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Arizona Man Narrowly Avoids Shooting: ‘A Taco Saved My Life’

The 2019 Guinness Book of World Records, in pictures!

Minnesota pilot rescued after plane gets entangled in power lines, dangles in mid-air!

British couple offering $40,000 for full-time dog-sitter!

Distillers Of Gin Infused With Elephant Dung Insist Product Isn’t Crap!

Florida dog knocks car into reverse, drives in circles for an hour!

Wild Turkeys Are Taking Over A New Jersey Neighborhood!

Man pleads for help on Twitter after falling asleep in shop massage chair!

Man Purposely Gets Stung By Executioner Wasp And ― No Surprise ― It Hurts!

Dying for a better life: South Koreans fake their funerals for life lessons!

8-foot Bigfoot statue stolen from Florida mattress store, police say!

Idaho man recaptures poker chip stacking Guinness record!

Man Gets Really Stoned After Drinking McDonald’s Sweet Tea!

A Strange Glitch Sent Tons Of Mysterious Text Messages To Phones Nationwide!

Scientists have taught rats to drive tiny cars!

Chicago-area man builds his own Batmobile!

Man Sticks Cannabis In His Nose, Forgets About It For 18 Years!

Family home 'stinks of rotten flesh' due to 'portal to spiritual world in lounge'!

Woman thinks ex-boyfriend is dead, then runs into him at restaurant!

Iowa pig does 13 tricks in one minute for Guinness record!

Modern Haunted Houses Require Insurance, Drug Tests For Entry!

Watch This Guy Accidentally Blow Up His Yard Trying To Kill Bugs!

11,000 zombies go for bike ride in Florida!

British officials create 41-mile detour for 65-foot-long road closure!

Iowa Family’s Basement Is Soaked With 5 Inches Of Animal Blood!

The 17 Weirdest Halloween Costumes Of 2019!

Haunting moment Second World War ventriloquist doll 'blinks and moves its mouth'!

Michigan boy, 3, beats up Halloween spider decoration in viral clip!

Squirrels Did Totally Nuts Thing To A Car!

Disturbing' meal that looks like Freddy Kruger is freaking people out!

'Zombie deer' threatening to invade US state!

Missouri bar charges customers by the hour instead of by the drink!

Michigan Drivers Shocked When Billboard Displays Porn For 20 Minutes!

Guinea Pig Ice Cream Becoming A Cool New Treat In Ecuador!

Who is Wrinkles? The clown parents 'hire to terrify their misbehaving children'

Falling Fireballs Crashed in Chile Last Week. They Weren't Meteorites, Experts Say!

‘Ghost Chair’ Spooks Hospital Staff As It Creepily Wheels Away By Itself!

Chilling moment dark figure seen lurking in shadows during live ghost hunt!

Celebrity French chef sues Michelin guide after being demoted 'for using cheddar'!

Florida man breaks Guinness record for longest nail extensions!

Navy Confirms: Those UFO Videos Are Real And Never Should’ve Been Released!

Florida Kid Brings Bearded Dragon To School In Backpack!

Fisherman gets shock as he reels in 'dinosaur-like' fish with huge eyes!

Fan's sign requesting beer money on ESPN broadcast brings in $20,000!

2019 Ig Nobel Awards Honor Weirdest Science Discoveries Of Year!

Las Vegas woman spins world's largest hula hoop!

Bigfoot’s Watching Me: N.C. Man Shares Footage Of Something In The Woods!

A mum-of-two has 'tied the knot' with a tree & intends to change her name to the species she 'married'!

Florida Burglar Breaks Into Home To Make Breakfast, Tells Resident ‘Go Back To Sleep’!

Roller coaster passenger catches flying phone at 80 mph!

Scottish Lake’s DNA Suggests Loch Ness ‘Monster’ Might Be Giant Eel!

Boy, 12, impaled by spring in freak trampoline accident!

Surfer Catches Air At Florida Beach, Lands On Chomping 6-Foot Shark!

Bull jumps 7-foot fence to escape auction in Ontario!

Couple mortified by mother-in-law's engagement gift with very awkward design flaw!


Fish With 2 Mouths Caught In Lake Champlain!

Rabbit-Raven Optical Illusion Is Pitting Friend Against Friend!

Bungee cord snaps on slingshot ride at Florida amusement park!

88 students use contraption to play a single piano, break world record!

Florida Man Takes Golf Cart On Wild Ride Through Walmart!

Lizard ringing Florida family's doorbell caught on camera!

Pub will pay for your headstone if you die taking on 12,000 calorie burger challenge!

Black bear breaks into house in Colorado then leaves 'like the Kool-Aid man'!

