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I Was An Atomic Mutant! was released in 2003 by Vaulesoft and even though it's a budget title it still captures the nostalgic feeling of 1950's monster Horror/Sci-Fi films.

 The game is playable in 4 perspectives. #1. From the monster's point of view. #2. In retro "black and white" (gosh I remember my first TV was black and white when I was little and to be honest some movies are just better that way and some games too!) or if you prefer in Full Color! #3. From the perspective of a drive in, with the action all occurring on the screen and finally #4. The view from a crowded movie theater with the monster action being displayed on the screen just like its counterpart the drive in (I'm a sucker for drive in's still love them). The game even gives you the option to play music from the CD tray allowing you to listen to your own music while playing!

The game also has 2 modes to play it in, you have the choice of either Monster Mode (1 life Unlimited power) or Arcade (you have a set number of lives and your powers will drain and need replenished after using them and there are 30 levels in this mode). Each monster comes with a retro movie trailer explaining how and why they are here to wreak havoc, with all that being said lets get to our monsters!

She-Beast - an obvious take on the 50 foot woman, the She-Beast is a native wild woman who was exposed to high levels of radiation during an atomic test now she seeks revenge! 



Invader from Dimension X - Once again through atomic testing science has accidentally torn a hole in the fabric of space/time itself and through it stepped the Invader from Dimension X.






Brain from Beyond Infinity - Was once a normal Human man Until! Yep you guessed it, he was exposed to an atomic blast and with his body destroyed, his brain and eyes were somehow left intact but grew to massive size and gained massive telekinetic powers and the ability to float.






Reptomicus - Science once again went "too far" and a normal desert lizard was exposed to H-bomb/A-bomb testing and grew to the mighty size he is today, along with height came other powers.

Can he be stopped as he carves a path of destruction from city to city or will all humankind fall to the feet of ~ Reptomicus!?





Game Rating:

Graphics : 5 (The game does show it's age but where it may lack in this category it makes up in another.)

Sound : 7 (A lot of 50's canned sound effects and people's screams, if you love these kind of movies this will totally be a hoot for you to play.)

Gameplay : 7 (It can be a bit annoying at first to run on a modern system but there are patches out there that help and the game is playable on modern systems with some tweaking.)

Controls : 7 (Game can be controlled with a keyboard, mouse, gamepad or joystick. It's not complicated at all and their powers are easy to get the hang of.)

Fun : 8 (For me the saving grace of this budge title that has had me coming back year after year for the last 11 years is due to my love of the genre & for the fact in a way it reminds me of another great game the arcade classic Rampage.)

Difficulty : 5 (For me the game isn't really difficult but after a while you can get overwhelmed by the army's attacks on you.)

I Was An Atomic Mutant! can be purchased through Amazon third parity sellers.

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Until Next Time Stay ~ Five by Five


The Cat Lady is a dark decent into the mind of suicidal & heavily depressed Susan Ashworth. A woman who has given up on the world, a women who feels utterly alone who surrounds herself only with the company of cats in her run down flat. The game starts shortly before her latest attempt at leaving this world and although you would assume that is where our story ends, it in turn only just begins.

The Cat Lady is a depressing journey into the mind of the severely depressed and the mentally unstable.

Upon her attempt at ending her life she has what many of us would call an (NDE) or near death experience. Her character is dead for a short while and during the time she is away she meets and old woman, who is she? Death? God? The Devil?

She tells Susan she has a task for her that she will send her back to "deal with" 5 "parasites" who litter this world.




The story of the game is told through 2 main perspectives; through the "real" world and through either Susan's sad tormented mind or "world of the dead".

As the veil that separates reality is extremely blurred and really gives the player a glimpse into mental illness.





 The Cat Lady is one of the darkest Indie Adventure games I have played this year, but it is also one of the very best too.

You will walk away from this game emotionally blown away because the story telling ability of this "indie game" is on par with any deep indie film. And that's how I would describe this game, deep...very deep.

The game has multiple endings depending on your choices and is one of those games (like with some movies ~ honorable mention Cemetery Man & Donnie Darko) where every time you experience it you will learn something new. It's a well of information, emotion and expert story telling at its finest.





Game Rating:

Graphics : 7 1/2 (Graphics were done using the AGS Engine)

Sound : 7 (The acting for the most part is very good, there are one or two characters where it's not on par with the other voice actors but few and far between. And the soundtrack was Ok "not my style of music" but might be yours?)

Gameplay : 10 (This game is a GEM and a true diamond in the rough, if you like dark superbly told and executed stories this is the game for you)

Controls : 7 (It's all controlled using the keyboard, so it could have benefited from the use of a mouse but doesn't detract from the fun of the game)

Fun : 9 1/2 (This isn't a game it's an Experience, especially so if you are an avid adventure game fan)

Difficulty : 6 1/2 (Some parts you might get lost and need a hint but for the most part you should be good)

The Cat Lady can be purchased through Steam at ~

Until Next Time Stay ~ Five by Five

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