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Cash scattered across a Southern California freeway sent drivers into a frenzy!

Australian Zoo Gets 'Megaspider' Capable Of Piercing Human Fingernails!

UFO frenzy sweeps France: Scientists baffled as mystery object filmed over multiple cities!

Mom Sees Ghost Of Son After It Triggers Her Home's Security Camera!

Boston Man Suffers Seizures Caused By Tapeworms In His Brain!

Cheeky cow goes for a ride on a water slide after escaping slaughterhouse!

Alabama engineer builds world's largest Nerf gun!

A millionaire dog is selling a Miami mansion once owned by Madonna!

Nom, Nom, Nom: Infamous Truck-Eating Bridge Claims New Victim Despite Changes!

Dogs TV channel: DogTV set to launch to help with stress and behavioural problems!

Ever seen an axolotl changing colour? Watch the amazing video!

Myrtle Beach trash can washes ashore in Ireland!

New Zealand Potato Named 'Doug' Just Might Be The World's Biggest!

Minnesota police called to break up bald eagle street fight!

American Girl Dolls, Risk, sand inducted into Toy Hall of Fame!

Colorado hiker, lost for 24 hours, ignored rescuers' calls because hiker didn’t recognize the number!

5-Hour Bus Tour Of Hong Kong Caters To Sleep-Deprived!

The Painting that Ages in Front of Your Eyes!

Australia's 'biggest-ever' hailstones damage cars and shatter windows in Queensland!

'Sprinklegate' sinks a U.K. bakery's top sellers after topping is found to be illegal!

Fish Found With Parasite That Eats Its Tongue And Then Becomes Its Tongue!

Fired Nurse Loses Lawsuit Claiming Hospital Hypnotized Her to Fart at Work!

'Nightmare on Elm Street' house listed for $3.5 million!

Man Lives With Mobile Phone in His Stomach For Six Months!

Ohio farmers' 2,164-pound green squash sets world record!

A New Zealand city is taking its official wizard off the payroll after over 2 decades!

Reptile rescuer finds nearly 100 rattlesnakes under California home!

Ghosthunters flee 'haunted' fort as spirit 'tries to electrocute them' on camera!

Don't Be Chicken To Wear 2021's Weirdest Halloween Costumes!

Drunk Man Reported Missing Joins Search Party For Himself!

Bronx Zoo Visitors Go Bananas Watching Gorillas Engage In Oral Sex!

The Dover Demon: Strange 'otherworldly creature' seen by five 'credible' witnesses!

Son mummifies dead mom to get her benefits!

Massachusetts man nearly killed by vicious beaver!

A Chaotic Showdown With A Crossbow-Wielding Man Leaves 2 People Dead!

After Saving Pennies For 45 Years, This 73-Year-Old Man Decides To Finally Cash Out!

Texas Lawyer Cited For Wearing ‘Halloween’ Michael Myers Costume On Beach!

Giant python swallows a deer in Rajasthan; terrifying video goes viral!

Couple road trips in converted hearse nicknamed ‘The Grim Sleeper’!

'Frankenstein' first edition sells for a record $1.17 million at auction!

Who Needs Batman? Rat-Eating Heron Is The Hero New York Needs Right Now!

Australian musk ducks have ability to call you 'bloody fool,' research finds!

Sex can relieve nasal congestion, and other work honored by 2021 Ig Nobels!

The Ancient Origins of 8 Common Superstitions!

What The Heck Is Grimace Anyway? McDonald’s Manager’s Answer Has People Shook!

Michigan Parents Owe Son $30,441 For Tossing Out Prized Porn Collection!

US woman walks through the airport in bikini and face mask; video goes viral!

West Virginia man allegedly chased family with ax: ‘I had to kill them to get the demons out’!

‘Super Death’ Acceleration Roller Coaster Shut Down For Literally Breaking Riders’ Bones!

Sea Snakes ‘Attacking’ Divers Are Just Trying To Get Laid, Scientists Say!

MCINKED: Man arrested for tattooing child inside S.C. McDonald's!

Ever seen a pink dolphin? Watch this amazing video!

Disney World Or ‘Westworld’? Theme Park’s Robot Plans Have People Freaked.

Massive Python Filmed Popping Out Of Shelf In Australian Supermarket!

Big bird on water is mystery, but town calls it just ducky!

Baby shark born in aquarium tank where only females are kept!

