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UK Tribunal Rules Calling A Man Bald Is Sexual Harassment!

Michigan Researchers Are Putting The “Pee” In Peony!

Indian Couple Sue Son for $650,000 for Not Giving Them a Grandchild!

Mother charged after 3-year-old daughter allegedly killed in exorcism!

Watch Stunning Video As Tesla Goes Airborne, Slams Into Building At 70 MPH!

'Time Traveller' Warns New Species Will Emerge After Ground Opens Up Later This Year!

‘Dead’ woman bangs on coffin to say she’s alive during her own funeral!

Man with 9 wives has ‘sex schedule’ to ‘fulfill my sexuality at any cost’!

17 Weird Mother's Day Gifts For Your Very Strange Mom!

Watch Belligerent Wild Turkey Come For A D.C. Biker!

Vampire Community Issues Warning To Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox Over Drinking Blood!

Creepy dolls washing ashore on Texas coast: ‘There’s a lot of nightmares out there’

Woman Rescued After Falling In Outhouse Toilet Trying To Get Phone!

Ohio School Board Member Censured For ‘Typo’ That Linked To Porn Site!

Five stranded sheep rescued from rooftop in England!

Lost for decades, Dorothy’s dress from ‘Oz’ up for sale!

Florida Bride, Caterer Arrested After 'Pot Lasagna' Allegedly Sickens Wedding Guests!

Easter Bunny Inadvertently Hands Out Eggs Stuffed With Condoms At Texas Elementary School!

Student priest dies during Good Friday crucifixion re-enactment!

‘You inhaled it’: Man inhales drill bit during dental visit!

Man Dubbed 'Human Satan' For His Extreme Body Modifications Has Ears Amputated!

'Have you seen my wheels?' Tires taken from digital sign on Ontario road!

Out-Of-Control Car Slams Into Truck In One Of The Wildest Wrecks You'll Ever See!

Skydiver Survives 13,500ft Fall After Leg Got Tangled In Parachute!

Woman Accused of Fraud Fakes Cancer to Get Out of Prison, Gets a Longer Sentence!

Scientists Discover Bizarre Contributor to Greenhouse Emissions — Tree Farts!

The Fish That Eat Pigeons!

International 'Louie Louie' Day celebrates birthday of songwriter Richard Berry!

Bizarre 'Alien' Creature Washes Up on Australian Beach, Baffles Internet!

Jazz Has Actually Been Banned In New Orleans Schools Since 1922!

The village where they take selfies with mummies!

No foolin': These 6 weather phenomena have really happened!

Scientists Figure Out How Vampire Bats Got A Taste For Blood!

Fezco, Dog Ditched At Shelter Because Owners Thought He Was Gay, Got Adopted!

Mother duck hatches eggs at Florida hospital's maternity center!

'I quit my job to try new things - including naked theme park rides and vampirism'!

Giant Porcupine Puppet Provides Quills And Thrills At Los Angeles Park!

Florida man arrested after stealing a crossbow by stuffing it down his trousers!

'Time Traveller' Says Celeb Who Faked Death Will Return!

IU cheerleaders rescue stuck ball during March Madness game!

Customers Accuse Las Vegas Restaurant Of Selling THC-Tainted Thai Food!

Batman screening disrupted after live bat released in theatre!

7-year-old breaks world record for identifying DC Comics characters!

Ice-fishing shanty blown across Michigan bay; anglers safe!

Extreme plastic surgery fanatic unveils Barbie nose, cat-eye look!

Video captures moment when massive flock of birds fall from the sky in Mexico!

New Zealand: Baby ghost shark discovered off South Island in 'very rare find'!

Guinness Declares Massive Israeli Strawberry As World’s Heaviest!

For Valentine's Day, the Bronx Zoo lets you name a roach after your sweetheart!

Twitter Gets Cheeky Over 'Super Bowel' Contest Offering Cash For Poop Pics!

Malaysian flight diverted when passengers spot loose snake on the plane!

Georgia 'body' discovery in forest turns out to be life-sized doll!

Australia man ties bedsheets together to escape 4th floor hotel quarantine!

TV Weatherman Appears To Fart On Air And Twitter Users Think It's A Gas!

Thieving bird gives aerial view of national park in New Zealand after stealing camera!

$30 drawing from yard sale found to be worth more than $10 million!

Why is there a man sitting in a box at the Fort Lauderdale airport?

30 Weird Valentine's Gifts Your Sweetheart Will Be Sweet On!

Liverpool teen loses nipples after freezing it off for a dare!

Idaho man says he completed his goal of breaking 52 world records in a single year!

Uri Geller claims there's a 'mass alien invasion coming' as he issues warning to NASA!

Portland Pickles Mascot's Suggestive Pic Gets Team In A Real Pickle!

Dog Saved After Drone Carrying Sausage Lures Her To Safety!

Journalist hit by car mid-broadcast but keeps on reporting!

The Fish That Eat Pigeons!

‘Wait, What?’ Quip Tops University’s Annual Banished Words List!

Injured Pilot Pulled From Crashed Plane Seconds Before Train Hits It!

Hamsters are Nature’s Heaviest Drinkers!

'It was like a different planet': Sand sculptures litter Lake Michigan beach!

California twins born 15 minutes apart end up having separate birthdays in different years!

Festival sees more than 100 snowmen built with a variety of costumes!

Wild video shows goldfish 'driving' a water-filled car in weird experiment!

11 strange things that washed ashore in 2021!

'2021 is pulling out all the tricks': Fish rain from the sky in rare phenomenon in Texas!

'Wait, what?' tops 2022 Banished Words List!

Sister's gift of dissolvable shorts leaves man bare at beach

Alexa Attempts To Set Off Robot Revolt By Telling Kid To Touch Live Plug With Penny!

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