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This week I bring you a clever and fun little game FOC (Free Of Charge). Werewolf Tycoon is a collaboration between Joe Williamson and Sam Twidale. Sam and Joe were University housemates and frequent computer science project collaborators. The idea for Werewolf Tycoon started out as a sketch of two eyes peering out from a bush behind a park bench, with no clear ideas for gameplay. Initial ideas developed as Joe and Sam contemplated doing a "quick jam game" during their last year at University. A year later, they finally committed to trying to throw a Halloween game together -- with only two weeks left before Halloween!

Joe live-streamed almost the entire development of the game on

After failing to meet the self-imposed Halloween deadline, Joe and Sam proceeded to finish and release the game in November 2014.






You play obviously as a werewolf who stalks their prey in a dimly lit city park. The goal of the game is to feast on as many people as possible without drawing attention to the park. The longer you can leave no survivors the better, if you do happen to let one or more survivors slip away the tale of your nightly attacks will spread and bring attention of the newspaper reporters who with cameras in hand will set out to grab a shot of the elusive werewolf.

If they happen to successfully photograph you and escape the military will be called in to deal with you. Werewolf Tycoon is an easy game to just pick up and play and enjoy, nothing complicated just a fun arcade style game to kill some time. Definitely worth checking out and you can't beat the price.





Game Rating:

Graphics : 6 1/2 (Joe Williamson's artwork is very nice with a cartoony retro style to it.)

Sound : 8 (The tone of the music changes with the amount of panic you start to wreak.)

Gameplay : 7 (Werewolf Tycoon's style gameplay can be summed up as a Stealth Action game. With the stealth portion of the game being very limited, the action portion is always fun regardless of how many times you play over and over again in lieu of its short playtime.)

Controls : 7 (Just point and click to eat people, hide in the bushes to await future victims its simplicity adds to the fun of the game, and it is what it is...a nice time killer.)

Fun : 8 (For me I found Werewolf Tycoon to be highly addictive and found myself trying to beat my most recent score over and over again. It's not a game with a lot of depth and story if that's what you're looking for but if you're in search of a fun werewolf horror inspired game this one is for you.)

Difficulty : 7 (I found myself getting better as I played, overall it's not a difficult game but it will take a little while to master as you want to make sure no one escapes your hungerous rage.)

Werewolf Tycoon is available at the following links

On The Web -

On Google Play -

On Apple App Store -

And Finally The Amazon App Store -

Until Next Time Stay ~ Five by Five

Fallout Shelter is a Free-to-Play mobile simulation game where you assume the role of a Vault Overseer. Build, upgrade and populate your vault to make it a self sustaining habitat for human survival.

Each character will have pre-assigned stats that can later be changed (either by wearing certain clothing or by training). The stats will determine what job in the vault would best suit them. For example, people with high perception would be best if put to work in the Water Treatment rooms and so on and so forth.

Send your vault dwellers out into the wasteland to scavenge for supplies and weapons that will aid you during gameplay. You have the ability to rush production but in doing so you will be greeted with a screen telling you what your chances of success are. If you succeed you will be rewarded with an extra bonus, if you fail a random event will happen i.e. a fire breaks out, radroach infestation, etc.

Random events also occasionally occur regardless of whether or not you rush production. Some other random encounters can range from raiders invading your vault to mole rats digging their way in.


As your population swells more rooms will unlock allowing you to build them, ranging from a nuclear reactor to a nuka cola bottling plant. Each person in your vault has a happiness rating depending on a slew of factors from being assigned the correct job for them to just being around family or being healthy and feeling safe.

Everyday when you log in you will be graded on your overall happiness of your vault and awarded a rating A+, A-, etc. Getting a higher grade will earn you more caps (bottle caps) which you use as in game currency. Another thing that makes Fallout Shelter an interesting and addictive mobile game is the fact that unlike other free to play games Fallout Shelter doesn't actually require you to pay a dime to unlock everything in the game.

You can purchase lunchboxes and caps with real money if you wish but you don't have to and that is one of the best aspects of this particular free-to-play game. I guess I should explain the lunchboxes, after doing a certain task in game or purchasing them with real money (your call) you will be rewarded with a fallout lunchbox that when opened will reveal several cards that will give you additional caps, new weapons, clothes, occasionally legendary dwellers and other assorted bonuses.



Game Rating:

Graphics : 7 (Bethesda's use of color and the art style they chose serves Android and iPhone devices very well and if you weren't a fan of vault boy before you should be by now.)

Sound : 6 (There isn't any music in Fallout Shelter which is why I knocked it some points, but the sound effects in the game while not being stellar are more then adequate for a mobile game.)

Gameplay : 8 (Manage each room making sure you have the 3 main resources for life in the vault 1. Electricity 2. Food 3. Water. Placing skilled people in the right jobs will gain you more of the resource they are working on and in faster time then if produced by a lesser skilled vault dweller. This is one of the best management games I have played on a mobile.)

Controls : 9 (The controls are very responsive to your touch, there are occasions where you will have to click a few times to get it to select the person you want but those occasions are rare and for that I only took it down a point. To place people where you want them simply drag and drop simple as that. Whether placing them in jobs, schools to train skills or living quarters to breed its' touch controls are very responsive and very easy to get the hang of.)

Fun : 10 (Being a Diehard Fallout fan/collector since the first Fallout game came out I NEEDED this game and the wait for it to arrive on Android was a painful one but I am glad that day has finally arrived as Fallout Shelter is a game that will really suck you in for hours at a time, at least for the first few days. After which it's a game you will most likely load up in the morning to collect your resources and send out scavengers to the wasteland and then again in the evening right before bed to collect more resources and recall your explorer. I know it's not a major selling point but I also like to zoom in really close and just read what they are talking about. Some of their conversations are cheesy but really funny and entertaining.)

Difficulty : 7 (Your first few days will be the hardest due to not having enough resources and always hurrying to catch up combined with random attacks will make your time a challenging one but around the half week point you should be good to just kick back, relax and just collect all this game has to offer. Be sure to build facilities to build Stimpak's and RadAway's as well as equip your dwellers with weapons and armor when you have them. And always assign guards to your vault door before or after it's fully upgraded because they are your first line of defense.)

Fallout Shelter is available on -



Enjoy the game and remember, War....War Never Changes!

Until Next Time Stay ~ Five by Five

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