Seagull Swallows An Entire Apple Pie, Becomes A Legend Among Birds!

Texas woman records giant spider eating bat!

Tarantula migration expected to crawl through Colorado!

Bride nearly loses leg after freak bachelorette party accident: It 'just went snap'!

Little Kid Finds Out What It’s Like When A Lion Really Wants To Eat You!

Ethiopia plants more than 350 million trees in a single day!

Horrifying moment Komodo dragon eats a live monkey whole in just six gulps!

Bird hits girl on roller coaster at 70mph in Queensland!

Bear Attempts To Steal Trash Dumpster From Colorado Pot Dispensary!

At The T-Rex Races: On Your Mark, Get Set, Rawwrr!

Port-A-Potty Pit Stop Goes Horribly Wrong In Wild Scene Caught On Camera!

Runaway tire crashes into Jeep on New Jersey highway!

Police called to boy's 'ice cold beer' stand find 'root beer' instead!

'Utterly terrifying' Detective Pikachu toys are arriving looking the opposite of cute!\

Woman 'hurls snake at driver' in alleged car-jacking caught on camera in South Carolina!

New Jersey Devils Mascot Runs Through Window At Boy’s Birthday Party!

Woman finds 'terrifying, cursed' object days after moving into new home!

Chicago Police Confirm There’s An Alligator In Park Lagoon!

Family orders 'Moana' cake, gets 'marijuana' cake!

Headbanging cockatoo Snowball knows 14 different dance moves!

Dad dies in 'absolute agony' after eating gecko lizard for a bet!

Hearse Driver Tries To Use Carpool Lane With Deceased Passenger!

North Carolina Officials Want Citizens To Be Aware Of ‘Zombie Snakes’!

Freak Summer Hailstorm Hits Mexico's Guadalajara!

Researchers Teach Gray Seals To Sing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’!

Norway islanders want to go ‘time-free’ when sun doesn’t set!

Contestants Are Doggedly Determined At Ugliest Canine Competition!

'Godzilla' iguana filmed in stunning footage!

YouTuber Elijah Daniel buys town and renames it Gay Hell!

Doctors Remove 10-Inch Knife From Teenager’s Brain!

Fishermen film unexpected great white shark encounter in New Jersey!

'Spider-Man' spotted pressure washing Florida church roof in the rain!

Man Accidentally Brings Snake In Backpack On Plane From Florida To Hawaii!

Star Trek 'Starfleet logo' spotted on Mars by NASA probe!

Rare blue lobster on display at Massachusetts restaurant!

Why This Image of a Woodpecker Is Creeping People Out!

Sword Swallower Attempts To Swallow Blade Curved 120 Degrees!

Canadian man opens safe locked for 40 years on first try!

A Swarm Of Ladybugs So Huge, It Showed Up On National Weather Radar!

College Graduate’s Backflip Attempt Goes Hilariously, Painfully, Awkwardly Wrong!

‘Guardian Angel’ Pigeon Helps Driver Avoid Speeding Ticket!

Florida man bitten by snake slithering out of his toilet!

Florida man arrested for playing basketball naked. He told cops he had a good reason!

Woman who 'married 300-year-old pirate ghost needed exorcism after violent breakup'!

Easter Island Statues Threatened By Nose-Pick Selfie-Snapping Tourists!

Man pops 200 balloons in 14.77 seconds for Guinness record!

Please No: This Guy’s Ear ‘Itch’ Was Caused By A Spider Making A Nest!

Police chief uses shopping cart to wrangle alligator at Walmart!

Grumpy Cat Dies; Her Spirit Will Live On, Family Says!

Cats Offer The Grumpiest Twitter Tributes To Grumpy Cat!

Ohio high school attempts largest indoor bubble record!

Austrian Official Warns Against ‘Cow Kissing’ Challenge For Charity!

Woman pulls alligator from yoga leggings after police stop her car!

Indian Soldiers Claim They’ve Found Yeti Footprints In Nepal!

Illinois woman finds clean snake in washing machine!

Romania's witches harness the powers of the web!

26 Weird Mother’s Day Gifts Better Than What You’re Planning To Give Her!

Bear caught on camera having a soak in Tennessee hot tub!

Heroic parrot survives being kidnapped, shot, and bitten by a snake!

Single winner of Alaska ice-melt guessing game announced!

Pizza Restaurant Closed After Employees Put Laxatives On Pies!

Weird secret 'safe words' Hollywood actresses like to use when sex scenes get too much!

Easter Bunny Hops Into Fight On Streets Of Orlando, Florida!

Man sues parents for destroying his huge pornography collection!

Cannabis Industry Smoking Out The Year’s Top Pot Trends For 420!

