out the Easter-guest of Honor for dough, but has also went and got drugs and 2 skanky Hookers that make DITA look like a 'Bad Ghoul-Girl' with a heart of Gold (The Late; DONNA SUMMER, even wrote a Hit Song back in the 70's about 'BAD-GIRLS' like these 2 even, no foolin!) and a Halo. Umm , okay a tilted-halo, Dear, but I 'die-gress!'

He brings them back to the a-hem, 'Easter-Perv Party' already in progress. Alas, while 'B.G.B.' is busy getting the 'Skanks', the 'Fake/Pervy Easter-Bunny' gets his EXTREME but 'poetic-justice' before he can actually get all the way to the afore-mentioned, who hides underneath his own bed. While disgusting fake-bunny-perv reaches underneath the dark bed, a dark figure wearing a 'Easter-Bunny' mask pops out with an electric drill and drills his perverted fake-bunny head literally to the now blood-soaked floor! 'END-SCENE!'

By this late time of the night, 2 things start to happen;
1.) A Contractor hired for remodeling the House, along w/his wife and 'Rabbit-Crap disturber' Friend who wuz fired earlier in the day by Single Sexy Nurse-Mom; Mindy come back to break into the house to steal back his left-behind tools and possibly start a fight.
2.) The Evil-Bastard Boyfriend arrives shortly after w/the 2 drugged-up Hookers as well as being drugged-up himself and stumble upon..................................................................................??? Now as u know here in 'DITA's DEN', that 'Mamma-DIRT NAP' never likes to tell the whole story, so I'll somewhat stop right here and instead give you my infamous but missing lately; 'DITA's THINGS-2-LOOK-4' List.

But before I do that DITA would like to stop here and say that;  my Creator/Agent; Mr. Erazo and I, DITA DIRT NAP 'do not' what so ever agree with 'the subject-matter' in this Film to do with the Criminally-insane Evil Boyfriend' Character's plot to bring over a Sick-Perverted Mentally Ill Friend to stay w/the Single-Mother's Characters Son w/his mentally-challenged issue. We also acknowledge this is only a Movie w/extreme subject matter that may be offensive to some people. That being said, may we re-iterate that nothing actually happens w/those 2 characters at all in this film in the shock-effect storyline. That Adult-character is killed off before that can be portrayed. And 'we' say thank-goodness and 'whew!' As well as 'good-decision' and thank you to the Director, Writers and Producer for that one!

Now with that being said, On to- 'DITA's THINGS-2-LOOK-4' List as follows;
* Scene where one 'Hooker' is killed by the 'BUNNY-Mask Killer' by forcing a broom handle down her deep-throat in the kitchen, this of course after her friend wuz almost killed by the Contractor's 'Crap-Disturber' Buddy while on the John, umm, ahem, let DITA clarify that sentence for you......while almost killed while on the John...! Not on top of her John, hon!!!
* Scene where the other Hooker is killed off while sitting on the couch during tense-lull at the 'Easter-Evil Party' by Contractor's hanging plastic-wrap over the face and mouth by the unknown 'Bunny-Masked Killer' and then stabbed violently and repeatedly and until she spurts out enough hemoglobin for a blood-bank donation!
* Scenes with the angry fired Contractor, his Sh_t-Distubing Friend and the Wife are murdered 3 different but heinous ways-including a hammer repeatedly to the head/skull, another beaten to death by a flashlight.
and the last of the 3 decapitated..........all by the 'Easter-Bunny Masked Killer'.
* End scene where 'Homeless-Man' reveals himself and sees a flashback of himself almost reenacting a infamous FARRAH FAWCETT TV-Movie Scene from; 'THE BURNING BED' & more plot-twists, Babe!
* Also scene where someone gets their 'come-uppance' by a 'Horror 101' Throat-slashing! (DITA wonders who? Don't you?)

Hmmmmmmm??? DITA wonders witch Character is that afore-mentioned Murderer? Someone with a Psychotic axe 2 grind like the...................like maybe a named holiday in the fifth month that tends to focus on........? Well , my Little rotten Easter-egg Peeps, you might have to decide for yourself whether or not to get a Copy of this well-written Holiday-Horror Flick for yourself to find that out? Also the decision is yours to Click or Not to Click on the 'DVD-Icon' of 'EASTER BUNNY, KILL! KILL!' 2 the Left of Dear old DITA's Review.

