The Skullery of horror host Count Gore De Vol

Each week I find interesting, sometime bizarre and even provocative websites. I've decided that this would be a good place to share them with you!

This Shiny New Subaru Forester Comes With An Absolutely Filthy Name!

Michigan town 'stinks;' Council buys marijuana odor device!

Police Itching To Find Out Who Put Bed Bugs In Walmart Dressing Room!

Kentucky road sign hacked to say 'Send nudes'!

2019 in review: Year in wacky video!

Teacher wears internal organs bodysuit to teach students anatomy!

'Lord of the Rings' inspired Airbnb unveiled in North Carolina!

Wisconsin City May Toss 57-Year-Old Ban On Throwing Snowballs!

Grandad spends three weeks turning his home into Christmas grotto!

'The Grossest Thing I've Ever Seen': Vet Pulls Nightmare Out Of Kitten's Nose!

Woman buys boyfriend DNA test for Christmas - then learns it was really bad idea!

Woman Offers $7,000 Reward For Stolen Dog, Hires Plane To Search As Well!

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