Los Angeles Air Traffic Control Warns ‘Jetpack Guy Is Back’

Florida man bit off part of friend's ear during Key West hotel brawl!

What happens when you allow hundreds of snake hunters in the Everglades?

Scientists transform water into shiny, golden metal!

Polish man steals 591 scratch cards. None of them won, and he’s facing 5 years in prison!

Alaskan Bear Terrorizes Man for Days Before Rescue!

British library apologizes for hiring 'rainbow dildo butt monkey' for kids’ event!

'World's Most Exclusive' Sex Parties Are Completely Sold Out Until October!

Girl Meets Gull At New Jersey Amusement Park And Gets Smacked In The Face!

Meet the Mysterious Ice Worm!

World's longest cornhole game underway in Nebraska!

Plane's landing gear breaks off, hits Maine golf course!

Couple Finds ‘Momma’ Snake And 17 Little Snakes Under Bed!

Border Patrol Sends Back 7 Canadians Who Used Library Lawn To Enter US!

Naked California woman rescued after becoming wedged between 2 buildings!

Mac & Cheese Is The Ice Cream You Never Thought You'd Need And Now It's Hard To Get!

Python bites Austrian man while on the toilet!

Man finds 'witch bottle' with human tooth and hair while searching woods!

Kansas man breaks three Guinness World Records for free throws!

How the deceased were immortalised in Victorian post-mortem photographs!

‘Homing Pigeons That Can’t Find Their Home’ Block I-95 Exit!

Walmart worker restrained deer in Wisconsin store!

A new type of optical illusion tricks the brain into seeing dazzling rays!

World's longest plastic water slide record broken in West Virginia!

NASA And Tide Get Down And Dirty About Doing Laundry In Space!

UFO Report: No Sign Of Aliens, But 143 Mystery Objects Defy Explanation!

Emergency crew rescues sex doll after mistaking it for drowning woman!

Scientists discover giant glow-in-the-dark shark!

Endangered Corpse Flower Blooms In Warsaw, Drawing Crowds!

Nebraska man makes 60 naked skydiving jumps in 24 hours!

‘Slice of hell’ home goes viral with bluntly honest sale listing!

Humpback whale swallows lobster diver before spitting him out!

Customer Finds 7-Foot Alligator Inside Florida Post Office!

McDonald's customer threatened to execute 'everyone' when he couldn't get a Happy Meal!

Headless sea slug survives without a body!

Why is there a man sitting in a box at the Fort Lauderdale airport?

28 Weird Fathers Day Gifts Perfect For A Crazy 2021!

17-Year-Old Girl Fights A Bear To Protect Her Dogs!

BIRDIE!: Swan attacks man after he makes putt!

Why the number 42 is the 'ultimate answer, to the ultimate question'!

Discovery About Naked Giant Carved Into English Hillside Arouses Scientists!

This 111-Year-Old Australian Man’s Longevity Secret Is Clucking Strange!

Virginia Man Invents Hygienic Spittle-Free Tool for Blowing Out Birthday Candles!

Los Angeles 2-year-old becomes youngest Mensa member!

Puppy Comes This Close To Becoming Alligator Food!

Internet baffled by photo of girl seemingly stuck in sidewalk!

Crowds show up in US park for pool noodle battle to win rightful ownership of their name!

Raining Blood: Texas Woman Wakes Up to Neighbor’s Blood Dripping on Her Face!

Badass Cat Leaps From 5th Floor Of Burning Building, Struts Off Like A Boss!

Fisherman Quits On The Spot When An Absolute Nightmare Emerges From The Water!

Vlad the vaccinator: Dracula's castle lures visitors with COVID-19 jabs!

Police swarm home of mortified mom who left her ‘corpse’ outside!

Michigan man builds 'poop wall’ after dispute with neighbor!

Men with Bigger Noses have Bigger Penises, says Science!

Mom's video captures 6-year-old fleeing from shark at Hawaii beach!

'There is life on Mars' Bizarre study claims alien mushrooms are growing on the Red Planet!

Florida Woman Survives Being Hit By Flying Turtle!

Airline offers aerial tours of Chernobyl for 35th anniversary!

World's longest inner tube water slide measures 3,645 feet long!

Suez Canal Blockage Leaves Europe Without Garden Gnomes and Sex Toys!