DITA gives this somewhat controversial 'Easter-Horror' Flick 2 Scores this time of 2 1/2 SKULLS Out of 3 for the Casting, Storyline, and good use of locations for low-budget filming as well as good use of Shooting of The Film w/angles, etc. and gritty-ness of the look and moods of the Movie! A Score of 1/2 of a SKULL Out of 3, for depiction of alleged almost use of serious subject adult subject matter for schock/pushing of the envelope-factor advancement of storyline's 'how-come' fruition of eventual-vengeance.


Now for the 'EXTRA's included on this Disc;
+ 15 Minute 'Making-Of'; 'F_ _ _ _ _-UP'; 'THE CASTING WOES OF; 'E.B.K.K.'. (DITA warns ; Do Not Watch This 'Behind-The-Scenes' piece 'BEFORE' Viewing this Film as it gives away Storylines & Plots, etc. 'Watch it after for some Interesting Things About the Film!)
+ Director's Commentary From; CHAD FERRIN. (DITA like-y! Informative!)
+ FERRIN-TRAILERS (DITA likes the Trailer's Included like; 'RUN, BITCH, RUN!','THE GHOULS' & 'SOMEONE'S KNOCKING AT THE DOOR', etc. and recommends watching them.)

Although Mizz DIRT NAP understands it's 'subject-matter' use 'but' not accepting of or comfortable with it being there in the film! W-H-A-T? I have a child, kind-of, of my own, okay so what if she's (LIL' DITA) DEMONICALLY-POSSESSED and a little high-strung? She's still our Child. What 'B.J.'? Oh, yes, quite right, Dear. He said to remind you all she's, 'over-dramatic','ram-bunk-shuss' & hyper too, growing like a weed, and sometimes won't eat garlic, like her Mother. Wait, W-H-A-T? Well, as DITA gets out her frying-pan to use on her Vamp-Hubby and daughter 'PAMELA-SCREAM', and our Other-Child/Puppy;' DEADLY-DOLLY', plays with her newly found in the hunt 'Easter-Vulture Eggs'.

I DITA DIRT NAP wish you all a very 'Happy, Haunted Easter!' Yes, Pamela. Mummy's watching. What did u want to show me?  Oh, that's uh, cute and uh, ahem 'weird and disturbing!' She's pretending to either give birth or poop-out her Easter-eggs in her room! Oh, now see 'B.J.', I told u we shouldn't have taken her to see THAT movie; 'HOP!' Well hon, monkey see, monkey do...........or is it; bunny see bunny do? Well anyway, my Little decapitated, chocolate-bunnies.

Until next week wishing you; 'CHAINSAW-KISSES' & BOILED ROTTEN EGGS',
DITA ('Here Comes Peter Cotton-Tail') DIRT NAP
(To see that Clip & Song for that Wonderfully-Culty 1970's Children's Special from ;DITA-Fave-'RANKIN -BASS', simply Click here> http://youtu.be/T-gI_wXhhW4

p.s. The Song starts at the 3 minute-Mark.)

Scare-Mail to;

p.p.s. Director of 'EASTER BUNNY KILL! KILL!'  also made the Cult & Horror-Films; 'SOMEONE'S KNOCKING AT THE DOOR' & 'THE GHOULS', etc.

Also 'E.B.K.K.' wuz also the Winner of 3 different Awards at various Film Fests around the Globe such as; 'OFFICIAL SELECTION' 'MOST DISTURBING FILM' & 'BEST FILM!'

p.s.s. Here are some great 'Easter-Themed' 'you-tube' Clips for yoots as follows;

http://youtu.be/QJfLNoMbyHA  ('Easter-Bunny Bloodbath'; Trailer)
http://youtu.be/kcrg0B_yJAo  ('The Easter-Bunny Hates You')
http://youtu.be/VsqrFRNXdfg  ( 'Santa Claus VS. The Easter-Bunny')
http://youtu.be/iKipF7WrGgk  ('Killer-Rabbit' Quotes from; 'NIGHT OF THE LEAP-US' Movie, Starring; JANET LEIGH!)
http://youtu.be/DrndSa-O8C8  ('HOP' Movie Trailer; 2011)
http://youtu.be/c4F_L1YTufQ  ( 'Peppermint Patty & Marci' trying to Dye Easter-Eggs' from; 'I.T.E.B., C.B.')
http://youtu.be/ZB36p-5etH0  ('FAT ALBERT'S EASTER SPECIAL')

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