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Xherdan The Sphynx Cat Becomes Internet’s New Spirit Animal!

Coronavirus: Vicar accidentally sets arm on fire while recording virtual sermon!

Porn queen offers sex for COVID-19 cure!

TV news reporter aborts segment to flee bison herd!

Housebound Pet Owners Share Hilarious Cat Photos During Coronavirus Pandemic!

SOS: Florida Senate Wants To Remove State Laws Regulating The Telegraph!

Oregon police ask people to stop calling 911 because they ran out of toilet paper!

Cape Town restaurant wins Guinness world milkshake record!

Canadian Band Sets Guinness World Record For Deepest Concert!

'Unicorn' puppy has one ear in the middle of her head!

Snake slithers out of potato package in family's home!

Why America Is Losing The Toilet Race!

Man Who Filmed Himself Licking Ice Cream Tub Gets Jail Time!

True crime fans can now buy unsolved case files game and crack murder mysteries!

Vets Pull Something From Snake — And Keep Pulling!

Canadian boy, 8, wins $200 worth of cannabis products at youth hockey tournament!

Winter Wonderland Is A Spring Nightmare For New Hampshire Woman!

Woman with record breaking 31 fingers and toes branded 'witch' by locals!

ATM outside London wine bar dispenses prosecco!

New Maryland homeowner finds body of former resident in foreclosed house!

Mysterious Bermuda Triangle ‘Ghost Ship’ Discovered 95 Years After It Vanished!

Teen gets entire harmonica stuck in mouth and plays music when she breathes!

North Carolina man run over by deer in McDonald's parking lot!

Alligator caught window shopping outside Florida stores!

23 Weird Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Nutball Will Truly Love!

Mystery black substance running down wall turns out to be blood from upstairs!

UFO sightings declassified: What is hidden in the RAF's secret UFO files?

India residents surprised to find beer, brandy, rum mixture coming out of kitchen faucets!

Mysterious Bermuda Triangle ‘Ghost Ship’ Discovered 95 Years After It Vanished!

Ohio family gets 55,000 duplicate letters from student loan company!

'Extremely obese' owl sheds some pounds after being too fat to fly!


Fiona The Hippo's Vomit Predicts Super Bowl Win For Kansas City Chiefs!

You can now buy a 'do-it-yourself coffin kit' to help keep funeral costs down!

Apparently, You're Not Allowed To Smoke Pot In A Tennessee Courtroom!

Caught on Video: Minnie Mouse beats up security guard on Vegas Strip!

Florida Cold Spell Leads To Falling Iguana Alert!

Pizzeria cooks 340-foot pizza to raise money for Australian firefighters!

Goofy-Eyed Husky Rejected By Breeder Finds Love And Internet Stardom!


100-Year-Old Tortoise Sex God Retires After Making 800 Species-Saving Babies!

Lime green puppy born in North Carolina!

Missing Polish farmer, feared dead, believed to have been eaten by pigs!


This Shiny New Subaru Forester Comes With An Absolutely Filthy Name!

Michigan town 'stinks;' Council buys marijuana odor device!

Police Itching To Find Out Who Put Bed Bugs In Walmart Dressing Room!

Kentucky road sign hacked to say 'Send nudes'!

2019 in review: Year in wacky video!

Teacher wears internal organs bodysuit to teach students anatomy!

'Lord of the Rings' inspired Airbnb unveiled in North Carolina!

Wisconsin City May Toss 57-Year-Old Ban On Throwing Snowballs!

Grandad spends three weeks turning his home into Christmas grotto!

'The Grossest Thing I've Ever Seen': Vet Pulls Nightmare Out Of Kitten's Nose!

Woman buys boyfriend DNA test for Christmas - then learns it was really bad idea!

Woman Offers $7,000 Reward For Stolen Dog, Hires Plane To Search As Well!

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