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This week I bring you a movie that allows me to prove once and for all that in the 1970's I had GREAT fashion sense!

The film is "Werewolf of Washington" and there will be some unbelievable looks back at my show on WDCA!

 I invite you to enjoy it The Lab!







For the second and final week I bring you a short film from George Grigoriadis about a costume designer who creates a scary, but fun clown named Sugar Beth in order to scare some of his friends.

But, things don't go as planned!

I invite you to watch "SUGAR BETH" in my New Blood Showcase!







40 Years in the Waiting!

'CREEPSHOW' is Ready For It's Big Screen Return!

And, I Get to Live Hosted Movie at The AFI Silver!


Get Your August 6 Tickets HERE TODAY!





Mark J. Gross is back to interview some of your favorite celebrities!

This week Mark's interviews artist Zina Saunders!

You'll find them in The Atrium!










The Unimonster knows that many of you think of Roger Corman or Russ Meyer when you hear the words "Exploitation Films."

This week, the Unimonster wants to add the name Howard W. “Kroger” Babb to your list. Why?

You'll find out when you read his essay, "Howard W. “Kroger” Babb: The Emperor of Exploitation" in The Crypt!




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DITA DIRT NAP continues with BRIDE movies for this month of June with a horror tale from Mario Bava called "Hatchet For the Honeymoon!"

 You can read her review in DITA'S DEN!








My "Double-D VHS Contest is HERE!

In case you missed it, a VHS copy of "Back to the Future" was just purchased for $76,000 at auction!  YIKES!   VHS is HOT again!

With the new contest, one person will get TWO VHS copies of the HUGE cult classic, William Winckler's "The Double-D Avenger!"

One copy is new and unsealed for your viewing pleasure, the other one is NEW and SEALED offering you the opportunity to test the VHS auction market!

You'll find the mystery question, some potential answers and the entry form in The Game Room!









Only about ONE weeks left to watch the June Videos on My Free Roku Channel!

4 Classic Hosted Movies: "Revenge of Dr. X,"  "Bloody Pit of Horror," "Night of the Living Dead" and "The Most Dangerous Game!"

4 Celebrity Interviews: Actress Lisa Marie, Actor Pruitt Taylor Vince, Actress Tuesday Knight, and Actor Julian Sands!

2 Outstanding Horror Shorts: "Phantasmic" and "Hacked!"

So, how can you add "Count Gore De Vol Presents" to your Roku device?  It is so easy!

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Where Count Gore De Vol will be appearing

I will be attending the Scares That Care Weekend, July 29-31, 2022 in Williamsburg, VA. This is a truly fun filled family event with the proceed going to help some folks in true need. Some of the guest announced so far are: Dee Wallace, Henry Thomas and Robert MacNaughton as sort of an "E.T." family reunion! You'll also get to meet Terry Kiser, Andrew Divoff, Danielle Harris, Danny Pintauro, Kerr smith, and Pruitt Taylor Vince! Click on the graphic for details!




We had such a good time hosting The Horror of Dracula a the AFI Silver Theatre recently that' I've been invited back to LIVE HOST a great film that's rarely shown. It was written by Stephen King and directed by George Romero. It's called "CREEPSHOW!" The Most Fun You'll Ever Have... BEING SCARED!

Mark the date, Saturday, August 6, 2022 Tickets are now available HERE!






I'm also delighted to announce that I am booked to attend PRESERVE HALLOWEEN FESTIVAL, November 18-20, 2022 at the Irving convention Center in Irving Texas (just outside of Dallas)! 

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There have long been rumors that Count Gore De Vol was some how related to the other characters that appeared on WDCA-TV between 1972 and 1987.  You can learn the truth using these links!

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For more information on the Emmy Award winning "Kids' Break" just Click Here!

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For a look at Bozo on WDCA, you only have to Click Here!

To sample Dick Dyszel, voiceover talent just Click Here!

Bizarre links on Count Gore De Vol's Creature Feature horror program

Dog turns on stove, causes house fire!
Elephant Trampled Woman To Death Then Showed Up To Her Funeral To Have Another Go At Her!
Pub manager shares 'trippy' clip claiming it shows 'thirsty ghost' having a drink!
Alligator lunges out of water at Florida man!

You'll find links to these and other strange things when you explore The Skullery!



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Next Week!!
(Saturday, July 2, 2022)

"Where I Lie"
(A Scary Short Film by Jordon-Kane Lewis)

Mark J. Gross Interviews Actor Andrew Prine!

Dita Dirt Nap Returns with a Culty DVD Review!



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