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Sanitarium developed by DreamForge Intertainment and published by ASC Games in 1998 for Microsoft Windows is a point and click Adventure Game. Sanitarium is also an Adventure Game of the Year Winner and has become a cult classic over the decades and is many of peoples go to game during the Halloween season, yours truly included. When the developers at DreamForge were creating Sanitarium they had differing opinions on which direction to take the main plot and decided the best option was to compromise and combine all their ideas into one cohesive story that will lead the main character down a path of confusion, insanity and catharsis.

You awake in an asylum with no memory of how you got there and furthermore your head is throbbing. You quickly come to realize you are suffering from Amnesia as you have no clue who these people are, how you got there or even who you are.

Feeling the need to escape in a hurry you attempt to find an exit but only find yourself instantly transported to a new location completely bewildered as to how you got there once again. Sanitarium is filled with 13 twisted locations but using the asylum as sort of a main hub of the game.






As you traverse the weird landscapes of each of the levels, solving puzzles and defeating enemies your sanity will truly be tested as in some levels you will become another character entirely ranging from a little girl named Sarah to his favorite comic book character to even an Aztec God.

Sanitarium is a really dark game and while I wouldn't call it scary by any means it can easily be chalked up as pretty creepy and disturbing. The combat system leaves much to be desired as it's not really that great as it consists of mainly button mashing the left mouse button. I have no doubt with its' twisted story, dark atmosphere, beautiful soundtrack, sound effects and its eerily designed levels it will entrap you for years to come and will become one of your favorites as well.






Game Rating:

Graphics : 7 (The graphics are very nice for their time and even today while not being up to par with contemporize games it still possesses a scary vibe.)

Sound : 9 (The Soundtrack and Sound effects are both really well done and help immerse you as you delve deeper into the twisted and demented levels of the game.)

Gameplay : 7 (Sanitarium unlike most adventure games was designed with an isometric view and so walking won't be as smooth as it will in most point and click adventures but the puzzle solving and story more then make up for any complaints.)

Controls : 6 1/2 (Unlike most adventure games where all you have to do is point and click to walk around you have to keep the left mouse button pressed to control the main character. As mentioned above I'm not really a big fan of the combat system in this game as I think it could have been executed a lot better then it was but it is what it is and the good news is combat makes up only a small part of this game.)

Fun : 9 (Sanitarium is a game that may take you a while to get drawn into the story but it will no doubt happen and when it does it will touch you somewhere on an emotional level. The twisted landscapes of the mind are just so much fun to explore and interact with, there is a reason Sanitarium is a bonafide classic.)

Difficulty : 7 (Sanitarium is a fairly regular adventure game at least difficulty wise, as much of the puzzles and combat will be either pretty straight forward or be what you would expect from any other adventure game. There may be a few areas that stump you but nothing too bad, however if you do get stumped and don't wish to use a walkthrough here is a link for hints only - )

Sanitarium is available on

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The place where optimism most flourishes is the lunatic asylum. ~ Havelock Ellis

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Rain is an Adventure/Platform game developed by SCE Japan Studio, published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 3 and powered by the Unity Engine.

Rain takes place in what appears to be the mid-twentieth century Paris. You play as a young boy who while resting in bed sees a young girl or what appears to be a young girl as her silhouette is only visible by the rain giving her form run by his window. She is quickly chased off by what appears to be a monstrous creature who also happens to be invisible. The boy decides to follow the two down an alley way and eventually reaching two large doors and upon passing through the open doors finds himself to be incorporeal just like the young girl and monster that had previously passed this way.





While on the trail of the young girl the boy will encounter a myriad of obstacles as unbeknownst to him, he too is being stalked by creatures of the night. The boy quickly learns that he can hide from the creatures by taking cover under awnings and other areas where the rain does not reach as this will stop them from being able to track him as his form is only visible in the rain as well as his footsteps, when walking through puddles.

As you advance from chapter to chapter you will learn new tricks to stay one step ahead of the darkness. At points in the game you will land in muddy puddles and will make your legs slightly visible, this can be a good thing but only for a short while as you are able to be spotted easier but also can use it to your advantage as you can make footprints leading them in the opposite direction. The mud is easily washed off rendering you invisible once more.


Rain is part game part art piece, but still none the less enjoyable as it has a foreign movie feel while retaining the gameplay elements that would separate it from an interactive film. The main goal of the game is to reach the young girl and help each other find a way back to the world of light. Rain contains 8 brilliantly crafted Chapters and is well worth the price of admission.

Game Rating:

Graphics : 7 1/2 (Rain is VERY aesthetically pleasing from its Cut-Scenes which are depicted frame by frame in Water Colors to its stunning in game atmosphere.)

Sound : 10 (Rain has an absolutely beautiful soundtrack from its main theme "Clair de Lune" by Claude Debussy to its own original works arranged by the game's composer Yugo Kanno and sung by Connie Talbot. The music masterfully manages to completely draw you into the story.)

Gameplay : 7 (Each chapter has its own unique puzzles to solve to progress, some are simple platforming as you jump from ledge to ledge. While others may be a 'lil mind teaser where you must distract enemies while the girl moves forward to help you with a ladder. Some of the puzzles are impossible to solve without working in tandem.)

Controls : 7 (For the most part Rain's control scheme works fine but there are times when you're trying to climb a ladder or pick up an item and have to click 2 or 3 times before he will actually use/pick up the item, so the controls are completely perfect other then this flaw. I don't really have any other complaints in the controls department.)

Fun : 7 1/2 (Navigating this dark world while being treated to a beautifully orchestrated score, simultaneously solving puzzles and being treated to this cleverly devised story was a truly fun experience.)

Difficulty : 6 (I found Rain to be more story driven then a game of pure skill, yes you will die a time or two throughout the game and may be stumped once or so for a few seconds but it's not anything I would consider or classify as "Difficult". So when you sit down to play Rain keep in mind it will be more for the story and less for the challenge and that's ok sometimes.)

Rain is available for purchase on PSN -!/en-us/games/rain/cid=UP9000-NPUA80719_00-RAIN000000000001?smcid=pdc:us-en:pdc-games-detail-rain-ps3:leadproductinfo-buy-download:rain:up9000-npua80719_00-rain000000000001

Until Next Time Stay ~ Five by Five

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