Back in February, at my hosting of "The Bride of Frankenstein" at the AFI Silver, we had a random drawing involving all the patrons with the prize being the opportunity to be a guest host on this web program.  As it turned out, the winner was 8 year old Tyler Bowman and this week he becomes the youngest co-host I've ever had on any program.

Given the situation, I thought it only appropriate the have him help me bring you "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things!"

You can watch it in The Lab!



Do hideous monsters ever make mistakes??  I really never stopped to think about it. But film maker Randy Granstrom has and as a result, he made an intriguing short film.

I invite you to watch "I Am Not Jessica" in my New Blood Showcase!




Don't forget you can watch my hosted movies and interviews on your TV using the Vimeo and my New Blood presentations are also on Blip.TV. When using either app, search for either the movie title or Count Gore De Vol, then pick your video! 

I have a full explanation of what Internet TV is and how you can access it for FREE or at least inexpensively in The Gallery! It has links to the products as well and reviews. It's worth checking out.

In addition, all our locally produced video will now also play on the iPhone and iPad without Flash!

You can now follow me on Twitter:  



If you've ever watched "Star Trek the Next Generation" or "Star Trek Voyager" or "Star Trek Enterprise" or the movie :"Ghost Busters" or many of the Michael Jackson videos, then you seen the visual special effects works of Emmy award winning Visual Effects Supervisor, Ronald B. Moore!

This week I bring you an interview with this fascinating man as he reveals one of the oddest secrets of Star Trek effects I've ever heard of.

You won't want to miss this one and you'll find Ronald On The Rack!



The TombKeeper has two very interesting books on review this week for you to read!

They are: TRANS/HUMAN by Ben Bova and THE IRON JACKAL by Chris Wooding!

You'll find it all in The Tomb!





The Lady Pam De Graff has taken possession of a DVD from Canada that she fells compelled to tell you about.

It's call "THE DEVIL IN ME" aka Devil Seed (2012) and you can read her review in  the Screaming Room! 





My Zombie Movie Trivia Contest is over!

This time I was giving away the great zombie movie DVD, "Deadlands: The Rising!"

You can find who won as well as the correct answer in The Game Room!





Athena, the Crowgrrl is give you a very complete review of the new release by guitar wizard Gus G. called "I Am The Fire!"

Is it as HOT as the title proclaims?

Find out when you visit her in The Chamber!





Dita Dirt Nap is having some serious computer problems this week, so I invite you to read her most recent reviews in Dita's Den!









Stefanie Von Guest, our UK contributor, reviews an Anime best described as a Science fiction, Fantasy Drama!

It's called, "Gankutsuo: The Count of Monte Cristo!"

Read her review this week in The Loft!





The Rondo Award Nominations have been announced and we've been nominated in the categories of  Best Website, Favorite Horror Host and Best Fan Event for my 40th anniversary Celebration at the AFI Silver in January 2013 with my live hosting of "House of Frankenstein!"

There are LOTS of categories to vote in and you can pick and chose which ones to vote for. but it is important to vote.

You can cast your ballot in this fan based award by clicking on the graphic on the left.

Please read and follow the directions carefully and don't forget to include your name with your ballot.



Next week, April 18-20 I'll be appearing at the exciting Awesome Con at the DC Convention Center. There's an awesome line up of guests AND I'm thrilled to announce that there will be a special 5th Anniversary Showing of "Every Other Day Is Halloween," which will be followed by a panel including, myself, producer/director Curtis Prather, graphic novel author Steve Niles and comic book writer and illustrator Mark Wheatley! This takes place on Saturday afternoon from 3:45pm to 5:45pm in Room 204AB!

I'll also be the MC/Moderator for the big Q&A with Billie Piper of Dr. Who fame on Sunday from 10:15am to 11:15am in Room 202!

Check out the guest list and other convention events and then get your tickets NOW by visiting  


***I'll be joining The just announced "Fright Night" Reunion as well as Kane Hodder, Chainsaw Sally and many others in Williamsburg, VA, June 26 - 29, 2014 for the Scares That Care Weekend! This should be an extraordinary show put on by Joe Ripple, the founder of Scares that Care, a non-profit that encourages horror fans to support worthy causes.

I am still booking conventions and events for 2014.  Interested in having Count Gore De Vol at YOUR convention? Just contact me at:



I am offering a daily Horrorscope for those who want to help determining the destiny of their lives!

Try it for yourself!




Halloween Jack is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to horror related facts and trivia. This week, he's back with a complete update which includes some fascinating facts.

All you have to do is take a tour of the Hall of Horror History!




Speaking of music, there's exciting news about Midnight Syndicates first ever live stage show post for you in The Dead Letter Office!





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The Horror Host Report is BACK! This time it's a monthly look at what horror host around the country are doing. You can check out February by clicking on the banner below.



"Oculus" opened this week to some very good reviews. You can check out the trailer for it and other future films in the trailers to watch.  I've also updated my list of upcoming Horror and Science fiction films set for release between now and the end of January. You can read summaries and watch the trailers in The Crystal Ball Room! 





Looking for a genius? I've got one for you. It's Girl Genius by Professors Phil & Kaja Foglio! It's sharp well illustrated and a lot of fun.

Take a look in The Attic!





Looking for a horror, science fiction or fantasy convention near you?  I've just added Mobicon XVII, Balticon 48, and updated other conventions. You'll find links, locations, guests and more posted in The Parlor! 

If I missed a convention that you know of...or are interested in having me appear at your convention or event, just send me an email and I'll add it!


Find Count Gore De Vol on the Web!



Some of the Worst Failed Tech Predictions Ever!

Take a Mind-Melting Trip through 1960s Psychedelics (NSFW)!

Here is the perfect male and female body according to male and females!

The Untold History of Where Barcodes Come From!

You'll find links to these and other strange things when you explore The Skullery!

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Stefanie Von Guest review the Anime "Black Blood Brothers!"

The TombKeeper Two New Book Reviews!



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