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It's My NEW "Bad Taste Contest!"

This time I'm giving away the DVD of Peter Jackson's first feature film, "Bad Taste."

I will eventually make this film, that I host, available to everyone in The Market, but you can get it before then!

Yes, this was the film that led to "The Lord of the Rings" blockbusters!


To win you have to select the correct answer to our mystery question from the provided list, completely and correctly fill out the form and submit it by Friday, August 26, 2022.  On Saturday, August 27, 2022 I'll have a random drawing from all the complete and correct entries to select the winner. Only ONE ENTRY PER PERSON is permitted! All entry information provided is used only to send the prize to the winner. No names will be distributed to anyone and no one will be added to any mailing or call list.

In "Bad Taste" Peter Jackson needs a way to get rid of alien invaders. Maybe he just needed to have watched a lot more cheezy horror movies for examples.

In What Movie Was the Monster Killed With 3RG Toxic Gas?


Good Luck!


The questions and answers for many of my contests come from "The Way-Out Wonderful World of Horror, Fantasy and Sci-Fi Trivia" by Keith Hedges

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