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Each week I find interesting, sometime bizarre and even provocative websites. I've decided that this would be a good place to share them with you!

Transformer Surge Releases Eerie Floating Power Orbs!

Giant hair ball tears through teen's stomach, requiring surgery!

Ohio man forgoes food for 46-day Lent 'beer diet'!

Buffalo Bill's house from 'Silence of the Lambs' becoming bed and breakfast!

Pigs Can Be Trained To Play Video Games With Their Snouts!

Scientists share sound of 18,000-year-old wind instrument!

A strange one-eyed puppy with two protruding huge tongues and no nose was born in the Philippines!

Jamaica faces marijuana shortage as farmers struggle!

Police Arrest 6 People Who Changed Hollywood Sign To Read ‘Hollyboob’!

California town pays tourists $100 to come visit!

Peeping Tom in ceiling crash-lands on victim!

Magicians mark 100 years of sawing people in half!

The Inside Of This Rock Looks Just Like Cookie Monster, And It’s Worth A Lot Of Dough!

These live snakes will give you massage in spa; check out hair-raising video!

Hungarian basketball team breaks acrobatic dunking world record!

Thailand serves up cannabis cuisine to happy customers!

Oklahoma Lawmaker Wants To Create An Official Bigfoot Hunting Season!

In honor of Burns Night, a packet of haggis has been launched to the edge of space!

Airplane wheel crashes down in Chicago neighborhood!

Lizzie Borden's home, site of brutal axe murders, could be yours for $2 million!

Pigeon Saved From Death After Leg Band Revealed To Be Fake!

Taiwan man blows 783 bubbles inside of larger bubble for world record!

Cafe, croissant, worms? EU agency says worms safe to eat!

Magic Mushrooms Start Growing in Man’s Blood After Mushroom Tea Injection!

The Horrifying Reason You Should Never, Ever Eat An Icicle!

Mystery llama found wandering loose in Massachusetts!

Fireballs, spaceships and … iguanas? 7 strange things that fell from the sky!


Nostradamus' terrifying 2021 prophecies: Meteors, cyborg soldiers, zombie apocalypse and WW3!

Boston Dynamics’ Robots Are Dancing Now, And Yes, It’s Still Scary!

Mysterious NYC squirrel attacks rise in Queens neighborhood!

House for sale in Vermont includes seven jail cells!

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