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This week I bring you a short horror film entitled, "She" from JohnMark Triplet!

The story revolves around a mysterious woman who wakes up bloody in a forest and finds herself being pursued by armed men. As this violent chase continues, the truth behind why they are all there is revealed.

Don't miss this exciting tale of terror in my New Blood Showcase!





For the second and final week I bring you a scientist on the quest for immortality. this time he is funded by an elderly invalid who wants her brain transplanted into a hot, beautiful body!

The film has a weird title, "Monstrosity: The Atomic Brain" and stars Frank Gerstle and Marjorie Eaton.

You can join this futile quest, which has a few unintended chuckles  in The Lab!




"Count Gore De Vol Presents" is our new FREE Roku Channel and it's in it's final stage of testing!  Yes, I'll be coming back to a TV near you soon.

Every month, I'll present FOUR hosted horror movies, FOUR classic celebrity interviews and TWO outstanding shorts!

I hope to have this approved in the Roku Channel Store by September 1st.  I'll keep you updated!



On July 11, we celebrated 20 years on the Internet by bringing you some of my favorite bits from the last 20 years.

You can watch my 20 Flashbacks at my YouTube Channel


I'm now on Instagram and I have just started posting my quick and sometimes funny "Dead Drops" on IGTV (Instagram TV).  Check me out:


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The TombKeeper of Count Gore De Vol's Creature Feature the horror web program

The TombKeeper takes a look at two series novels from author/publisher Barry Hoffman. First, is the final novel in his very adult “Eyes” series and, second, we’re entering a land enchantment for young adults!

The books are: BLIND VENGEANCE by Barry Hoffman and CURSE OF THE SHAMRA by Barry Hoffman!

You'll find them in The Tomb!





For the second and final week I bring you a video slide show  of the Costume Contest from this year's Scares That Care Weekend. This year's entries were wonderful and you can see a video slide show of the event in The Loft!







Dita Dirt Nap doesn't like the sun. I most certainly don't like the sun and the subject of this week's movie review HATES the sun because it turns him into a demon.

Yes, this week Dita reviews "The Hideous Sun Demon!

To find out what she thinks of this film visit Dita's Den!





An old fiend is back and taking charge of The Crypt. His name is the Unimonster and his goal in life to explain and enjoy the world of horror films to existing fans and those just becoming aware of the genre.

This week he may raise some eye brows and maybe some blood pressure as he brings us his "10 Best Horror Films Since 2010!”

You can read what he has to say in The Crypt!




Time To enter My NEW "Cameo" Contest!

The prize is a personally autographed photo of yours truly!

You'll find the mystery question and the entry form in The Game Room!









Lady Pam De Graff, movie reviewer on Count Gore De Vol's horror show, Creature Feature!Lady Pam De Graff is back  to review the film "The Voices."

This is a three part horror black comedy staring Ryan Reynolds!

To read her review, watch the trailer just go to The Screaming Room!





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Bizarre links on Count Gore De Vol's Creature Feature horror program

Florida Man Dumps Port-A-Potty Waste In 7-Eleven As Revenge, Police Say!
More than 100 goats descend on a neighborhood in Boise!
Colombian city urges a break from sex to fight heat wave!
Those Aren't Mailboxes: Paris Rolls Out Sidewalk Urinals!

You'll find links to these and other strange things when you explore The Skullery!



Two weeks ago we lost another genre actor....a person who I got to know and one of the few celebrities that made an effort to keep in touch. His name was Robert Dix and he may be best recognized for his role in "Forbidden Planet."

Apart from Forbidden Planet, Robert had appeared in many horror movies and police TV shows. Some of his films include Frankenstein's Daughter, Deadwood 76, Blood of Dracula's Castle and Five Bloody Graves. He also appeared in the James Bond film "Live and Let Die."  He died of heart failure in Hollywood at the age of 83.

I invite you to watch an interview I did with Robert a few years back.  I have it posted in The Cemetery!




"Down a Dark Hall" opened this week and looks down right creepy!!

I have the trailers for it and a look at other genre releases, including their trailers, for the third quarter of 2018! 

 Just visit The Crystal Ball Room!




Trying to figure out what movie to see this weekend?

Check out the NEW podcast with Arch Campbell and Ann Hornaday  HERE!







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At my July 21st hosting of "Creature from the Black Lagoon", I, along with several others, were interviewed by William Powell for his regular video podcast, Inside Acting - TV. He did a wonderful job and you can watch the whole presentation below!




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