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This week I thought I would deviate from the plans for a more serious game review and instead go for something just fun and light hearted, so this week I bring you my review of the game "Battle Painters".

Developed by Saito Games, Battle Painters is a high spirited Action game which features 4 player Co-Op or Competitive play.

 After choosing your character and how many Human/Computer players, you take control of your chosen characters paintbrush (each assigned a certain color).

The objective of the game is to be the person with the most paint covering the canvas at the end of the time limit. You will notice that on the timer there are blue dots, these are when special power ups will appear being the first to grab them will be a major boon to your gameplay as you will be given one of several power-ups.

Everything from paint thinner for everyone (except yourself) to bombs that will splatter your Character/Teams color paint over a large area. On the surface Battle Painters sounds very plain and bland but after playing a single round you will realize why I chose it for my review today. It's HIGHLY addictive and you will find one game leads to two and so on and so fourth.


Battle Painters is a game that is fun for the whole family, especially if you have children as it's a game that is 100% safe for kids and adults to play together without any of the questionable content that's found in most video games these days.

Its only around 1mb and so it's an easy game to e-mail to friends and family or if you're old school slap it on a floppy and take it with you. The more people you can get to play with the more fun Battle painters will be.

The AI is ok but it's no substitute for human interaction. Sadly this game is not playable online so you will need to find someone to play with locally.



Game Rating:

Graphics : 6 (The Graphics are pretty basic, but with the 1mb restriction they are pretty much what you would expect. I really enjoyed the anime inspired theme of the artwork.)

Sound : 6 1/2 (The Music & Voice in the game are adequate but nothing overly special, even so they did the best with what they had to work with in a game this small.)

Gameplay : 8 (Taking command of a paintbrush and covering the canvas in paint is actually a lot more fun then it sounds. Your opponents will cover your paint with their own and vise versa so it's always a battle for paint supremacy. It's a really fun short-time waster and a game I have found myself addicted to now for a short while.)

Controls : 7 (Depending on which character you choose they will have only two buttons to control which direction the brush goes, left and right. For one character it will be the left and right arrow key, for others they will use two letter keys to control their brush. There is an arrow above each brush indicating which direction it will be heading next so it's very easy to hop in and control for both adults and kids. If you are looking for a safe game for your children this is one you should check out, heck play it together you'll have a blast!)

Fun : 9 (When you take into consideration Battle Painters is 1. FREE and 2. Only 1 MB so you would assume it would only be so/so but it goes above and beyond most free games on the market. This title should NOT be passed by.)

Difficulty : 7 (Difficulty is just right in BP, not too hard and not too easy. There is no setting to change it either... develop your own strategy for victory and hopefully things will go your way.)

Battle Painters can be downloaded for FREE -

If you're playing on Win 7 64 bit/higher it runs fine but you might have to tweak the settings under "compatibility". Mine is set to run this program - Win 95, run in 256 colors, run in 640 x 480 screen resolution and run as Administrator. Doing so should prevent color glitches during gameplay. Then again everyone's different so only follow this as needed.

“We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” - Bob Ross

Until Next Time Stay ~ Five by Five

You knew it was only a matter of time until I reviewed a Buffy game ( In fact I have at least 3 coming down the pipe in the next few weeks along with some other surprises) but today I'd like to talk about the 2002 XBOX Exclusive and Buffy Summers's debut on home consoles.

Although technically the second in the franchise, Buffy The Vampire Slayer was the first title to be featured on a home console and it has left an indelible mark on my gaming life. Aside from being The die-hard Whedonite I am I was able to separate myself from that to deliver a non-biased review of this game.

The plot of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" takes place between season Two-& Three.

Buffy begins to have dreams/premonitions of The Master (Heinrich Joseph Nest) who fans of the Show/Comic/Games etc. are well aware was defeated by Buffy at the end of season one and again in season two by smashing his bones to dust when The Anointed One attempted to revive The Master in a ancient ritual.

This time a regrouped Order of Aurelius successfully resurrected The Master in incorporeal form but was unable to bring back his physical body. Giles later explains that while they were unable to return The Master fully to his former state a skilled Necromancer could in fact return The Master to corporeal form. The Phantom Master enlists the aid of Spike only due to the fact he has Drusilla in his grasp and threatens Spike with swift punishment if he doesn't do his bidding. He also seeks the aid of The Dreamers, or the "Korta'Kass" who were a trio of demonic brothers with incredible psychic powers. They were Urd, Skuld, and Verdandi who have the ability to warp mind and reality.

Buffy With no shortage of enemies at the gate must do what she always does, fight back the forces of darkness and dust The Master, this time once and for all.

While the future titles in the franchise such as (Chaos Bleeds) seem to be more popular there is a reason this has always been my fav Buffy game and in fact in one of my top two favorite games of all time. The Collective, Inc. really captured "The Buffyverse or Slayerverse" perfectly, from its atmosphere to music and sound design, to its voice over work, pretty much all the actors from the show make an appearance with the exception of SMG.

There are 13 beautifully detailed levels as well as a plethora of weapons and items at your disposal.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer was originally planned as a Playstation game but was moved to PC/Dreamcast but even these versions were scrapped before moving over to Microsoft Xbox

The game was re-released as part of the Xbox Classics series.



Game Rating:

Graphics : 9 (The graphics really hold up well, at least in my opinion. The dark brooding atmosphere of the series on the original Xbox you would assume wouldn't look all that great by now but I don't know maybe it's the nostalgia as I play through this game and Chaos Bleeds yearly around Halloween. I think it still looks great!)

Sound : 9 (The atmospheric music and sound in Buffy are some of the best I have seen on the original Xbox and many games that have came and went over the years, it really puts you into the mindset and mood they wanted you to. Perfectly capturing your attention and suspending your disbelief to a pinnacle.)

Gameplay : 10 (Playing through Buffy The Vampire Slayer is truly one of the greatest gaming experiences I have EVER had, it's like playing through a really long episode. The characters you know and love as well as some you may not like all that much make an appearance and it all adds to make this Horror/Beat 'em up one of the BEST Xbox games of all time.)

Controls : 10 (Buffy has some of the most fluid and PERFECT controls I have ever been blessed to lay my hands on in my life. When in heavy combat you are able to kick and punch enemies in front as well as behind you without struggle. The combat system employed in this game in my opinion was one of the best the gaming world had ever seen, but sadly wasn't used on the later installments (different studios) and thus the later games fall short in this department. BTVS is just a pure pleasure to play and battle is totally awesome.)

Fun : 10 (If you're not a Buffy fan I can honestly say if you go into this game with an open mind not knowing anything about the franchise you will emerge from this game a fan and will no doubt want to seek out the TV series, comic books, other games and even the film (which almost everyone hates) "I liked it though". but if you are already a fan of BTVS and have not played this game, then it is your duty to give due diligence to this "INSTANT CLASSIC" game.)

Difficulty : N/A (Differs from person to person, the more you play the better you get. I have played for years so it's not overly difficult for me and I am able to dust vamps at a distance with crossbow in hand without a miss and make that much needed save every time. For newer players it may take a few playthroughs, of course there is always that one level or two in the game that may give you some trouble. The most annoying level in my opinion is towards the end of the game "The Dreamer's Realm" but that may not be for everyone.)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer can be played on an Original Xbox or on XBOX 360 *Backwards Compatibility* and it is available for purchase through Amazon by clicking on the cover art.

If you haven't played this game before you're in for a real treat. If you have played it before but not in years... it's just like riding a biker ;)

Until Next Time Stay ~ Five by Five


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