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During the first years of Creature Feature the Weekly Web Program I brought fans a number of interviews.
Because of slow Internet speed, we couldn't do video, so I did audio interviews.
I invite you to click on the photos and enjoy them today!

Karolyn Grimes he is best known for her role as Zuzu Bailey in the classic 1946 Frank Capra film It's a Wonderful Life. She also played Debbie in the 1947 film The Bishop's Wife. I had the opportunity to interview her in 2000. She is returning to acting in the upcoming TV series Cassandra's Castle, playing the role of Sister Bernadice

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Deborah Dutch Deborah Dutch began her career on Broadway, soon after going to Hollywood, this actress and spitfire transmogrified into a B-movie aristocrat. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet her in1999.

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Dr. Gangrene is an award-winning TV horror host based in the Nashville area, played by actor/writer/producer Larry Underwood. I was able to meet my fellow horror host in 1999 right after his show went live.

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Author David Webber is a prolific writer of military, mostly naval, themes that fit into the military science fiction genre. He is best known for this series of stories about the Sci-fi heroine Honor Harrington. This is from 1999.

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