Alien abduction caught on video? Watch the bizarre moment man 'shoots up' into the sky

Groom goes to wrong wedding venue, nearly marries a stranger in Indonesia

Florida Driver Busts Through Gates, Leaps Over Drawbridge As It Opens!

Woman with the longest fingernails cuts them for first time since the 90s!

Overturned tractor-trailer spills syrup onto Pennsylvania highway!

Baby born with three penises makes medical history!

International Lego Mafia Busted by French Police!

Deer Crashes Through School Bus Windshield & Lands On Sleeping Student!

Off-duty firefighter removes 15,000 bees from car in grocery parking lot!

What are they thinking? Pepsi and Peeps set to release marshmallow cola!

Confirmed! We Live in a Simulation!

Florida Boat Copies Suez Canal Cargo Ship And Blocks Freeway Access!

New invasive species emerges in Florida — a 10-foot-long river monster!

Tennessee Man Finds His Lost $1 Million Lottery Ticket In Parking Lot!

An 'absolute plague' of mice is ravaging eastern Australia!

Meet the 'bizarre' winged shark from the age of the dinosaurs!

Quincy The Cat Plays Ping Pong And He Can Probably Whoop Your Tail, Too!

Alligators in Oklahoma turn into 'popsicles' sticking out of the frozen water!

Man left dangling in air after his parachute gets caught on helicopter’s tail rotor!

WHOOPS!: Attempt To Deliver A New, $4,200 Fridge Goes Wrong In A Hurry!

Brewery catapults keg to new Guinness World Record!

Terrifying ‘ghost bird’ with giant eyes and humongous mouth spooks woman!

These sea slugs sever their own heads and regenerate new bodies!

Yard-Sale Bowl Revealed To Be Rare Chinese Artifact Worth Up To $500,000!

Indian man stabbed to death by rooster after attaching knife for illegal cockfight!

17,000 earthquakes rattle Iceland in a week!

New York woman finds empty apartment behind bathroom mirror!

Wild Australian Sheep Gets Sheared Of 78 Pounds Of Wool!

'One of a kind' puppy born with six legs and two tails - and it could be a big advantage!

Czech diver sets record for under-ice swim!

Lost cat reunited with California owner after 15 years!

Transformer Surge Releases Eerie Floating Power Orbs!

Giant hair ball tears through teen's stomach, requiring surgery!

Ohio man forgoes food for 46-day Lent 'beer diet'!

Buffalo Bill's house from 'Silence of the Lambs' becoming bed and breakfast!

Pigs Can Be Trained To Play Video Games With Their Snouts!

Scientists share sound of 18,000-year-old wind instrument!

A strange one-eyed puppy with two protruding huge tongues and no nose was born in the Philippines!

Jamaica faces marijuana shortage as farmers struggle!

Police Arrest 6 People Who Changed Hollywood Sign To Read ‘Hollyboob’!

California town pays tourists $100 to come visit!

Peeping Tom in ceiling crash-lands on victim!

Magicians mark 100 years of sawing people in half!

The Inside Of This Rock Looks Just Like Cookie Monster, And It’s Worth A Lot Of Dough!

These live snakes will give you massage in spa; check out hair-raising video!

Hungarian basketball team breaks acrobatic dunking world record!

Thailand serves up cannabis cuisine to happy customers!

Oklahoma Lawmaker Wants To Create An Official Bigfoot Hunting Season!

In honor of Burns Night, a packet of haggis has been launched to the edge of space!

Airplane wheel crashes down in Chicago neighborhood!

Lizzie Borden's home, site of brutal axe murders, could be yours for $2 million!

Pigeon Saved From Death After Leg Band Revealed To Be Fake!

Taiwan man blows 783 bubbles inside of larger bubble for world record!

Cafe, croissant, worms? EU agency says worms safe to eat!

Magic Mushrooms Start Growing in Man’s Blood After Mushroom Tea Injection!

The Horrifying Reason You Should Never, Ever Eat An Icicle!

Mystery llama found wandering loose in Massachusetts!

Fireballs, spaceships and … iguanas? 7 strange things that fell from the sky!


Nostradamus' terrifying 2021 prophecies: Meteors, cyborg soldiers, zombie apocalypse and WW3!

Boston Dynamics’ Robots Are Dancing Now, And Yes, It’s Still Scary!

Mysterious NYC squirrel attacks rise in Queens neighborhood!

House for sale in Vermont includes seven jail cells!

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