Man sees 'Captain Marvel' 116 times to break Guinness record!

Oregon Man Called Police About A Burglar. Armed Officers Found A Rogue Roomba!

Naked Florida Man Wanted For Burglarizing Little League Concession Stand!

All Right. Some Cats Do Fetch!

Mississippi neighbors perplexed by mashed potato mystery!

Case That Began With 3 Naked Women At A Rest Stop Ends In High-Speed Chase In Florida!

Thousands sign online petition to save 'Flintstone' house at centre of planning row!

Wanted: Man Who Stole Chainsaw By Sticking It In His Pants!

A Game of Thrones Fan Traveled To The Arctic As Part Of A Worldwide Scavenger Hunt!

‘Distracted Driver’ Turns Out To Have 250-Pound Pig On Lap!

Space Agency Seeks Women to Stay in Bed for 2 Months. Pancakes Will Be Provided!

Australian Court Rules Farting At Someone May Not Be Bullying!

Decades-old mystery of washed up Garfield phones in Brittany finally solved!

Man trying to weigh down umbrella carried off by winds!

Big Mac launched into space lands in Essex football club - and someone tasted it!

Man Forced To Shorten Fence Gets Revenge With Naked Mannequins!

'Poppy Apocalypse': A California City Swarmed By Selfie Stick-Toting Tourists!

Giant mixing truck serving cocktails in Florida!

Florida man attacked by a ‘crazy squirrel’ gone nuts. And it was raised by a neighbor!

Good Samaritan Returns Lost Lottery Ticket. The Man Who Bought It Wins Jackpot

Thrift shop warns furniture may be 'haunted'!

When Not Reading The Fine Print Can Cost Your Soul!

Court Rules The Middle Finger Is Constitutionally Protected!

1,500 smuggled turtles found alive in abandoned luggage at Manila airport!

Photos Of People Freaking Out Over Hula Hoops Bring Us Back To A Simpler Time!

Lincoln The Goat Elected Mayor Of Small Vermont Town!

Security footage identifies jewelry store thief as a rat!

World's Largest Bee Is Spotted For First Time In Decades!

Someone Decapitated a 'Crusader' Mummy in Ireland and Ran Off with Its Head!

Grandma floats away on ice throne during photoshoot!

2 People Arrested After Buffet Brawl Over Crab Legs!

German Town Sees A Smurf Invasion, As Thousands Gather To Break World Record!

Black Snow Is Falling from the Skies in Siberia, and It Is Toxic!

Hanoi Barber Offers Free Haircuts To People Who Want To Look Like Trump Or Kim!

New Mexico man captures 'snownado' on camera!

Hundreds of 'witches' marks' - including entrance to 'hell' - found in caves!

‘James And The Giant Peach’ Stage Prop Looks A Lot Like A Giant Something Else!

Standoff Ends Between Unmanned Cruise Ship And Railroad Bridge!

Jet Ski launch ends with Porsche in the water!

Universal Orlando Now Has A Butt-Naked Troll That Farts Glitter At Guests!

Spanish student builds prosthetic arm out of Lego!

A Slimy Discovery: New Fossil Found Of Jawless, Backless Hagfish!

Man pleads for help on Twitter after falling asleep in shop massage chair!

World's largest tower of cupcakes assembled in India!

Cold weather leads to 'sun dog' illusions in Michigan sky!

Bats Invade Spurs-Nets NBA Game, So They Called In A Bat Catcher!

Baby Orangutan’s Paternity Test Has Surprise Worthy Of Maury Povich!

These Weird But Wonderful Gifts Will Definitely Spice Up Valentine’s Day!

Police Seek Volunteers To Drink To Excess!

Costco Now Sells A 27-Pound Tub Of Macaroni And Cheese That Lasts 20 Years!

Cyclist's crash with deer caught on camera in Arizona!

Florida Man Threatens To Kill Neighbor With ‘Kindness’ — The Name Of His Machete!

Note To Lottery Winners: Don't Tell Roommates You Won $10 Million!

Unicorn armpit hair is now a thing - but not everyone is a fan of the look!

Watch A Guy Try To Steal A Bicycle From A Police Station!

7 Illusions That Blew Our Minds in 2018!

Mum shocked after son spots hidden image in Toblerone logo!

Runaway cow caught on I-80 recovering at animal sanctuary!

World’s Most Expensive Live Fish Bought for a Whopping $1.8 Million!

Boy Calls 911 To Gripe About Getting Snow Pants For Christmas!

'I'll never stop': Prolific streaker has stripped-off at 568 events!

Police officer's dashcam catches near-miss with train!

Eagle lands on Notre Dame fans before start of Cotton Bowl!

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